Fun Senior Activity Ideas for Activity Directors

Not Just Bingo goes "beyond bingo" to share helpful and fun senior activity ideas and organizational tips with busy activity directors in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. Expand your current monthly activity program to include easy-to-do activities that are fun, meaningful, and appropriate for your senior residents. Also, find helpful hints and ideas for activity directors that can make planning an activity that much easier.

Activity Calendars

Create an exciting environment for your senior residents by including fun activities that inspire, entertain, and delight your seniors. Find these ideas for activity directors and much more in the September activity calendar, the October activity calendar, and the November activity calendar.

September Activity Calendar

In September, celebrate your residents during National Assisted Living Week (September 7-13). Create a fun-filled week with uniquely themed days like Athletic Day (September 8), Performing Arts Day (September 9), Harvest Day (September 10), Mystery Day (September 11), and Men's Day (September 12).

Remember to plan a fun event for your residents on Grandparents' Day (Sunday, September 7). Consider inviting the grandkids of your residents for a fun, intergenerational activity (Crafts: Family Picture Frames) and a delicious Grandparents' Day Brunch.

October Activity Calendar

Host fun autumn-themed arts and crafts for your residents during October. For instance, invite residents to make pinecone treats for squirrels (Crafts: Squirrel Treats on October 9), decorate pumpkins (Crafts: Pumpkin Decorating on October 23), and make scarecrows to decorate your facility for the season (Crafts: Scarecrows on October 12).

In addition, coordinate special fall events for your residents throughout October. Host fun activities like a Jack O' Lantern Party (October 26), a Masquerade Ball (October 30), and a Fall Garden Tea Party (October 20).

November Activity Calendar

Celebrate the fun observances of November with your residents. For instance, on General Election Day (November 4) create fun activities for your residents to pursue their political interests, like Election Day Memories or Election Results Nightcap. In addition, plan a fun Thanksgiving Day (November 27) for your residents (even if you're not there) with activities like Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, Football Game Social, and Thanksgiving Dinner.

Additionally, create fun activities during National Game & Puzzle Week (November 23-29) with fun afternoon game socials like Thanksgiving Word Game Social, Crossword Puzzle Social, Hangman Social, and Jeopardy Social.

Men's Activity Calendar

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Dementia Activity Calendar

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Articles & Resources

Learn more about activity planning for seniors by finding useful ideas that can help you balance creativity and organization. Watch participation in your activities soar by following a few tips from how-to articles, like How to Market Your Activity Program to Your Residents. Also, read over some frequently asked questions from activity directors to locate answers to some of your own questions. Finally, discover helpful online resources that can assist you with your monthly planning, like useful websites for crafts, recipes, and trivia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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