Activity Calendars

Search these monthly activity calendars for fun, senior ideas that you can easily plug into your activity program. Use the general activity calendars for common activities, and the specialized activity calendars for more specific activities.

General Activity Calendar

November Activity Calendar

Celebrate the holiday season with fun discussion activities for your residents. For instance, encourage residents to share stories about their families during a Family Stories Social, to reminisce about past celebrations during a Thanksgiving Eve Memories activity, or to chit chat about this year's plans during an It's Almost Thanksgiving Social.

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General Activity Calendar

December Activity Calendar

'Tis the season for social activities that feature fun games and delicious food. Plan interesting events for your residents like a Stocking Stuffers game featuring small gifts, a Holiday Bake Sale featuring the goodies that were baked by residents during a Baking Club: Bake Sale Goodies, or even an enjoyable Christmas Eve Nightcap featuring holiday songs.

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General Activity Calendar

January Activity Calendar

Celebrate the winter with your residents with fun winter-themed activities like creating Winter Globes using glass Mason jars, small figurines, and fake snow, making Ice Lanterns using water, balloons, and tea lights, or even building edible igloos (Let's Build an Igloo) using mini marshmallows.

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Specialized Activity Calendar (with membership)

Men's Activity Calendar

Add fun activities to your monthly activity calendar that relate to your male population like interesting discussion activities as well as hands-on activities like making Mini Sukkahs during the Jewish festival of Sukkot. In addition, provide fun, special events for the men that are unique like participating in a Storytelling Circle or joining a Hunger Walk.

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Specialized Activity Calendar (with membership)

Dementia Activity Calendar

Provide specialized activities for your residents with Alzheimer's or dementia that are fun, yet meaningful. For instance, as a bedside activity, recruit your resident to assist you with making a Story Board as a gift to a grandchild, or encourage residents during a sensory stimulation activity to decorate gourds for a fun Gourd Show.

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Specialized Activity Calendar (with membership)

Weekly-Themed Activity Calendar

Create interesting activities for your residents by providing fun, weekly themes. For example, during Home Sweet Home Week recruit residents to make New-Resident Flowers as a lower-functioning activity, or during National Carry a Tune Week, plan a special event to teach residents how to participate in a Drum Circle.

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Quick Tip: One of the easiest ways to come up with new and fresh ideas for your activity calendar each month is to relate your activities to specific observances or happenings for the month.