Senior Activity Calendars

Month after month, find unique, senior activity ideas that will excite and fulfill your residents and that can be added easily to your monthly activity calendar. Feel free to use these activities if you need to add more activities to your upcoming senior activity calendar.

One of the easiest ways to come up with new and fresh ideas for your activity calendar each month is to relate your activities to specific observances or happenings for the month. You will find these fun observances and holidays, which can spark interesting ideas for senior activities, listed in each of the senior activity calendars.

April Activity Calendar

Throughout April, create afternoon socials for your residents to gather and have fun. For instance, host an I Got the Blues Social on the birthday of blues singer Muddy Waters, in which residents create and sing blues songs (April 4), or persuade residents to sample jelly beans during a Jelly Bean Taste Testing Social on National Jelly Bean Day (April 22).

In addition, provide activities this month that appeal to the artistic side of your residents. For example, invite residents to paint flowers (Art Class Project on April 12), write poetry (Poetic Muse on April 28), or even sketch cartoon characters (Sketch It on April 30).

May Activity Calendar

During the month of May, add fun lunch activities for your residents to enjoy. For example, host a Mediterranean Lunch (May 2) for this Mediterranean Diet Month, celebrate this National Barbecue Month by having a BBQ Lunch (May 6), or serve a healthy Soup & Salad Lunch (May 7) during this National Salad Month.

Don't forget about all of the fun holidays in the month of May. Coordinate interesting activities on a few of these holidays, including hosting a Mother's Day Brunch on Mother's Day (May 11), programming an Armed Forces Flag-Raising Ceremony on Armed Forces Day (May 17), and preparing a fun Memorial Day Cookout on Memorial Day (May 26).

June Activity Calendar

Inspire your residents during this warm month to get up and moving. Host fun walking events or dancing activities for residents to enjoy. For example, create a fun, indoor walking trail for your residents to explore on National Trails Day (Walking Tour on June 7), teach residents how to dance the hula on King Kamehameha I Day (Hula Lesson on June 11), or host a fun 1920's-theme dance for residents on the birthday of dancer and singer Josephine Baker (Flappers Dance on June 3).

Be sure to add fun educational activities for your residents to enjoy as well. Consider recruiting a few of your facility's department heads to conduct educational seminars for your residents. For instance, in recognition of this National Safety Month, recruit your facility's Maintenance Coordinator to teach a safety course to residents about what to do when they hear the fire alarm (Safety Course on June 3), or recruit your facility's nurse during this International Men's Month to conduct a seminar for the men of your facility about men's health (Men's Health Seminar on June 25). Furthermore, consider recruiting a knowledgeable volunteer to teach your residents how to use your facility computer (Computer Class on June 5).

Men's Activity Calendar

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Dementia Activity Calendar

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Weekly-Themed Activity Calendar

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