Senior Activity Calendars

Month after month, find unique, senior activity ideas that will excite and fulfill your residents and that can be added easily to your monthly activity calendar. Feel free to use these activities if you need to add more activities to your upcoming senior activity calendar.

One of the easiest ways to come up with new and fresh ideas for your activity calendar each month is to relate your activities to specific observances or happenings for the month. You will find these fun observances and holidays, which can spark interesting ideas for senior activities, listed in each of the senior activity calendars.

July Activity Calendar

Celebrate the summer with fun summer parties for your residents and their family members. For instance, host a fun and festive cookout on Independence Day (Fourth of July Cookout on July 4), a summertime block party (Summer Block Party on July 10), and a Bastille Day party on Bastille Day (Bastille Day Celebration on July 14).

Take your residents on a fun cruise during July. Pick several different countries to feature both activities and lunches relating to those countries, like a Chinese Checkers Social on the day that you travel to China (July 15) or a French Wine Tasting Social on the day that you travel to France (July 14).

August Activity Calendar

Cool your residents down this summer by adding in activities that hydrate your residents. For instance, host a Watermelon Break on August 3, serve treats from your Ice Cream Truck on August 11, and hand out popsicles during your Cool as Ice Social on August 25.

Don't forget about the men this month. Consider hosting a fun Men's Spa Day on National Men's Grooming Day (August 15), in which you invite a barber to give haircuts to the men or hosting a fun Men in the Kitchen activity (August 27), in which the men bond in the kitchen while preparing tasty ice cream sandwiches.

September Activity Calendar

It's time for school to begin again. Consider hosting fun activities relating to a Back-to-School theme for your residents to enjoy. For instance, coordinate a Back-to-School Week in which you provide a variety of fun, school-related activities like Theater Class (September 2), Math Quiz (September 3), History Notes (September 4), and Woodshop Class (September 5).

Furthermore, coordinate activities to celebrate the fresh autumn season. For example, celebrate the first day of autumn by hosting a fun Autumn Social on September 22. In addition, recruit your residents to get your facility decorated for the new season by creating fall centerpieces (Crafts: Autumn Centerpieces on September 25).

Men's Activity Calendar

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Dementia Activity Calendar

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Weekly-Themed Activity Calendar

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