December 2015 Senior Activity Calendar

For each day, find creative activities that you can easily add to your current December senior activity calendar for your nursing home or assisted living.

Fun Activity Ideas for December
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December is ...

  • Bingo's Birthday Month
  • National Tie Month
  • Safe Toys and Gifts Month
  • Spiritual Literacy Month

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  • Day With(out) Art, an international day to raise awareness about AIDS and to support artists living with AIDS
  • James Naismith created the game of basketball (1891)
  • Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama (1955)

Holiday House

Invite residents to create a holiday house for your facility, in which interested residents each decorate a room for the house (e.g., kitchen, bedroom, bathroom). Supply residents with small cardboard boxes along with wallpaper and upholstery samples that can be donated from local design stores. Once residents are finished, stack the boxes together to make a house, and then string white lights throughout each of the rooms. Consider decorating the house with doll furniture.

Christmas Science Project

How long does a Christmas tree last? Encourage residents to participate in a science project on this Day With(out) Art. Invite five different teams of residents to see how long evergreen tree branches last by preserving their branches in five different ways. Encourage residents to continue preserving their branches for the four-week project to see which one lasts the longest.

Basketball Tournament

Encourage residents to play one another in indoor basketball as you recognize this day that James Naismith created the game. Invite residents to play in teams while sitting down. Provide a basket (e.g., wastebasket) and a soft Nerf ball for residents to play with. Keep score as you root on the residents.

History in Review Social

Reminisce about this day in history when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama. Ask residents where they were when they heard the news. Serve warm apple pie as a snack.

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  • Napoleon Bonaparte was crowned emperor of France (1804)

Deck the Halls

Encourage residents to assist you with making decorative holiday garland for the hallways of your facility.

Learn a New Language

In honor of Napoleon Bonaparte being crowned emperor on this day in France, teach residents basic French words. Recruit a resident who speaks French to assist.

Angel Tree

Organize a gift donation with a local kids' charity. Encourage the charity to give you a list of boys' and girls' names (e.g., ten names) and the one gift that they want for Christmas (e.g., Barbie doll, toy dump truck). Set up a small tree with Angel Card ornaments (simply a card with a string attached that lists the child's name and the gift they requested). Invite family and staff members to pick a card and buy that child their requested Christmas gift and to wrap it. Donate all the wrapped gifts to the charity before Christmas. Ensure that all your Angel Cards have been taken by residents and staff (i.e., if you have ten Angel Cards on your tree, make sure that you give ten gifts to the charity so that all the kids have a gift).

Jingle Bells Social

Play holiday music and pass out instruments so residents can play and sing along. Consider creating instruments out of everyday items around your facility. Serve warm cookies as a snack.

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  • First human heart transplant was performed (1967)
  • Illinois became the 21st state (1818)
  • National Christmas Tree Lighting at the Ellipse in Washington, D.C.

Crafts: Holiday Cards

Encourage residents to make holiday cards, using paint and stencils, to send to loved ones.

Heart-Healthy Breakfast

Recognize the first human heart transplant that was performed on this day by supplying residents with a heart-healthy breakfast. Work with Dining Services to provide heart-healthy foods such as oatmeal and blueberries, yogurt with granola, whole wheat pancakes, or egg white omelets.

Tree Trimming Social

Recruit residents to help you decorate your facility's holiday trees. Play holiday music and serve holiday cookies as a snack.

National Tree Lighting Nightcap

Invite residents to the Activity Room to watch the lighting of the National Christmas Tree on television. Serve holiday cookies and eggnog as a snack. Check your local listings for the time of the ceremony.

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  • Cookie Exchange Week (December 1-5)
  • Mary Celeste ship was found sailing erratically without anyone on board, and without anyone ever being found (1872)
  • National Cookie Day

Baking Club: Gingerbread Cookies

Using cookie cutters on this National Cookie Day, encourage residents to jump into the holiday spirit by making delicious gingerbread cookies.

Name That Holiday Tune

Play a fun game of Name That Holiday Tune with your residents as you play the first few notes of a holiday song. After residents guess which song it is, play the rest of the song for residents to sing along.

Whodunit? Mystery

Host a special whodunit? mystery on this day that the Mary Celeste ship was found sailing erratically with no one on board - and with no one ever found! Assign characters to the residents and have them read their roles, and then guess "whodunit?"

Show & Tell Social

During this Cookie Exchange Week, host a "show and tell" program about baking. If possible, invite someone from your community, possibly an antiques dealer, to come and show off their antique baking supplies, including baking pins, utensils, and cookie cutters. Serve the gingerbread cookies made earlier today by the Baking Club.

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  • Comedians Abbott and Costello debuted on their television show (1952)
  • Honor society Phi Beta Kappa was founded (1776)
  • Prohibition ended (1933)

Holiday Play

In honor of Abbott and Costello's debut on their television show on this day, invite the Drama Club of your facility to put on a fun holiday skit for residents.

Writing Holiday Cards & Notes

Invite residents to write holiday wishes to their loved ones. Supply residents with holiday cards and envelopes. Encourage those residents who made Holiday Cards on December 3 to address them and mail them to loved ones.

Phi Beta Kappa Trivia

Use one of your trivia books to test the knowledge of your residents on this day that the honor society Phi Beta Kappa was founded.

Hot Toddy Social

Serve up a special hot toddy for residents as you celebrate this day that Prohibition ended. Play fun music and encourage residents to dance.

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  • Saint Nicholas Day

Crafts: Gingerbread House

Add an intergenerational program by inviting residents and their grandkids or great-grandkids to create gingerbread houses today. Supply residents with gingerbread kits.

Black Tie Fitting

For this National Tie Month, invite residents to assist you with making black ties for the men in your facility to wear for tonight's Black Tie Dinner. Use black satin ribbon to make the ties.

Saint Nicholas Social

During this holiday season, share the history of Saint Nicholas on this Saint Nicholas Day and how it has evolved. Serve eggnog and Christmas cookies.

Black Tie Dinner

Have fun during this National Tie Month by hosting a black tie dinner for residents. Encourage residents to dress up for the event, and make sure that the men wear collared shirts so that they can wear the black ties that were made earlier today. Coordinate with Dining Services to provide a fun, delicious meal.

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  • Attack on Pearl Harbor (1941)
  • Delaware became the 1st state (1787)
  • Hanukkah (December 7-14; begins at sundown on December 6)
  • National Cotton Candy Day

Pearl Harbor Dedication

Show a movie about Pearl Harbor and the start of World War II to residents on this day that Pearl Harbor was attacked. Borrow the movie Pearl Harbor: Commemorative Edition (2000) from your local library or video store.

Holiday Carnival

On this National Cotton Candy Day, serve cotton candy as you host a fun holiday carnival for residents. Invite residents to play games and win small prizes that they can use as holiday gifts. Set up two or three fun holiday games in your Activity Room, like "Ring Toss" (using a Santa Claus or a snowman as the object to throw the ring around) or Dreidel (using a four-sided spinning top usually played during Hanukkah).

Christmas Around the World Social

Share with residents how other countries celebrate this holiday season. Coordinate with Dining Services to bake international Christmas cookies for residents to sample.

Hanukkah Celebration Dinner

Host a special dinner for your Jewish residents to celebrate Hanukkah. Coordinate with Dining Services to serve appropriate fried foods or foods baked in oil.

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Baking Club: Red Velvet Cake

Encourage residents to bake a delicious red velvet cake for the upcoming afternoon social.

Speaker Series

Invite your facility's nurse to speak to residents about the importance of staying hydrated during the winter months.

Quilt Design

Persuade residents to create a design for a small winter quilt, to be completed on December 11, using quilt squares that you can purchase at your local fabric store.

Holiday Sing Along Social

Play holiday music and encourage residents to sing along as you pass out song lyrics. As a snack, serve the red velvet cake made earlier today by the Baking Club.

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Staying Fit

Encourage residents to stay fit this holiday season by walking throughout your facility. Start a Walking Club if you do not already have one.

Holiday Bazaar

Contact local, small vendors to sell their wares at your facility so residents (and staff) can do their holiday shopping.

Manicures & Make-up Social

Help residents get ready for the big Holiday Ball this evening by giving manicures and helping residents with their make-up. Invite a make-up consultant to stop by and give a free session to residents. Serve warm cocoa with marshmallows.

Holiday Ball

Invite residents to dress in their best holiday attire to attend this annual event. Book a band to perform for residents. Coordinate with Dining Services to serve holiday appetizers and drinks.

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  • Birthday: Emily Dickinson, poet (1830)
  • Mississippi became the 20th state (1817)
  • Nobel Prize awards ceremonies in Oslo, Norway and Stockholm, Sweden

Crafts: Winter Quilt

Supply residents with hot glue guns to adhere the fabric squares from the Quilt Design activity on December 8 to a cardboard base. Hang the decorative quilt on the wall in your Activity Room for the winter.

Beach Party in December

Host a fun beach party in your Activity Room on this cold day. Invite residents to wear their sunshades as they enjoy the "indoor heat." Set up a net and invite residents to play beach volleyball with a balloon. Play summertime music and serve fruity drinks with umbrellas.

Mr. & Mrs. Smarty-pants

Crown Mr. & Mrs. Smarty-pants on this day that the Nobel Prize is given out by giving out a Nobel Prize for Trivia to the male and female who answer the most trivia questions correctly. Award the winners with small trophies.

Poetry & Prose Social

Read holiday poems to residents as you recognize poet Emily Dickinson's birthday today. Serve literary snacks such as tea and cookies.

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  • English Prince Edward VIII voluntarily abdicated his throne to marry divorcée Wallis Warfield Simpson (1936)
  • Hanukkah (December 7-14; begins at sundown on December 6)
  • Indiana became the 19th state (1816)

Jewish Culture

Share information about Jewish culture with your residents during this Hanukkah season.

Morning Devotions

For this Spiritual Literacy Month, gather interested residents as you read the daily passage from a spiritual devotions book. Serve coffee and hot tea. Consider starting a Morning Devotions Club.

Holiday Choir

Invite a local high school choir to visit your facility to sing for your residents. Schedule the trip with the school's band teacher.

Reminiscence & Tea Social

Pour residents a spot of tea as you reminisce about English monarch Edward VIII, who voluntarily abdicated his throne on this day to marry American divorcée Wallis Warfield Simpson. Serve hot tea and crumpets (English muffins).

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  • Birthday: Frank Sinatra, singer (1915)
  • Pennsylvania became the 2nd state (1787)
  • Poinsettia Day

Baking Club: Bake Sale Goodies

For this afternoon's bake sale, encourage residents to bake goodies, like soft gingersnaps, cranberry orange cookies, and Christmas strawberry bread.

Making Poinsettias

On this Poinsettia Day, invite residents to make beautiful poinsettias to be used for decoration.

Holiday Bake Sale

Let everyone know that your facility is having a bake sale to raise money for a local charity. Invite residents, family members, and staff to come spend a quarter or two on the delicious goodies made earlier today by the Baking Club.

Ol' Blue Eyes Social

Play Frank Sinatra music all afternoon as you serve champagne and birthday cake to celebrate the iconic singer's birthday today.

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  • George Gershwin's An American in Paris debuted by the New York Philharmonic Orchestra (1928)
  • Hanukkah (December 7-14; begins at sundown on December 6)

Crafts: Gift Wrapping Paper

Encourage residents to make unique and beautiful wrapping paper in holiday colors to wrap holiday presents.

Hanukkah Art

During Hanukkah, show slides or a DVD to residents about the different artwork relating to the Hanukkah holiday, or a DVD about the Festival of Lights, like A Taste of Chanukah (1999). Borrow the DVD from your local library or video store.

Gift Wrapping Social

Invite residents to wrap empty boxes with the wrapping paper made earlier today. Place the wrapped "gifts" around the facility for decoration. Serve hot cocoa to residents.

Movie Night: An American in Paris

Celebrate George Gershwin's An American in Paris debut today by the New York Philharmonic by showing the movie An American in Paris (1951) featuring Gene Kelly.

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  • Alabama became the 22nd state (1819)
  • Hanukkah (December 7-14; begins at sundown on December 6)
  • National Velvet, featuring Elizabeth Taylor, was released (1944)
  • Peanuts cartoonist Charles M. Schulz announced his retirement (1999)

Christmas Stockings

Encourage residents to decorate their own Christmas stockings. Help residents hang them on their apartment doors as decoration.

Name That Spouse

Enjoy a fun afternoon with your residents as you invite them to guess the husbands of Elizabeth Taylor on this day that the movie National Velvet was released, featuring the 12-year-old actress.

Peanuts Social

Have fun as you give each resident a pad of paper and pencil and ask them to sketch a character from the Peanuts gang in honor of Charlie Brown and Snoopy cartoonist Charles M. Schulz announcing his retirement on this day. Encourage residents to pass around their sketches when done. Serve peanuts as a snack.

Happy Hanukkah Happy Hour

Celebrate this last day of Hanukkah by sharing Jewish traditions during the holiday season. Serve latkes and sour cream as a snack.

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  • Bill of Rights was ratified (1791)

Baking Club: Holiday Cake

Encourage residents to whip up a tasty holiday cake to serve at the afternoon social.

Holiday Shopping

Take residents to your local shopping center to do some holiday shopping or to just "people watch."

Bill of Rights Day Quiz

Test your residents' knowledge about the Bill of Rights by quizzing them about its history on this Bill of Rights Day. For instance, ask residents about which freedoms are covered by the First Amendment. (Answer: freedoms of religion, speech, press, and assembly.)

Twelve Days of Christmas Social

Invite residents to sing the Twelve Days of Christmas and other holiday songs at this social. Serve eggnog and the holiday cake made by the Baking Club earlier today.

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  • Birthday: Jane Austen, novelist (1775)
  • Boston Tea Party (1773)

Red Hat Ladies Volunteer Project

Encourage your red hatters to collect donations of unused coats and new toys for less fortunate kids in your community. Assist them with delivering the collections.

Red Suspenders Men's Club: Picking Out a Holiday Tree

Recruit your facility's men (decked out in their red suspenders) to go to a nearby nursery to pick out a small tree that is still planted in a container. Invite the men to decorate the tree as "The Men's Holiday Tree" with decorations to their liking, like popcorn garland. After the holidays, encourage the men to plant the tree in your facility's yard.

Literary Moment

Celebrate English novelist Jane Austen's birthday today by sharing interesting quotes of her work.

Boston Tea Party Social

Invite residents to have tea and pastries as they celebrate the historic Boston Tea Party that happened on this day. Serve an array of specialty teas for the residents.

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  • Wright Brothers took their first flight (1903)

Crafts: Holiday Ornaments

Encourage residents to make holiday ornaments like paper angels, craft stick Santas, or Christmas tree ornaments for decoration.

This Day in History

Show the documentary Wright Brothers' Flying Machine: Nova (2004) in honor of the brothers' first flight on this day. Borrow the documentary from your local library or video store.

Christmas Tree Skirt

Invite the residents to make a Christmas tree skirt for your facility's Christmas tree.

Wine & Cheese & Bing Social

Play classic Bing Crosby holiday tunes as you serve wine and cheese. Encourage residents to dance and celebrate the holiday season.

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  • Birthday: Betty Grable, actress (1916)
  • Birthday: Steven Spielberg, film director (1947)
  • New Jersey became the 3rd state (1787)

Christmas Caroling

Encourage residents to gather in your Activity Room to sing Christmas carols.

Make a Movie Today!

Recognize movie director Steven Spielberg's birthday today by inviting residents to create a holiday movie. Loan your Activity camera to residents so that they can "film" what is going on in your facility. Once done, upload the movie onto your computer and invite residents to your office for a screening.

Pin-Up Girl

Celebrate "Pin-Up Girl" Betty Grable's birthday today by creating pin-up posters using your residents' pictures. Print out various pin-up posters. Cut out the face and replace it with a picture of a resident. Photocopy the poster and give it to the resident to hang up.

Boardwalk Social

Take a "trip" down the Atlantic City boardwalk as you honor this day that New Jersey became the 3rd state. Set up a couple of checker boards for residents to play one another. Serve salt water taffy as a snack.

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  • Birthday: Edith Piaf, cabaret singer (1915)
  • Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol was published (1843)
  • National Hockey League opened its first season (1917)

Movie Matinée: A Christmas Carol

Show the movie A Christmas Carol (1951) starring Alastair Sim on this day that Charles Dickens' novel A Christmas Carol was published.

Broom Hockey

Invite residents for a fun game of broom hockey using brooms and inflated balloons on this day that the National Hockey League opened its first season.

Bingo Bonanza Social

Celebrate Bingo's Birthday Month by hosting a facility-wide bingo party. Invite residents and family members to have fun playing bingo. Serve warm chocolate chip cookies as a snack.

Cabaret Party Happy Hour

Honor French cabaret singer Edith Piaf's birthday today by having a cabaret party. Play fun cabaret music and encourage residents to dance. Serve French appetizers, like pastries and strong coffee.

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  • It's A Wonderful Life premiered (1946)

Crafts: Winter Wonderland Window Display

Encourage residents to create fun winter wonderland window displays in your Activity Room like the ones in major department stores.

Toy Testers

During this Safe Toys and Gifts Month, collect donated toys from staff members and their families. Set the toys out and invite the grandkids and great-grandkids of the residents to stop by to be "toy testers" and play with the toys. Encourage residents to play with the little ones.

Make a Christmas List Social

Have fun with residents as you talk about all the things that they want for Christmas. Play holiday music and serve warm cider and holiday pastries.

Movie Night: It's A Wonderful Life

Invite residents for hot cocoa and popcorn as they watch the movie It's A Wonderful Life (1946) on this day that it premiered.

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  • Birthday: Crossword puzzle (1913)
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs premiered (1937)
  • Winter (December 21 - March 20, 2016)

Stocking Stuffers

Play a fun game with residents while delivering their holiday stocking stuffers to them at the same time! Invite all residents to attend. Buy gifts for all of the residents coming to the activity, making sure that all of the gifts are different. (This is easy to do by going to the Dollar Store.) Wrap each one. Place numbers in a hat for each resident to pick, ensuring that the numbers in the hat correlate to the number of residents at the activity (e.g., if you have 30 residents at the activity, have numbers 1 - 30 in the hat, and have 30 wrapped gifts on a table). Encourage each resident to pull a number from the hat. After everyone has a number, ask the resident who has pulled number 1 to pick a gift from the table (one of the 30 wrapped gifts). Encourage them to open the gift and hold it up for everyone to see. Then move on to whomever picked number 2. Encourage that person to EITHER take the gift that was unwrapped by the person with number 1 or pick a new gift from the table, unwrap it, and hold it up for everyone to see. If the person with number 2 decides to take the gift from the person with number 1, then the person with number 1 must pick another gift from the table, unwrap it, and hold it up for everyone to see. Then, you would move on to the person with number 3. In actuality, the person who picks number 30 from the hat will have his choice of all 30 gifts because he gets to choose any of the gifts already unwrapped or pick the last unwrapped gift from the table.

Jack Frost Memories

Honor this first day of winter by encouraging residents to reminisce about past winters. Serve warm cider.

Nostalgic Matinée

Invite residents to watch the classic movie Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) on this day that it opened. Borrow the DVD from your local library or video store.

Crossword Puzzle Tournament Social

Celebrate this birthday of the crossword puzzle by inviting residents to work a puzzle. Give out crossword puzzles to residents and award the resident who finishes first. Serve holiday cookies as a snack.

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  • Julie Nixon, President Nixon's daughter, married David Eisenhower, President Eisenhower's grandson (1968)

Holiday Spelling Bee

Encourage residents to spell words related to the holiday season, like Hanukkah, yuletide, poinsettia, Kwanzaa, and winter solstice.

Presidential Trivia

Quiz residents with presidential trivia on this day that President Nixon's daughter, Julie Nixon, married President Eisenhower's grandson, David Eisenhower. Pass around holiday M&M's candies, the official White House snack.

Popcorn Garland Social

Invite residents to string popcorn to make popcorn garlands for decoration. Use plastic needles for stringing. Serve plenty of popcorn and punch.

Holiday Movie Night: Miracle on 34th Street

Persuade residents to come out of their rooms and watch the movie Miracle on 34th Street (1947).

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  • Artist Vincent van Gogh chopped off his ear (1888)

Snowy Day Read

Encourage residents to enjoy staying indoors on this snowy or chilly day by checking out a book from your facility's library to read.

Holiday Art

Invite residents to paint holiday scenery on canvas on this day that artist Vincent van Gogh chopped off his ear. Hang the paintings in your facility's "art gallery."

I Spent All My Money Social

Chit chat with residents and discuss what gifts they bought for family members and friends. Serve the "inexpensive" snack of cheese and crackers.

North Star Dessert

During this holiday season, invite residents to view the North Star using a telescope in your Activity Room. Set up a dessert table with lots of sugar-free goodies.

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  • Christmas Eve
  • National Eggnog Day

Crafts: Christmas Trees

Invite residents to make cute Christmas trees on this Christmas Eve.

Baking Club: Eggnog Cookies

On this National Eggnog Day, encourage residents to bake delicious eggnog cookies.

'Twas the Night Before Christmas Social

Celebrate this Christmas Eve with residents singing holiday songs, sipping eggnog, and eating the eggnog cookies made earlier today by the Baking Club.

Christmas Eve Nightcap

Play holiday songs in your facility's common area and serve warm cider.

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  • Christmas Day
  • Cold (Full) Moon

Christmas Day Parade

Encourage residents to come out and watch the annual Christmas Day parade on television in your Activity Room.

O Holy Night Social

Play holiday music and serve eggnog and holiday cookies.

Christmas Dinner

Coordinate with Dining Services to serve a special Christmas dinner for residents.

Cold (Full) Moon Nightcap

Tonight, invite residents to take a look at the Cold (Full) Moon, named by Native Americans because of the shorter days and colder nights. Set up a telescope near a large window for residents to sneak a peek after dark. Serve cookies and punch as a late night snack.

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  • Kwanzaa (December 26 - January 1, 2016)
  • National Candy Cane Day
  • National Thank You Note Day

Kwanzaa Gifts

On this first day of Kwanzaa, assist residents with making handmade gifts by creating jewelry using beads and jewelry cording.

Writing Thank You Notes

Encourage residents to write thank you notes on this National Thank You Note Day to family members and friends for the holiday gifts they received.

Swap Meet

Invite residents to bring any unwanted gifts they received for the holidays to your Activity Room to swap with other residents.

Sweet Tooth Social

For this National Candy Cane Day, invite residents to enjoy this traditional candy of the holiday season.

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  • "Glenn Miller & His Orchestra" debuted on the radio (1939)
  • National Fruitcake Day

Crafts: Snow Globes

Encourage residents to make their own snow globes for the winter season.

Baking Club: Fruitcake

To honor National Fruitcake Day today, encourage residents to make a delicious version of the holiday fruitcake.

Big Band Showcase

Showcase big band music by playing music led by band leader Glenn Miller on this day that "Glenn Miller & His Orchestra" debuted on the radio.

I Love Fruitcake Social

Invite residents to sample the fruitcake made today by the Baking Club on this National Fruitcake Day. Serve eggnog with the fruitcake.

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  • Blues singer Wynonie Harris recorded Good Rockin' Tonight (1947)
  • Iowa became the 29th state (1846)

Writer's Corner

Encourage residents to reflect on the year 2015 and write about their experiences over the last twelve months. Invite residents to share their experiences with others. Supply paper and pens.

Tie Tying Contest

During this National Tie Month, have a contest to see who can tie a necktie the fastest. Give each resident a necktie for the contest, as you encourage staff to root them on. Award a prize to the winner.

It's Almost 2016! Social

Reminisce with residents about how fast the year has gone by and whether they can believe that it is really almost 2016! Serve apple cider and holiday cookies.

Blues Lounge

Invite residents to come out and listen to blues music in recognition of blues singer Wynonie Harris' recording of Good Rockin' Tonight on this day. If possible, invite a blues musician to play for the residents.

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  • Birthday: Bowling ball (1862)
  • Birthday: Mary Tyler Moore, actress (1936)
  • Texas became the 28th state (1845)

Bowling Tournament

Encourage residents to compete in a bowling tournament on this day that the bowling ball was invented. Set up your facility's bowling set and cheer on residents as they compete for a trophy and for the title of "Your Facility's Bowling Champion." Purchase inexpensive trophies from your local supply store.

Holiday Musical Bingo

For this Bingo's Birthday Month, make bingo cards on your computer with the names of holiday songs. Encourage residents to cover up the names of the songs on the bingo card as they are being played.

Chili on a Chilly Day Social

Coordinate with Dining Services to serve cornbread with Texas chili as you celebrate Texas becoming the 28th state on this day.

Rerun Night

Celebrate Mary Tyler Moore's birthday today by playing old episodes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970). Borrow a DVD with old episodes from your local video store.

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Holiday Hangman

Play hangman with residents, but pick holiday words or phrases for the game. Use holiday words like mistletoe, fruitcake, and tree trimming.

Holiday Cooking Demo

During this holiday season, invite Dining Services to prepare a fun holiday cooking demonstration for residents.

2015 Time Capsule

Encourage residents to partake in this annual event of submitting an object from 2015 to a time capsule that will be opened in December 2016. Objects submitted can include ticket stubs of shows seen during the year, a memorable craft project, or photos of a fun event. Next December have a reminiscing party as you remove the objects from the time capsule.

Bird Watching Social

Pass out binoculars for residents to watch birds in their natural environment from a large picture window in your facility. Encourage residents to try to identify the birds. Serve warm raisin bread as a snack.

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  • New Year's Eve

Crafts: New Year's Party Hats

Encourage residents to make party hats for your upcoming New Year's Eve Social.

Last Day to ...

Have fun with residents as you discuss what they would like to indulge in on this last day of the year before their New Year's Resolutions kick-in on the first of the new year.

New Year's Eve Social

Host a New Year's Eve Social for residents to ring in the New Year. Serve champagne and warm appetizers.

Countdown to 2016

Help your late night residents (and staff) ring in the New Year by turning the television in your Activity Room to one of the New Year's Eve televised parties.

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