January 2015 Senior Activity Calendar

Find fun and unique activities and crafts that you can easily add to your current January senior activity calendar. Each day features four different activities including a unique afternoon social.

Fun Activity Ideas for January
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January is ...

  • Book Blitz Month
  • Get Organized Month
  • National Glaucoma Awareness Month
  • National Hot Tea Month
  • National Mail Order Gardening Month
  • National Mentoring Month
  • National Soup Month
  • Oatmeal Month

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  • Mummers Parade in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • New Year's Day
  • Tournament of Roses Parade

Crafts: Snowflake Wreaths

Encourage residents to create snowflake wreaths that can be placed on their room doors.

Tournament of Roses Parade

Invite residents to come to your Activity Room to watch the 2015 Tournament of Roses Parade on television. Fill the room with balloons as you encourage residents to pick out their favorite parade float. Serve juice and doughnuts as a snack. Check your local television listings for the time of the parade.

New Year Wishes

On this New Year's Day, invite residents to share their wishes for the new year. Serve some of the leftover champagne from last night's New Year's Eve Party.

Mummers Parade Social

Tell residents about the New Year tradition of the Mummers Parade that was started in Philadelphia to honor the English Mummers Play St. George and the Dragon. Serve small cakes and ginger ale, which were given to actors when they performed their plays from house to house in England.

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  • Secretary of the Interior Albert Fall resigned due to the Teapot Dome Scandal (1923)

Organizing Tips

Invite residents to share their own organizing tips with one another before they begin the upcoming Clean Out Your Closet! activity.

Making Tea

Assist your residents with making their own homemade tea blend using herbs, fruit, and seeds during this National Hot Tea Month.

Clean Out Your Closet!

For this National Get Organized Month, encourage residents to clean out their closets for the new year. Set up a recycle bin, a garbage bin, and a donation bin in your Activity Room. Encourage residents to get rid of items that they no longer need.

Scandals of Washington Social

Have fun reminiscing and discussing the many political scandals on this day that the Secretary of the Interior Albert Fall resigned due to the Teapot Dome Scandal. Serve the tea blends that were made earlier as well as warm cookies as a snack.

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  • Diet Resolution Week (January 1-7)
  • National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day
  • President Franklin Roosevelt founded the March of Dimes (1938)

Writer's Corner

To begin this new year, encourage residents to write their new year's resolutions down on paper. Afterward, invite residents to share their resolutions with the others. Ask the group to brainstorm ways to stick to their resolutions this year.

Baking Club: Chocolate Covered Cherries

On this National Chocolate Covered Cherry Day, encourage residents to make chocolate covered cherries to set out for passersby to snack on.

Fireside Chat

Invite residents to reminisce about President Franklin Roosevelt on this day that he founded the March of Dimes to raise money for health vaccines and cures. Share some little known facts about the president.

Healthy Living Social

During this Diet Resolution Week, provide a healthy social for all those residents who have resolved to eat healthier this year. Serve a veggie tray with a tasty dip to residents.

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  • General Motors announced it would release an electric car (1996)
  • Trivia Day
  • Wolf (Full) Moon

Crafts: Glove Snowmen

Assist your residents with making cute glove snowmen that can be used as decoration throughout your facility.

Science Project

Encourage residents to build an electric battery using a lemon on this day that General Motors announced it would release an electric car with no gas tank.

Trivia Challenge Social

Host a trivia challenge among your residents (e.g., first floor vs. second floor) on this Trivia Day. Purchase an inexpensive trophy for the winning team to place on their floor for all to see. Serve a healthy brain snack for the residents, like walnuts and grape juice.

Wolf Moon Nightcap

Invite residents to observe the Wolf (Full) Moon, which describes this time of year that wolves howl in hunger. Set up a telescope at a big picture window and serve juice and cookies.

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  • Construction of Golden Gate Bridge began (1933)
  • First divorce was granted to a Massachusetts Bay Colony wife (1643)
  • New York Yankees announced their acquisition of baseball player Babe Ruth (1920)

Winter Globes

Encourage residents to make winter globes to use as decoration for your facility for the season.

Famous Bridges of the United States

Recognize this day that construction on the Golden Gate Bridge started by having residents "name that bridge." Show pictures of famous bridges and encourage residents to name the bridge.

Kitchen Chat & Tea

Over hot tea, encourage residents to discuss some of the most expensive celebrity divorces on this day that the first divorce in the colonies was granted to a Massachusetts Bay Colony wife of an adulterous husband. Ask residents what they think about prenuptial agreements.

The Babe Social

Invite residents to talk baseball on this day that the New York Yankees announced their acquisition of Babe Ruth from the Boston Red Sox for $125,000. Encourage the residents to name their favorite baseball teams. Serve a favorite New York snack of hot pretzels and mustard.

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  • Game show "Wheel of Fortune" premiered on television (1975)
  • "Radio Mystery Theater" debuted (1974)
  • Warner Brothers debuted cartoon character Porky Pig (1936)

Red Hat Ladies' Volunteer Project

Invite your red hatters to volunteer to collect winter accessories like scarves, hats, and gloves. Encourage the ladies to donate the collected items to a local homeless shelter.

Sketch It

Give residents a sketch pad and colored pencils and have them sketch their favorite Warner Brothers cartoon character on this day that Warner Brothers debuted its newest cartoon character, Porky Pig. Once residents are done, encourage them to show off their sketches and explain why that cartoon character is their favorite.

Wheel of Fortune

Encourage residents to play a fun game of "Wheel of Fortune" on this day that the game show premiered on television.

Radio Mystery Social

Gather residents around to reminisce about "CBS Radio Mystery Theater" in honor of this day that Radio Mystery Theater debuted. Download an old radio mystery and play it back for residents to hear. Serve popcorn as a snack.

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  • Harlem Globetrotters played their first game (1927)
  • Radio show "Gene Autry's Melody Ranch" debuted (1940)

Baking Club: Gene Autry's Peanut Butter Pie

Encourage residents to prepare Gene Autry's favorite dessert of peanut butter pie for the afternoon social honoring Gene Autry.

Winter Scenery

Invite residents to paint a winter scene from their childhood. Supply residents with canvases and paint. Afterward, encourage residents to show their paintings to the other residents and to share how the scene relates to their childhood.

Globetrotter Tricks

Teach residents some fun basketball tricks on this day that the Harlem Globetrotters played their first game.

Country Music Social

Play country music during the social to recognize this day that the radio show "Gene Autry's Melody Ranch" debuted. Serve Gene Autry's famous peanut butter pie, which was made by the Baking Club earlier today.

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  • Argyle Day
  • Birthday: Elvis Presley, rock and roll singer (1935)
  • Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa debuted in America for the first time (1962)

Crafts: Argyle Sock Vases

Invite residents to make fun vases out of argyle socks on this Argyle Day. Encourage residents to decorate their rooms with the vases.

New Residents Winter Tea Party

Host a special winter-themed tea party to welcome your new residents during this National Hot Tea Month. Invite your new residents to come and mingle with other residents. Decorate the tables in your Activity Room with white cotton batting to look like snow, and use some of your holiday ornaments, like snowmen, as winter-themed centerpieces. Serve tea and warm scones.

Italian Masterpiece

Encourage residents to "touch up" Leonardo da Vinci's masterpiece Mona Lisa on this day that it debuted in America for the first time in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC. Have residents "touch up" Mona Lisa's smile by encouraging them to add their own expression to the masterpiece. Erase ("white out") the smile after downloading the Mona Lisa (go to print preview to change the print size to 30% and to adjust the margins). Invite residents to use colored pencils to draw in their facial expression of choice.

The King Social

Play Elvis Presley music during this social to celebrate his birthday today. To honor the memory of Elvis, serve his favorite snack of peanut butter and banana sandwiches.

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  • Birthday: Richard Milhous Nixon, U.S. president (1913)
  • National Apricot Day
  • National Static Electricity Day

Baking Club: Apricot Jam

Encourage residents to make apricot jam on this National Apricot Day. Serve the jam during this afternoon's social with warm pastries.

Did You Know?

Celebrate President Richard Nixon's birthday today by quizzing residents with interesting facts about the former president.

Oatmeal Hand Massages

During this Oatmeal Month, provide hand massages to residents using oatmeal masks.

Electric Social

Invite residents to test static electricity on this National Static Electricity Day by using a fluorescent light bulb, a comb, and a wool scarf. Serve warm pastries with the apricot jam that was made earlier today by the Baking Club.

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  • First United Nations Assembly (1946)
  • National Cut Your Energy Costs Day
  • Peculiar People Day


For this Peculiar People Day, have fun with residents as they create their self-portraits using blank faces, yarn, and googly eyes. Provide residents with picture frames for their self-portraits.

United Nations Lunch

Coordinate with Dining Services to provide a special international menu for lunch on this anniversary of the first United Nations Assembly, like Chinese egg rolls for an appetizer, Swedish meatballs for the entree, and Mexican flan for dessert.

Blizzard Social

To celebrate the cold, wintry weather outdoors, host a blizzard social in which residents discuss the famous blizzards of past winters. Serve hot coffee and pastries as a snack to warm up the residents.

Candlelight Dinner

Use special lighting for dinner on this National Cut Your Energy Costs Day. Provide some overhead lighting along with special battery-operated candles for the dining room tables.

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  • Bing Crosby recorded "Ol' Man River" from the musical Show Boat (1928)
  • President Theodore Roosevelt made the Grand Canyon a national monument (1908)

Crafts: Winter Wonderland Windows

Recruit residents to help you decorate for the upcoming Snowflake Dinner by making winter wonderland window decorations to be placed on your facility's windows.

Geology Class

Encourage residents to make stamped rocks on this day that President Theodore Roosevelt made the Grand Canyon a national monument.

Musical Social

Play songs from the musical Show Boat to commemorate this day that Bing Crosby recorded "Ol' Man River" from the musical. Play popular songs from Show Boat, like "Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man." Serve cheese and crackers as a snack.

Snowflake Dinner

Invite family members for a special evening of dinner and music with residents and staff. Coordinate with your facility's Dining Services to plan an extraordinary menu for this event. Have a musician play background music as residents and family members enjoy their dinner.

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  • Arkansas Democrat Hattie Caraway was elected the first female U.S. senator (1932)

Speaker Series

Invite a speaker to come to your facility this month to speak about glaucoma during this National Glaucoma Awareness Month.

Knitting Lesson

Recruit a volunteer who knows how to knit to teach residents how to knit small mittens that can be hung for winter decoration. Purchase plastic knitting needles and yarn at a local fabric store.

Flipping Through Catalogs

During this National Mail Order Gardening Month, provide residents with garden mail-order catalogs to flip through. Encourage residents to identify the garden supplies or plants that they would like to use or incorporate into your facility's garden this upcoming spring.

Politics & Beer Social

Encourage residents to have a friendly political discussion over a beer today in recognition of Arkansas Democrat Hattie Caraway's election as the first female United States senator. Ask residents if they think gender plays a role in the election process today. Serve root beer floats.

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  • Chubby Checker's hit song "The Twist" reached the number one spot for the second time in two years (1962)
  • First radio broadcast, which was inventor Lee de Forest's broadcast of a live performance from the Metropolitan Opera, was made (1910)

Oyster Crackers

Assist residents with making ranch oyster crackers to use for the upcoming Soup Taste Testing Social.

Dance Contest

Invite residents to compete in a dance contest on this day that Chubby Checker's hit song "The Twist" reached the number one spot for the second time in two years. Have residents choose their partner. Place contestant numbers on the back of each participant so that the judges (other residents) can easily determine who's who. Purchase two inexpensive trophies for the winners.

Soup Taste Testing Social

Coordinate with Dining Services to offer a variety of soups for residents to taste test during this National Soup Month.

Night at the Opera

Show residents an opera performance, like Metropolitan Opera: Centennial Gala (1983), to honor the first radio broadcast, which was inventor Lee de Forest's broadcast of a live performance from the Metropolitan Opera. Serve wine and cheese. Borrow the DVD from your local library or video store.

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  • Birthday: Benedict Arnold, American traitor (1741)
  • Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and James Madison helped ratify the Treaty of Paris to end the Revolutionary War (1784)

Who Am I?

Host a fun spy game in recognition of American traitor Benedict Arnold's birthday today. Play the classic "Who Am I?" game in which residents try to guess which famous person they are. Seat residents in a circle. Tape a sheet of paper with a famous person's name on it to the leg of each resident's chair (so that the name is facing away from the resident sitting in the chair, but is visible to everyone else). Have each person ask a yes or no question about the person they are supposed to be (e.g., "Am I a politician?" or "Am I a singer?"). The first person to correctly guess who they are is the winner.

Snowball Fight

Have fun as you commission a snowball fight among residents. Blow up plenty of small white balloons and watch out as residents have fun hitting the "snowballs" back and forth.

Ice Lanterns

Assist residents with making fun ice lanterns that can be placed outdoors as decoration.

An Afternoon in Paris Social

Enjoy the afternoon with residents as you celebrate this day that future United States Presidents John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison helped ratify the Treaty of Paris to end the Revolutionary War. Ask residents if they have ever been to the beautiful city of Paris. Serve warm French pastries and strong coffee.

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  • Novelist Victor Hugo finished writing The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1831)
  • Television show "Happy Days" premiered (1974)

Crafts: Snowman Wall Hangings

Encourage residents to make snowman wall hangings to hang in your Activity Room for decoration during the winter months.

Hockey Game

Celebrate hockey season by encouraging residents to participate in a table hockey game. Divide residents into two teams around a long table. The object of the game is for one team to get the "hockey puck" to go off of their opponent's side of the table. Use a balled-up piece of paper as the hockey puck. Residents can use their hands for hockey sticks.

Novel Idea

In recognizing Book Blitz Month, encourage residents to read a novel on this day that novelist Victor Hugo finished writing The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Take a cart full of library books around your facility so that residents can choose which book to read.

1950s Social

Play music from the 1950s on this day that "Happy Days," the hit television show depicting life in the 1950s, premiered. Serve Cracker Jack as a snack.

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  • Arbor Day in Florida
  • Prohibition, prohibiting the sale of alcohol, took effect (1920)

Baking Club: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Encourage residents to make chocolate chip cookies for the afternoon social.

Planting Trees

Invite residents to plant small trees in indoor pots on this Arbor Day in Florida. Consider transplanting the trees outdoors in the spring.

It's Cold Outside Social

Stay warm indoors with residents by serving hot cocoa and the warm chocolate chip cookies made by the Baking Club earlier today.

Last Sip Nightcap

Host a nightcap after dinner on this day that Prohibition took effect. Serve wine and cheese.

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  • Professional Golfers Association was formed (1916)

Guess the Spice

During this National Soup Month, play a fun spice game with your residents where they have to identify the spice by smell.

Miniature Golf

Set up your Activity Room as a miniature golf course and invite residents to try their hand at getting a "hole in one" on this day that the Professional Golfers Association was formed. Serve (root) beer on the "Nineteenth Hole" when residents have completed the course.

Bite-Size Granola

Assist residents with making bite-size granola using oatmeal for this Oatmeal Month.

Winter Pictionary Social

Fill a hat with a bunch of winter Pictionary words or phrases, like Jack Frost, icicles, ice skates, or frostbite. Have residents pick a word from the hat and then draw clues on a board so that the other residents can guess the word or phrase. Serve warm cookies and juice.

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  • Bald Eagle Appreciation Days in Keokuk, Iowa (January 17-18)
  • Television show "Original Amateur Hour" debuted (1948)
  • Winnie the Pooh Day

Crafts: Bird Feeders

Encourage residents to help feed the birds on this second of the Bald Eagle Appreciation Days in Iowa. Have residents make several different types of bird feeders.

Reading Buddies

For an intergenerational activity, invite the residents' grandkids to stop by to read their favorite book to the residents on this Winnie the Pooh Day.

Talent Show Social

Invite residents to showcase their special talents in an amateur talent show in recognition of this day that the television talent show "Original Amateur Hour" debuted. Have the audience cheer on their fellow residents who participate in the show. Serve pretzels as a snack.

Bloody Mary Night

Have fun being the bartender as you encourage residents to relax and have fun when you serve them each a Virgin Bloody Mary with a celery stick. Play fun music and encourage residents to socialize.

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  • Birthday: Robert E. Lee, Confederate general (1807)
  • National Fresh-Squeezed Juice Week (January 17-23)
  • National Popcorn Day
  • Tin can was patented (1825)

Tin Can Luminaries

Assist residents with making snowman tin can luminaries on this day that the tin can was patented. Place battery-operated candles in each of the luminaries.

Civil War Documentary

Show residents a short documentary about the Civil War, like The American Civil War (2008), on this day that General Robert E. Lee was born. Borrow the documentary from your local video store.

Juice Bar

During this National Fresh-Squeezed Juice Week, provide residents with an array of freshly squeezed juices, like orange and grapefruit. Encourage residents to "juice" the fruits with a manual juicer.

Popcorn Social

Pop plenty of fresh popcorn on this National Popcorn Day. Serve warm caramel sauce and chocolate sauce for residents to pour over their hot popcorn.

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  • Inauguration Day, typically only recognized the January after a presidential election year

Past Inaugurations

Share interesting information with residents on this typical date for Inauguration Day about past inaugurations.

Icy Mobiles

Have fun with the residents as you make icy mobiles that can hang outdoors.

Inaugural Tea

Host a fun tea party for your residents on this typical date for Inauguration Day. Consider holding your annual elections for your facility's resident representative at this tea.

Snow Cone Social

Turn up the heat in your Activity Room as you serve up snow cones to the residents. Invite residents to help you make the snow cones in a blender.

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  • National Hugging Day

Clay Pot Snowmen

Encourage residents to make fun and easy clay pot snowmen to use as winter decoration in their rooms.

Snowy Day Word Search

On this cold, and perhaps snowy day, encourage residents to have fun doing word search puzzles.

Gardening Club

During this National Mail Order Gardening Month, order a special gardening project and invite residents to do a little indoor gardening.

Give Me a Hug Social

For this National Hugging Day, blow up plenty of balloons to hand out to residents after giving them hugs. Serve juice and cookies.

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  • National Blonde Brownie Day

Crafts: Vellum Papier-Mâché Igloos

Assist residents with making cute vellum papier-mâché igloos for winter decoration throughout your facility. Use battery-operated lights to illuminate.

Baking Club: Blonde Brownies

To celebrate National Blonde Brownie Day, encourage residents to make blonde brownies to be served at the afternoon social.

Winter Categories

Set up a board for all to see, as you encourage residents to guess different items that fall into winter categories, like "List all the items used to make a snowman" or "List the most popular resolutions made for the new year." Write their answers on the board so that they can see what has already been mentioned. Encourage residents to name as many as they can.

Blonde Brownie Day Social

Celebrate National Blonde Brownie Day by serving the delicious blonde brownies that were made earlier today by the Baking Club. Serve a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

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  • National Handwriting Day
  • National Pie Day
  • Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah (January 22 - February 1)
  • Toy Frisbee was produced (1957)

Sundance Film Festival

Host your own film festival on this second day of the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah. Have residents vote for which movie they would like to see for an afternoon matinee. Serve popcorn.

Fireside Tea

Serve tea by the fireplace (or the warmest spot in your facility) during this National Hot Tea Month. On this day that the toy Frisbee was produced, encourage residents to talk about their childhood toys.

Calligraphy Social

Teach residents how to write beautiful notes on this National Handwriting Day using calligraphy pens. Serve a warm appetizer, like chicken nuggets and dipping sauce.

Cherry Pie Nightcap

Provide slices of warm cherry pie as a nightcap on this National Pie Day. Encourage residents to come out of their rooms to socialize while enjoying the tasty dessert.

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  • Belly Laugh Day
  • First canned beer debuted (1935)

Baking Club: Snowman Sugar Cookies

Encourage residents to make snowman sugar cookies for the afternoon social.

Winter Sponge Paintings

Invite residents to paint winter scenes using sponge brushes. Once dry, hang the art on the wall in a hallway and designate it as the "art gallery."

Funny Jokes Social

Share some funny, clean jokes with residents on this Belly Laugh Day. Encourage residents to share some of their own jokes. Serve the sugar cookies made earlier today by the Baking Club.

Beer & Knockwurst Dinner

Coordinate with Dining Services to serve a special beer and Knockwurst dinner on this day that the first canned beer debuted.

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  • Apple's Macintosh computer debuted (1984)
  • First Emmy Awards for excellence in television were given (1949)
  • First Winter Olympic games began in Chamonix, France (1924)
  • World's largest diamond of over 3,000 carats was found in South Africa (1905)

Crafts: Paper Snowflakes

Encourage residents to make beautiful paper snowflakes to use as decoration for the upcoming Snowflake Ball on January 28.

Winter Olympics

Host a Winter Olympics for residents on this day that the first Winter Olympics began in Chamonix, France. Have fun games, like bobsled races (wheelchair races) and bowling.

Computer Class

On this day that Apple's Macintosh computer debuted, teach residents how to surf the Internet. Invite residents to "google" themselves.

Diamond Social

Invite residents to create their own diamond ring snacks on this day that the world's largest diamond of over 3,000 carats was found in South Africa. Serve wine to go along with their diamond snacks.

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  • Actor Ronald Reagan married actress Jane Wyman (1940)
  • National Peanut Brittle Day

Baking Club: Peanut Brittle

Encourage residents to make delicious peanut brittle on this National Peanut Brittle Day to eat at the afternoon social.

Tassel Bookmarks

Recruit residents to assist you with making tassel bookmarks during this Book Blitz Month that can be sold to raise money for an upcoming activity outing.

Movie Matinee: Kings Row

Show Ronald Reagan's film Kings Row (1942) on this day that the future United States president married actress Jane Wyman.

Peanut Brittle Social

Celebrate this National Peanut Brittle Day with residents by serving the peanut brittle made earlier today by the Baking Club.

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  • Birthday: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, composer (1756)
  • National Geographic Society was founded (1888)
  • Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz was liberated (1945)

Let's Build an Igloo

Encourage residents to help build edible igloos out of marshmallows. Serve hot cocoa and invite the residents to dip their marshmallows.

Holocaust Remembrance

On this day that Auschwitz was liberated from Nazi control, encourage residents to discuss the history of the Holocaust and what they remember from World War II.

Animal Picture

Show an animal documentary like National Geographic: Last Stand of the Great Bear (2006) on this day that the National Geographic Society was founded.

Wine & Cheese & Mozart Social

Play composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart's music as you serve wine and cheese to celebrate his birthday today.

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Community Mentors

During this National Mentoring Month, invite area kids into your facility to sit in on a sewing class, knitting class, or even a bridge class taught by knowledgeable residents.

Manicures & Make-up Social

Invite a make-up artist to your facility to help get residents ready for tonight's happy hour and big ball. Encourage your facility's staff to give manicures to the residents. Serve appetizers on toothpicks so that residents do not ruin their manicures.

Happy Hour

Coordinate with Dining Services to provide a delicious array of appetizers and alcohol-free drinks for residents to enjoy before dinner. Be sure to have residents dress up for this happy hour, so that they will be ready for tonight's ball after dinner.

Snowflake Ball

Encourage residents to have fun at "the ball." Decorate the Activity Room with the snowflakes made on January 25, along with other winter-themed decorations. Hire a small band or entertainer.

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  • Baseball Hall of Fame inducted its first members (1936)
  • Edgar Allan Poe's famous poem "The Raven" was published (1845)
  • National Puzzle Day

Crafts: Groundhog Treats

Invite residents to make tasty groundhog hot cocoa in anticipation of your upcoming Groundhog festivities on February 2.

Show & Tell: Baseball Collections

On this day that the Baseball Hall of Fame inducted its first members, encourage residents to bring their baseball paraphernalia to show off to others.

Jigsaw Puzzle Mania

Set up several different jigsaw puzzle stations throughout your facility on this National Puzzle Day. Encourage residents to stop by and add some pieces to each of the puzzles.

Poetry Social

Read famous poetry to residents on this day that Edgar Allan Poe's famous poem "The Raven" was published. Serve tea and cookies.

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Oatmeal Breakfast Bar

Recognize this Oatmeal Month by supplying residents with an extensive oatmeal bar for breakfast. Provide various toppings for their oatmeal, including raisins, cinnamon, blueberries, honey, and granola.

Winter Spelling Bee

Encourage residents to test their spelling skills by having them spell words related to wintertime, including winter solstice, hibernation, abominable snowman, and hypothermia.

Cooking Demo

For this National Soup Month, encourage a staff member from Dining Services to perform a cooking demonstration for residents, making a quick and delicious soup.

Jack Frost Social

Enjoy the warm indoors on such a cold day by serving hot cocoa and warm pastries.

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  • Backward Day
  • Birthday: Jackie Robinson, baseball player (1919)
  • First daytime television soap opera, "These Are My Children," debuted (1949)

Backward Lunch

Coordinate with Dining Services to provide a special backward lunch on this Backward Day. Have the staff serve dessert first, like a puff pastry filled with ham instead of custard. Next, serve the entree. Finally, serve a salad, like fruit salad.

Watching the Soaps

Set up the Activity Room for prime viewing of television soap operas on this day that the first daytime television soap opera, "These Are My Children," debuted.

Cracker Jack Social

In recognition of baseball great Jackie Robinson's birthday today, serve the fun baseball snack of Cracker Jack. Reminisce with residents about the baseball games that they have attended.

Earmuffs & Scarves Nightcap

Invite residents to attend this special wintertime nightcap and encourage them to wear their earmuffs and scarves. Discuss whether this winter will be as cold as the last. Serve hot cocoa and cookies.

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