June 2016 Senior Activity Calendar

Find fun activity ideas that can be easily added to your facility's June activity calendar. Look at the calendar below to find easy craft ideas for your seniors on both Sundays and Thursdays.

Fun Activity Ideas for June
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June is ...

  • Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month
  • Audiobook Appreciation Month
  • Children's Awareness Month
  • Great Outdoors Month
  • International Men's Month
  • International Surf Music Month
  • June Dairy Month
  • National Accordion Awareness Month
  • National Camping Month
  • National Candy Month
  • National Caribbean-American Heritage Month
  • National Iced Tea Month
  • National Rivers Month
  • National Rose Month
  • National Safety Month
  • National Soul Food Month
  • National Steakhouse Month
  • Skyscraper Month
  • Vision Research Month

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  • Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf hurricane season (June 1 - November 30)
  • Birthday: Marilyn Monroe, actress (1926)
  • Cable News Network (CNN) became the first 24-hour news television network (1980)
  • Kentucky became the 15th state (1792)
  • Tennessee became the 16th state (1796)

Morning News

On this morning that the first 24-hour news network, the Cable News Network (CNN), launched, encourage residents to come to your Activity Room to catch up and watch the latest news. Set up a coffee bar that has a variety of delicious coffees.

Guess That Blonde

In recognition of this day that blond bombshell Marilyn Monroe was born, quiz residents with descriptions of famous blondes and have them guess which celebrity you are describing.

Hurricane Season Opener Social

Recognize this first day of the 2016 Atlantic, Caribbean, and Gulf hurricane season by hosting a tropical social. Play fun, tropical music and serve fresh pineapple and tasty alcohol-free hurricanes with little drink umbrellas.

Soul Food Happy Hour

During this National Soul Food Month, host a fun happy hour for your residents featuring appetizers representing classic soul food, like fried chicken tenders or deviled eggs.

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  • Birthday: Johnny Weissmuller, actor and Olympic swimmer (1904)
  • Republic Day in Italy, the day Italy chose to change its form of government from a monarchy to a republic (1946)

Crafts: Sun Mosaics

Invite residents to make sun mosaics using magazines on this sunny day. Use the mosaics as decoration in your Activity Room.

Lunch in Italy

Celebrate this Republic Day in Italy by coordinating with Dining Services to provide an Italian lunch, featuring spaghetti and meatballs or lasagna, with gelato for dessert. Play Italian music in the background. Beforehand, decorate your Dining Room with red, white, and green streamers representing the Italian flag.

Men's Club

For this International Men's Month, start a monthly Men's Club. Turn on the local baseball game and serve pizza and beer.

Jungle Social

Have fun in the jungle on this day that Tarzan actor Johnny Weissmuller was born. Serve banana smoothies as a snack.

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  • Birthday: Josephine Baker, dancer and singer (1906)
  • Birthday: Norman Brinker, restaurant entrepreneur (1931)
  • Duke of Windsor, after giving up his throne as King Edward VIII, married divorcée Wallis Warfield Simpson (1937)
  • National Donut Day

Coffee & Donuts

Supply coffee and mini donuts for residents to enjoy on this National Donut Day.

Brunch Out

Take your residents to a local restaurant for brunch on this day that the innovator of casual dining in restaurants, Norman Brinker, was born. Encourage residents to choose the restaurant.

I Would Give Up...Social

Ask residents what they would give up in order to be with the one they love on this day that the Duke of Windsor (former King Edward VIII) married twice-divorced Wallis Warfield Simpson after giving up his throne. Serve a royal afternoon snack of tea and cake.

Flappers Dance

Host a fun 1920s Flappers dance on this day that famous 1920s dancer Josephine Baker was born. Encourage residents to dress up and have fun dancing.

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  • National Trails Day
  • Pulitzer Prize was first awarded (1917)

Walking Tour

Create a fun trail for residents while encouraging exercise on this National Trails Day. Set up several "stations" throughout your facility or at the ends of hallways that contain fun and easy word search puzzles, trivia questions, or picture puzzles. Give a prize to the first resident to complete all of the puzzles.

Trip to Local Nursery

Take residents to your local nursery to pick out plants and flowers for your facility's garden during this National Rose Month.

My Autobiography

On this day that the Pulitzer Prize was first awarded, encourage residents to write something of their own. Invite residents to write down (or dictate to a volunteer) a short autobiography. Display the very brief autobiographies in your Activity Room or in your facility's newsletter.

Frozen Dairy Social

Have fun serving ice cream to your residents during this June Dairy Month. Supply tasty ice cream toppings like nuts and flavored syrups or even hot fudge.

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  • First hot air balloon took flight (1783)
  • Senator Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated (1968)
  • World Environment Day

Crafts: Hot Air Balloons

Encourage your seniors to make easy hot air balloons on this day of the first hot air balloon flight. Hang the balloons as decoration throughout your Activity Room.

Garden Club

During this National Rose Month, encourage residents to help you plant the flowers that were purchased during your trip to your local plant nursery on June 4.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

For this World Environment Day, encourage residents to recycle their trash. If your facility does not already have one, start an Environmental Club. Invite representatives from your local government to show your facility how to recycle properly.

Where Were You? Social

Ask residents where they were when they heard the news of Senator Robert F. Kennedy's assassination on this anniversary of the event. Discuss where they were during other important events that happened in the last century. Serve veggies and dip as a snack.

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  • First drive-in movie theater opened in Camden, New Jersey (1933)
  • Securities and Exchange Commission was created (1934)

Cookies & Milk Club

For this June Dairy Month, start a fun Cookies & Milk Club in which each week you invite residents to sample a different cookie. Consider recruiting your facility's Baking Club to bake the cookies.

Safety Course

During this National Safety Month, invite your facility's Maintenance Coordinator to give a safety talk to residents, like what to do when they hear the fire alarm.

Financial News Social

On this day that the Securities and Exchange Commission was created, invite residents to discuss a few key financial events of the 1900s like the Great Depression of the 1930s or past recessions. Serve cheese and crackers as a snack.

Drive-in Movie

Set up a large, white sheet in your facility's backyard and use a projector (try to rent one from your local library) to show a movie outside on this day that the first drive-in movie theater opened.

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  • Birthday: Dean Martin, singer and actor (1917)
  • Boone Day, celebrating the day frontiersman Daniel Boone first saw the land that later became Kentucky

Men's Woodshop

During this International Men's Month, encourage the men to make something with wood. Supply participants with wood kits and glue, which can be purchased at your local supply store or dollar store.

Rose Garden Ride

Locate a few rose gardens in your area to take your residents to view during a scenic ride during this National Rose Month.

Daniel Boone Social

On this Boone Day, in honor of Kentucky frontiersman Daniel Boone, encourage residents to make their own trail mix.

Martini Night

Celebrate Dean Martin's birthday today by passing out alcohol-free martinis (Dean's favorite drink) to residents as they listen to popular Dean Martin songs.

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  • World Oceans Day

Sandy Fish

Encourage residents to make a beach sand cast of a fish using sand and Plaster of Paris on this World Oceans Day.

Oceanographer for a Day

On this World Oceans Day, invite residents to paint an underwater scene on canvas. Supply paint, brushes, and canvases to residents.

Cloud Gazing Social

Enjoy the beautiful weather as you take residents outdoors to look up in the sky and gaze at the clouds. Ask them to describe the pictures that they see in the clouds. Serve lemonade to residents.

Steakhouse Dinner

Turn your Dining Room into a fun steakhouse and treat your residents to a tasty steak dinner during this National Steakhouse Month.

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  • Birthday: Charles Loloma, Native American jewelry artist (1921)

Crafts: Origami Horses

Get ready for the Belmont Stakes (June 11) by making paper horses to be used as decorations for your Belmont Stakes party.

Baking Club: Chocolate Picnic Cake

Encourage the Baking Club to make a delicious chocolate cake for this afternoon's social.

Jewelry Maker

Invite residents to make Native American jewelry on this day that Native American jewelry artist Charles Loloma was born. Provide sculpting clay and turquoise paint to residents.

Spell That River Social

Host a spelling bee by asking residents to spell the names of popular rivers during this National Rivers Month. For a snack, serve the chocolate cake that was made earlier by the Baking Club.

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Trip to Farmer's Market

During this berry-picking season, encourage residents to take a trip to the local farmer's market to pick fresh berries.

Penny Candy Break

Supply an array of fun candy treats for residents to sample during this National Candy Month.

Landscape Paintings

Set up tables and chairs outdoors, and encourage residents to paint en plein air on canvas during this Great Outdoors Month.

Root Beer Floats Social

Cool off during the afternoon by inviting residents to make and enjoy root beer floats with vanilla ice cream and root beer.

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  • Birthday: Jacques Cousteau, French undersea explorer (1910)
  • Birthday: William Styron, American novelist and winner of both the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Literature (1925)
  • King Kamehameha I Day, honoring the memory of the Hawaiian monarch
  • 148th Belmont Stakes horse race in Belmont Park, New York

Documentary Matinee: Jacques Cousteau

On this day that Jacques Cousteau was born, show residents a fascinating documentary about his career, like Jacques Cousteau: Pacific Explorations Collection (1966). Borrow the video from your local library or video store.

Hula Lesson

Teach your residents how to do the Hula on this King Kamehameha I Day.

Belmont Stakes Derby

Turn your Activity Room into a fun place to sit and watch the 148th Belmont Stakes from New York. Give monopoly money to residents for them to place "wagers" on their favorite horses.

Literary Talk Social

In recognition of this birthday of William Styron, recipient of both the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize for Literature, host a literary discussion among the residents. Ask residents about their favorite novels and published works. Serve butter cookies and tea as a snack.

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  • Actor Gregory Peck died (2003)

Crafts: Patriotic Windsocks

In anticipation of Flag Day on June 14, encourage your seniors to make easy patriotic windsocks to hang throughout your facility for decoration.

Baking Club: Blueberry Crumb Pie

Encourage residents to bake an easy and light dessert for the upcoming afternoon social.

Sunny Umbrella Social

Open the umbrellas on the backyard patio furniture, and host your afternoon social outdoors on this late spring day. Serve residents the blueberry crumb pie that was made earlier today by the Baking Club.

Movie Night: To Kill a Mockingbird

Remember the great actor Gregory Peck, who died on this day, by showing residents the award-winning movie To Kill a Mockingbird (1962) featuring Gregory Peck and Brock Peters.

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  • First roller coaster opened at Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York (1884)
  • Miranda rights, giving citizens the right to remain silent when being questioned by police, were established (1966)

Roller Coaster Ride

On this day that the first roller coaster opened in America at Coney Island, drive residents past a local fair to reminisce about the excitement of rides and roller coasters. Ask residents if they enjoyed riding roller coasters.

Right to Remain Silent

Supply residents with a silent break on this day that the Miranda Rights were established, by encouraging them to visit the Activity Room for a little rest and relaxation. Turn down the lights and provide residents with hand and back massages. Encourage residents to take an afternoon nap.

Cat Visit Social

Invite your local pet store owner to bring a few cats to your facility during this Adopt-A-Shelter-Cat Month. Invite residents to reminisce about the cats that they used to have as pets. If a visit from a local pet store is not an option, look to local pet therapy organizations that bring animals to nursing homes and retirement communities. Serve cookies and juice.

Campsite Dinner

During this National Camping Month, host a camp dinner for residents. Coordinate with Dining Services to serve chili and cornbread, along with s'mores for dessert.

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  • Flag Day
  • United States Army was established by Congress (1775)

Flag Ceremony

Celebrate this Flag Day by hosting a flag ceremony outdoors for your residents. Encourage residents to wear their military insignias during the event. If possible, find a trumpet player to play as you raise the American flag.

Making S'mores

Have fun outdoors on your facility's patio during this Great Outdoors Month by assembling and eating s'mores with residents.

Manicures & Make-up Social

Invite a local make-up consultant to your facility to get the residents ready for the big ball tonight. Encourage the staff to give manicures to the residents. Serve fresh fruit as a snack.

Military Ball

Host a fun military ball for residents on this 241st birthday of the U.S. Army. Encourage the residents to dress up for the ball. Beforehand, decorate your Activity Room with insignias from the military, and hire an entertainer to play fun music from the 1940s.

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  • Arkansas became the 25th state (1836)
  • Magna Carta was signed (1215)
  • Nature Photography Day

Trip to Park

Take residents to a local park for a fun picnic during this Great Outdoors Month.

Nature Photos

Show residents how to use your facility's camera to take nature photos today on this Nature Photography Day.

Pool Party

Encourage residents to enjoy the warm weather by taking a dip in the facility's "pool." Set up a kiddy pool out back and fill it with water. Set chairs around the pool, and invite residents to splash their feet in the pool.

English Tea Social

On this day that the Magna Carta was signed, host an English tea, serving hot tea with milk (the way the English like it) as well as small finger sandwiches.

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  • Actor Charlie Chaplin, at age 54, married 18 year-old Oona O'Neill (1943)

Crafts: Sand-Filled Bottles

Encourage residents to make beautiful and easy sand-filled bottles or jars, using craft sand, as decoration throughout your facility this summer.

Silent Film

On this day that 54 year-old Charlie Chaplin married 18 year-old Oona O'Neill, show residents a few classic Charlie Chaplin skits. Borrow The Essential Charlie Chaplin: Volume 1 (1914) from your local library or video store.

Italian Ice Truck Break

Keep your residents hydrated during this warm weather by serving them Italian ice. Deliver small cups of Italian ice throughout your building as you try to keep residents cool.

Accordion Music Social

During this National Accordion Awareness Month, invite an accordion musician to entertain your residents. Serve wine and cheese as a snack.

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Gone Fishing

During this Great Outdoors Month, plan a trip to your local pond and take residents fishing, or purchase an inexpensive fishing game at your local toy store and set it up outside using a large, wide bucket.

Sweet Tea Tasting

Serve a variety of sweet teas to residents during this National Iced Tea Month. Consider sweetening the tea with artificial sweeteners.

Dairy Producers

For this June Dairy Month, encourage your residents to make ice cream for this afternoon's social.

Homemade Ice Cream Social

Invite residents to sample the ice cream that was made earlier today.

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  • Birthday: Roger Ebert, film critic (1942)
  • Golfer Arnold Palmer won his only U.S. Open championship (1960)
  • War of 1812 began
  • World Juggling Day

War Trivia

On this day that the War of 1812 began, quiz residents with trivia questions about various wars in American history.

Juggling Class

For this World Juggling Day, invite residents to learn how to juggle. Supply residents with ping pong balls or bean bags.

Critics Corner Social

Reminisce about old movies on this day that film critic Roger Ebert was born. Discuss the residents' favorite movies of all time and what made them so memorable. Serve popcorn for a snack as residents discuss the movies.

Arnold Palmer Happy Hour

Before dinner, serve residents a refreshing Arnold Palmer (a drink that is half lemonade and half iced tea) on this day that golfer Arnold Palmer won the U.S. Open. Ask residents if they have ever watched Arnold Palmer play golf.

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  • Father's Day
  • Garfield comic strip debuted (1978)

Crafts: Macramé Bracelets

Encourage your seniors to make creative, summer gifts for their grandkids like macramé bracelets.

Comics & Coffee

Invite residents to peruse the Comics section of your local newspaper on this day that the comic strip Garfield debuted. Serve hot coffee for residents to sip while laughing at the funnies.

Father's Day Cookout

Plan with Dining Services to provide a fun cookout for all of your residents as you celebrate this Father's Day.

Tie-Tying Contest Social

Get your residents ready for Father's Day, which is approaching, by inviting them to compete in a necktie contest, to see who can tie their necktie the fastest. Supply each participant with a tie, and give the winner a special Father's Day prize. Serve non-alcoholic beer and nuts as a snack.

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  • Strawberry (Full) Moon
  • Summer begins (June 20 - September 22)
  • West Virginia became the 35th state (1863)

Beach Party

Host a fun beach party outdoors during this International Surf Music Month. Play fun, beach music and serve fruity drinks. Encourage residents to play outdoor games, like beach horseshoes.

Volleyball Tournament

At the beach party, set up a volleyball net, and invite residents to sit on either side of the net to toss a large beach ball back and forth.

Milkshake Social

Serve tasty milkshakes to your residents during this June Dairy Month.

Strawberry Moon Nightcap

Once the sun sets, encourage residents to use a telescope to view the full moon, called the Strawberry Moon by Native Americans because of the abundance of the ripened fruit at this time of the year. Serve strawberries and juice at the nightcap.

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  • New Hampshire became the 9th state (1788)

Red Hat Ladies Volunteer Project

During this National Rose Month, encourage your red hatters to cut roses or other flowers from your facility's garden to make bouquets for some of your facility's sick residents. Invite the ladies to personally drop off the bouquets to the residents.

Sun Dials

In recognition of these longest days of the year, invite residents to make their own sun dials.

Popsicle Social

Serve different flavors of popsicles for residents to cool off during this warm weather.

Concert in the Park

Enjoy the weather outdoors by inviting your residents' favorite entertainer for an after-dinner concert outside on the back patio.

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  • Birthday: Julian Huxley, evolutionary biologist and author of The Science of Life (1887)
  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the G.I. Bill, a law providing benefits to World War II veterans (1944)

Speaker Series

During this Vision Research Month, invite a speaker to talk to residents about the latest tips on eye care for seniors.

Science Class

Invite residents to partake in a fun science experiment on this birthday of scientist Julian Huxley.

History in Review Social

On this day that President FDR signed the G.I. Bill to compensate returning members of the armed services for their efforts in World War II, reminisce with residents about the military and its effects on family members. Serve warm cookies as a snack.

Summertime Nightcap

Enjoy this summer evening as you host a fun nightcap outdoors as the sun sets.

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  • Mercedes car company registered its brand name (1902)

Crafts: Sock Puppets

Encourage your seniors to make easy sock puppets for the upcoming Puppet Show Social.

Baking Club: Raspberry Icebox Cake

On this summer day, encourage residents to make a cool treat like a raspberry icebox cake for the upcoming afternoon social.

Car Trivia

In recognition of this day that Mercedes registered its brand name, invite residents to play a car trivia game.

Puppet Show Social

During this Children's Awareness Month, invite a local elementary school class to stop by for a puppet show given by your residents, using the sock puppets that were made earlier today. Serve the raspberry icebox cake made by the Baking Club.

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  • Celebration of the Senses, a day to stimulate the five senses
  • Western series Hopalong Cassidy premiered on television (1949)

Taste Testing

Celebrate your residents' senses on this day of the Celebration of the Senses by giving residents a variety of summer fruit and berries to taste. Encourage the residents to comment on the taste as to whether it is sweet or sour.

Trip to Nature Center

Take your residents to your local nature center during this Great Outdoors Month.

Western Matinee

Show a thrilling western movie to your residents on this day that the Western series Hopalong Cassidy premiered, or show an old episode of the Hopalong Cassidy series.

Wine & Wickets Social

Start a fun game of croquet in the backyard of your facility during this Great Outdoors Month. Serve non-alcoholic wine to residents as you encourage them to try their hand at the game of croquet. Purchase an inexpensive croquet set from your local toy store.

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  • Korean War began (1950)
  • Last Packard car was produced (1956)
  • Virginia became the 10th state (1788)

War Memories

Encourage residents to talk about the Korean War on this day that it began. Ask residents what they remember about the start of the war, and whether any of their family members fought in the war.

Summer Strawberry Jam

For this summer day, invite residents to assist you with making summer jams like strawberry jam.

Guess That Slogan Social

On this day that the last Packard car was produced, have fun with residents by asking them which product is associated with certain slogans. For example, Packard's slogan was "Ask the man who owns one." Serve pretzels and root beer.

Late-Night Astronomy Class

Invite residents to sit outdoors and gaze at the night stars on this beautiful, summer night. Serve warm cookies as a late-night snack.

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Crafts: Handprint Canvases

As an intergenerational activity, encourage residents to create handprint canvases with their grandchildren or great-grandchildren featuring the little ones' handprints.

Chocolate Milk & Cookies Break

For this June Dairy Month, invite residents to take a quick milk and cookies break. Offer chocolate milk as you serve freshly baked, warm cookies.

Raggedy Ann & Andy Tea

During this Children's Awareness Month, host an intergenerational afternoon tea party featuring the grandkids and great-grandkids of residents. Encourage the kids to bring their Raggedy Ann or Andy doll, if they have one. Decorate the Dining Room with Raggedy Ann & Andy memorabilia. Encourage the residents to talk to the kids about the famous dolls.

Watermelon Social

Crack open a cool watermelon to serve to residents during this warm afternoon.

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  • Song "Happy Birthday to You" was composed (1859)

Birthday Lunch

On this day that the song "Happy Birthday to You" was composed, host your monthly birthday party. Coordinate with Dining Services to provide a delicious lunch with champagne and birthday cake.

Skyscraper Views

For this Skyscraper Month, show a documentary to residents about building the massive objects, like Building Big: Skyscrapers (2000).

Men's Health Seminar

During this International Men's Month, invite your facility's nurse to speak to male residents about their health.

Yogurt & Granola Social

In recognition of this June Dairy Month, serve yogurt with a granola topping. Encourage residents to add other toppings like nuts or berries.

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  • Musician Louis Armstrong, nicknamed "Satchmo," recorded "West End Blues" (1928)
  • National Columnists' Day

Flower Club

During this National Rose Month, organize a group of residents to arrange the flowers that are delivered to your facility. If flowers are unavailable, supply residents with inexpensive, silk flowers to make arrangements that can be set throughout your facility.

Frozen Treats

Recruit residents to assist you with making tasty frozen treats for residents to enjoy on this summer day.

Newspaper Quiz

For this National Columnists' Day, quiz residents about the newspapers of major U.S. cities.

Satchmo Social

On this day that musician Louis Armstrong recorded "West End Blues" (1928), play jazz music for the residents. Serve wine and cheese.

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  • Actress Katharine Hepburn died (2003)

Baking Club: Tropical Lime Cake

Encourage residents to make a delicious tropical dessert for this afternoon's Limbo Contest Social.

Audiobook Club

Start a monthly Audiobook Club during this Audiobook Appreciation Month. Invite residents to listen to the same book and discuss it afterwards. Contact your local library to find out how to get audiobooks sent to your facility.

Movie Marathon

To honor the legendary actress Katharine Hepburn who died on this day at age 96, show Katharine's movies throughout the day. Post the movie and show times. Encourage residents to stop by and watch at least one of her movies. Serve popcorn.

Limbo Contest Social

During this National Caribbean-American Heritage Month, play fun Caribbean music as your facility's staff competes in a limbo contest. Encourage residents to judge the winner as they eat the tropical lime cake that was made earlier today by the Baking Club.

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  • Birthday: Lena Horne, singer and actress (1917)
  • National Handshake Day
  • National Organization for Women was founded (1966)

Crafts: Daisy Chain Necklaces

Invite residents to make cute daisy chain necklaces on this beautiful, summer day.

NOW Chapter

On this day that the National Organization for Women (NOW) was founded, start a chapter at your facility. Encourage the women to gather once per month to reminisce about some of the issues that they faced as young women, as well as to comment on the issues facing women today.

Hand Massages

To get residents ready to shake hands on this National Handshake Day, encourage the staff to give hand massages to residents using scented lotions.

"Stormy Weather" Social

Celebrate this day that singer Lena Horne was born by playing a few of her songs like "Stormy Weather." Serve cheese and crackers as a snack.

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