Sample Assisted Living Activity Calendar

February 2021 Assisted Living Activity Calendar

For each day, find creative activities that you can easily add to your current senior activity calendar for your nursing home or assisted living.

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Fun Activity Ideas for February
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February is …

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Candy Heart Magnets

Invite residents to make their own candy heart magnets on this Decorating With Candy Day by molding colorful clay into heart shapes using a heart cookie cutter. After the hearts have hardened, use markers to write on the hearts and use glue to attach magnets to the back.

Valentine Lollipops

For this Decorating With Candy Day, supply residents with Jolly Rancher candy (watermelon and cherry flavors), lollipop sticks, and heart candies as you show them how to assemble valentine lollipops.

Printable Valentines

On this Decorating With Candy Day, recruit residents to help you cut out pillow box valentines that you can fill and distribute to residents on Valentine's Day. For the activity, print out the valentines onto cardstock for residents to cut out and shape into pillow boxes. Then on Valentine's Day, fill the pillow boxes with candy to distribute to residents.

Valentine Match Game Social

Have fun with residents this February by providing a fun valentine-themed game or activity for each afternoon social throughout the month. Start the month by inviting residents to play a Hershey's Kisses match game to see which resident can match all the candies in the shortest amount of time. Beforehand, print out the game stickers to attach to the bottoms of the Hershey's Kisses candy. Once residents are done playing, encourage them to sample a few of the Hershey's Kisses.

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Baking Club: Hedgehog Cookies

Encourage residents to bake chocolate pecan hedgehog cookies on this Hedgehog Day. While the cookies are baking, share a few of the differences between a groundhog and a hedgehog with residents.

How to Predict the Weather

Teach your residents how to predict the weather on this Groundhog Day.

Groundhog Day Bingo

Pass out Groundhog Day bingo cards for residents to mark whenever they hear someone mention one of the words on their cards while they watch the television coverage of the Groundhog Day celebration in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

The Newlywed Game Social

Invite the couples in your facility to participate in a fun Newlywed game in which you separately ask them questions to see if they will give the same answers. During the activity, award each couple a point whenever a participant answers a question identical to their spouse. Serve valentine cookies as a snack.

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Bean Bag Color Toss

For this day of the Bean-Throwing Festival in Japan, invite residents to play a fun bean bag toss game. To play, first seat residents in a circle surrounding a large target (e.g., a large Hula Hoop on the floor or a circle made with masking tape). Then supply residents with bean bags that have two-different colors on them, and award a point each time a resident tosses a bean bag that lands in the hoop and that has their chosen color facing up. Beforehand, make the two-colored bean bags by hot-gluing two squares of different colored felt together and filling the squares with a Ziploc bag of dried beans. Before the game begins, have residents pick which color of their bean bag they are choosing.

Coloring Like Norman Rockwell

Host a fun coloring party for your residents using colored pencils and the coloring pages of old Norman Rockwell paintings on this birthday of the artist. Encourage residents to frame the finished artwork for their rooms.

Library Punch Cards

Encourage your residents to check out more books from your facility's library on this World Read Aloud Day by passing out punch card bookmarks so that residents can keep track of the number of books that they read. To promote more reading in your facility, award a prize whenever a resident hits a reading milestone (e.g. residents receive a bingo prize when they have read 5 books, residents receive a bottle of wine to share with their tablemates when they have read 20 books, etc.).

Valentine Word Search Party Social

Pass out valentine word search sheets to see which resident is first to find all the words in the puzzle. Serve layered strawberry Jell-O cups as a snack.

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Crafts: Watercolor Valentines

Supply residents with white note cards (or cardstock folded in half) and red watercolors to create their own watercolor valentines to mail to their loved ones in recognition of this National Thank a Mail Carrier Day.

Guess the Soup

Coordinate with Dining Services to host a soup tasting for residents on this National Homemade Soup Day. For the activity, have Dining Services provide small cups of popular homemade soups for residents to taste while blindfolded to see if they can identify the soups by taste.

Virtual Game Night Fundraiser

Schedule a virtual game night for your residents and their family members to raise money for a local cancer charity on this World Cancer Day. Before the activity, invite family members to participate in a Zoom family game night trivia challenge by donating $5 to access the event. Then during the Zoom call, ask random trivia questions and award points to the first person who rings a bell. At the end of the trivia game, award a prize to the winner (e.g., bingo prize to the resident and a gift card to the family member).

Heart Toss Social

Host a fun heart toss game for residents, in which residents compete to see who can toss the most paper balls through the hanging heart. Serve strawberry fudge as a snack.

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Taco and Margarita Bar

Set up a fun taco and margarita bar for your residents to celebrate this Constitution Day in Mexico. Beforehand, coordinate with Dining Services to provide a variety of taco ingredients with various toppings that residents can choose from. In addition, set out your plastic margarita glasses to fill with a nonalcoholic margarita punch.

Improv Time

Host a fun improv activity with your residents on this birthday of American film actor John Carradine. Before the activity, cut out improv starters for residents to pick from a bowl. Then have residents choose three starters from the bowl to act out in a fun scene to see if the others can guess what they are doing.

Nutella Bake-Off

Organize a fun Nutella bake-off for your residents on this World Nutella Day, where teams of residents make a different Nutella dessert, like cookies or brownies. After the bake-off, invite your facility's Administrators to sample the baked goods and vote on a winning baking team.

Chop Stick Candy Hunt Social

Play a fun candy hunt game with residents in which you fill bowls with popcorn and conversation heart candy. Then provide residents with chopsticks to see how many candy hearts they can pick out of the bowl in one minute. Serve valentine popcorn as a fun snack.

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Cereal Milk Tasting

On this birthday of Thurl Ravenscroft, the American singer and voice artist for the popular Tony the Tiger cereal commercials, invite residents to sample a variety of cereals with different types of milk, including whole milk, soy milk, coconut milk, and almond milk.

State Spelling Bee

Host a fun spelling bee for residents featuring city and state names on this day that Massachusetts became the 6th state.

Visiting With the Royals

Share a bit of royal etiquette with residents on this anniversary that Princess Elizabeth succeeded to the throne in Great Britain to become Queen Elizabeth II.

Valentine Bean Bag Toss Social

Organize a fun valentine bean bag toss game for residents, in which they toss bean bags onto a homemade heart target to accumulate points. Serve sweetheart swirl bark as a snack.

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Crafts: Football Pennants

Assist residents with assembling felt football pennants featuring their team's colors on this day of Super Bowl LV in Tampa, Florida.

Things You'll Never Hear From Your Neighbors

On this Wave All your Fingers at Your Neighbors Day, chit chat with residents about what they like about having neighbors. Afterwards, share a list of things that neighbors will never reveal.

Football Predictors

Invite residents to make a few predictions regarding the teams for the upcoming Super Bowl LV in Tampa, Florida. Before the game begins, pass out prediction sheets for residents to fill in. Then at the end of the game, award a fun prize to the person who made the most correct predictions.

Candy Guess Social

See how well residents do at guessing candy as you provide them with a What Kind of Candy Am I? guessing sheet to fill out. Award a prize to the first person to answer all the questions correctly. Serve a few of the candies mentioned in the game as a fun snack.

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Rose Pins

Show residents how to make rose pins on this day that the City of Roses, Portland, Oregon, was incorporated. Use felt, faux pearls, hot glue, and alligator clips for the craft.

Art Scout Badge

On this day that the Boy Scouts of America was founded, help residents acquire their "scout badge in art" as you show them how to make canvas heart art that can be used as decoration throughout your facility for your upcoming Valentine's Day festivities. To make the canvas art, supply residents with a large heart template to trace onto their canvas before filling the heart with different art materials, like pom-poms, faux flowers, tissue paper, glitter, or even red yarn.

Funny Jokes

Read through a list of jokes to find appropriately funny jokes for your residents on this first day of Love May Make the World Go 'Round, But Laughter Keeps Us From Getting Dizzy Week.

Valentine Word Scramble Social

Invite residents to participate in a fun valentine word scramble game. For the activity, pass out the word scramble sheets, and award a prize to the first person to successfully unscramble all the valentine-related words. (The answers are found upside down at the bottom of the scramble sheet.) Serve valentine marshmallow pops as a snack.

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Can You Name the Novel?

For this Read in the Bathtub Day, invite residents to think back to some of the classic novels that they have read over the years. Then reveal the name of a classic literary character to see if residents can identify the novel that the character is from.

Scribble Drawings

On this birthday of imagist poet Amy Lowell, encourage residents to tap into their creativity by passing out pieces of paper with scribbles on them and having residents use a black marker to find and outline an image from the scribbles.

Name That Country Singer

In recognition of this birthday of American country and western singer Ernest Tubb, play country music and ask residents to try to guess the singer.

Most Creative Valentine Wafers Social

Supply residents with pink wafers to see who can decorate the most festive valentine wafers. For the activity, use pink wafers, melted chocolate, sprinkles, and lots of candy. Ask your facility's Administrators to judge the most festive treat. Afterwards, encourage residents to sample their creations.

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Newspaper Love Letters

On this anniversary that The New York Times slogan "All the News That's Fit to Print" first appeared on its front page, supply residents with sheets from your local newspaper to cut out words to create a love letter or poem – just in time for Valentine's Day. Simply have residents glue the cut-out words onto cardstock.

Valentine Bean Mosaics

Invite residents to create valentine bean mosaics on this World Pulses Day. To assemble the mosaics, provide residents with sturdy cardstock that they can glue beans and seeds onto to create the hearts. Then have residents create a frame for their artwork by gluing craft sticks along the border before adding a few beans and seeds as decoration on the frame. Display the finished bean heart mosaics for the valentine season.

Grand Slam Hits

Encourage residents to get their arm exercise as you play a fun tennis game with them on this birthday of tennis great Bill Tilden. To play, seat residents in a large circle and provide them with plastic tennis rackets. Then stand in the middle of the circle to hit an inflated balloon back and forth to each of the residents. Try to keep residents on their toes as you hit the balloon back and forth in random order.

Valentine Punch Social

Set up a valentine punch game that residents can punch to get a valentine treat. Beforehand, fill small cups with valentine candy and favors and attach the cups to a wall or posterboard in the shape of a heart. (Alter the size of the heart to make sure to have enough cups for each resident.) Serve strawberry brownie kabobs as a snack.

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Crafts: Valentine Photos

Assist residents with turning some of their family photos into valentine photos that they can send to their loved ones during this valentine season. For the activity, supply residents with a small heart template, a small hole punch, needles, tape, and red embroidery thread.

Baking Club: Peppermint Patty Brownies

Encourage residents to bake a batch of peppermint patty brownies using the store-bought candy on this National Peppermint Patty Day. Serve the finished brownies at the upcoming afternoon social.

Getting to Know You

Pass out a conversation heart to each resident so that they can get to know each other during a conversation heart candy game. For the activity, go around the room and ask each resident to read their conversation heart, and then ask them a question based on the conversation heart that they picked.

Valentine Skeeball Social

Recruit volunteers to help you make a fun valentine skeeball game for residents to play. Use white foam board, sturdy red cardstock or poster board, markers, a craft knife, glue, tape, and ping pong balls for the game. For a snack, serve the Peppermint Patty brownies that were made earlier during the Baking Club.

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Origami Ox

Teach residents how to fold origami oxen to celebrate this Chinese New Year, Year of the Ox. Hide the finished oxen throughout your facility for the upcoming Chinese New Year, Year of the Ox Hunt activity.

Chinese Good Luck Luncheon

Host a fun luncheon featuring Chinese food for residents to enjoy as they celebrate this Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year, Year of the Ox Hunt

Hide the paper oxen that were made earlier by residents throughout your facility for a fun Chinese New Year, Year of the Ox Hunt, where residents try to find as many hidden oxen in your facility. Award a prize to the resident who finds the most by the end of the day.

Valentine Words Social

Invite residents to complete a valentine word puzzle, where they try to write as many words that they can think of from the words Valentine's Day. Serve chocolate covered pretzels as a snack.

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Just Call Me...

Have fun with residents on this Get a Different Name Day by passing out Hello, My Name is... labels to fill in with the name of their favorite Old Hollywood actor or actress. Encourage residents to address one another by their Old Hollywood celebrity name for the day.

Strange Legal Questions

For this Employee Legal Awareness Day, share with residents a few of the strangest legal questions that lawyers have been asked.

Valentine Manicures

Give the ladies in your facility fun valentine manicures on this Valentine's Eve by adding a few hearts to their painted nails.

Valentine Scattergories Social

Play a fun game of Valentine Scattergories with residents, in which they write a valentine related word for each letter of the alphabet. Serve valentine Chex Mix as a snack.

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Crafts: Valentine Candy Terrariums

Recruit residents to help you fill glasses with candy and valentine knickknacks to create valentine terrariums on this Valentine's Day. Use the finished terrariums as the centerpieces for your Dining Room tables.

Candy Bingo

Organize a fun candy bingo game with residents where you replace the B-I-N-G-O at the top of your bingo cards with C-A-N-D-Y on this Valentine's Day. Be sure to pass out conversation hearts for residents to use as their bingo markers.

Name That Love Song

Play love songs on this Valentine's Day and award a point to the first person who correctly identifies the song. (On the YouTube channel, click "Show More" to view the song titles.)

Let's Play the Feud – Valentine's Day Edition Social

Set up a fun Family Feud game where you ask residents Valentine's Day questions to see which team can accumulate the most points. Serve no-bake chocolate peanut butter bars as a snack.

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Four Presidents in a Row

Invite residents to play a fun presidential board game on this Presidents' Day. To play, supply each participant with a gameboard to mark with bingo chips once they have identified the president that you are describing. The first person to get four presidents in a row on their gameboard wins.

Origami Flags

Show residents how to fold dollar bills to look like flags on this Presidents' Day.

Washington or Lincoln?

See how well your residents do at guessing which president – Washington or Lincoln – you are describing on this Presidents Day.

Giant Balloon Tic-Tac-Toe Social

Inflate several X's and O's for residents to play a fun giant balloon Tic-Tac-Toe game on the wall in your Activity Room using Washi tape (to create the gameboard on the wall) and glue dots (to attach the balloons to the wall). Serve valentine treats as a snack.

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Gumbo Luncheon

Coordinate with Dining Services to provide a lunch for residents featuring New Orleans gumbo on this Mardi Gras.

Beignet-Making Class

Teach residents how to make the classic New Orleans donut, beignets, on this Mardi Gras.

Mardi Gras Chandeliers

Provide residents with hanging baskets and lots of Mardi Gras beads to create Mardi Gras chandeliers to hang throughout your facility for the holiday.

Valentine Shots Social

Use a cardboard box to set up a fun valentine shots game for residents to play to see how many arrows they can toss into the cardboard heart. To make the game, first use a craft knife to cut out a heart shape from a cardboard box. Then paint the box in fun colors. To make the arrows, paint stripes onto wooden skewers and attach felt hearts and felt tails to the ends of the skewers using glue. Serve candy heart chocolate pretzels as a snack.

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Baking Club: Lenten Pretzels

Encourage residents to bake a batch of Lenten pretzels on this first day of Lent. Serve the pretzels during the upcoming afternoon social.

What Are You Giving Up?

On this first day of Lent, a religious period of fasting and penitence, start a discussion with residents to find out what they plan to give up during Lent this year. Afterwards, share a list of ideas of what they can do during these 40 days.

Kindness Bucket List

For this Random Acts of Kindness Day, invite residents to create their own kindness bucket list that they can begin doing throughout the year.

Ring Around the Roses Social

Fill a vase with roses and pass out the rings from your ring toss game to see who can toss their ring completely around the vase of roses. Serve the Lenten pretzels made earlier during the Baking Club activity.

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Crafts: Woven Magazine Art

Use magazines on this birthday of magazine editor Helen Gurley Brown to show residents how to create their own woven magazine art that can be framed for their walls. For the project, once residents have torn out magazine pages that they want to use, use a paper cutter to cut the pages into strips that they can begin weaving.

Museum Walk

In celebration of this birthday of museum endower George Peabody, do a little research on the artwork in your facility so that you can give a museum walking tour to your residents as you lead them through various parts of your facility.

A Few Historical Facts They Forgot to Teach Us

In recognition of this birthday of filmmaker John Hughes, who directed several high school-centered films, share a list with residents of fun facts that most people were not taught in school.

Name That Candy Social

Have fun with residents as you blindfold them and give them candy bars to sample to try to guess the candy.

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Paper Dolls

Encourage residents to make paper dolls to send to their grandchildren on this day that the children's television show Mister Rogers' Neighborhood premiered. For the fun craft, use cardstock, a hole punch, small brads, glue, markers, fabric, and the doll template.

History of Iwo Jima

Share a bit of history with residents about Iwo Jima on this day that American troops landed on the island in 1945.

Skateboard Design Competition

Invite residents to compete in a skateboard design competition on this Skate Shop Day. To make the toy skateboards, provide residents with markers, glue, beads, and jumbo craft sticks that have been cut in half and rounded on the corners. Display the finished skateboards and ask your facility's staff members to vote on their favorites.

Making Suckers Social

Assist residents with making valentine lollipops that they can enjoy during this candy season.

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Twig Letters

On this birthday of Yosemite National Park's photographer, Ansel Adams, gather twigs for residents to create their own twig letters that they can hang on their doors. Supply residents with twine as you show them how to tie the twigs together to form their initial.

Cowboy Dessert Tasting

Coordinate with Dining Services to provide cowboy desserts for residents to sample on this first day of the La Fiesta de Los Vaqueros and Tucson Rodeo in Tucson, Arizona.

Northern or Southern Hemisphere?

For this Northern Hemisphere Hoodie-Hoo Day, name a country and have residents try to identify it as a country that is in the northern hemisphere or a country that is in the southern hemisphere.

Alphabetical Love Letters Social

Invite residents to play a fun alphabetical sorting game using conversation heart candies. To play, provide each participant with a cup of conversation heart candies, and have them sort all their candies in alphabetical order depending on the heart's message. Award a fun prize to the first person to complete the challenge. Serve heart Oreo truffles as a snack.

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Crafts: Da Vinci Bridges

Show residents how to build Da Vinci-themed (self-supporting) popsicle bridges on this first day of National Engineers Week. Use jumbo popsicle sticks for the fun project.

Good Morning!

Teach residents how to say "Good Morning!" in several different languages on this International Mother Language Day. For the activity, use your phone and play the greeting for residents to repeat out loud.

Would You Go Back to College If You Could Major in...?

Chit chat with residents about their college majors on this birthday of educator and former president of Wellesley College Alice Freeman Palmer. Afterwards, share a list of unusual majors to see if residents would have wanted to major in any of them.

Breaking My Heart Piñata Social

Create a heart piñata that's filled with candy for residents to try to break with a plastic bat. Encourage residents to enjoy the candy that falls out of the piñata.

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Beach Ball Bowling

Recruit residents to play a fun game of beach ball bowling on this day that the United States acquired Florida from Spain. For the activity, set up your bowling set and provide residents with a beach ball to try to knock down the bowling pins. Since a larger ball is used, give each resident a point whenever they are able to knock down all the pins in two turns.

Sweet Potato Fries Tasting

Host a fun sweet potato fries tasting for your residents on this National Cook a Sweet Potato Day. Beforehand, coordinate with Dining Services to use different types of sweet potatoes to cook sweet potato fries for residents to sample and to judge their favorites.

Snow Globe Cocktails

For this National Margarita Day, give residents a fun tutorial on how to make snow globe cocktails using round-bottom glasses, sprigs of rosemary, yogurt-covered raisins, toothpicks, dried rosemary, squeezable icing, and white sugar. Finally, fill the finished glasses with a clear mocktail, like a lemon spritzer (without the gin).

Cupid Arrow Toss Social

Invite residents to play a fun toss game to see how many points they can accumulate by tossing arrows. For the game, use paper plates, straws, stickers, cardstock, and glue. Serve a no-bake banana split cake dessert as a snack.

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Baking Club: Banana Bread

Encourage residents to bake a batch of banana bread for your upcoming afternoon social on this National Banana Bread Day.

Mosaic Class

Teach residents how to use paper to make a tile-inspired mosaic on this National Tile Day. For the activity, use strips of cardstock, black construction paper, scissors, and adhesive spray.

Curling Game

Invite residents to play a fun tabletop curling game on this Curling Is Cool Day.

Valentine Jokes Social

Share a few valentine jokes with residents. Serve the banana bread that was made earlier by the Baking Club.

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Mexican Embroidered Shirts

Teach residents how to make their own Mexican embroidered shirts on this Flag Day in Mexico. Use white t-shirts and puffy paint for the project.

Clothespin Ski Bunnies

Invite residents to craft clothespin skiers on this first day of the American Birkebeiner Cross-Country Ski Race/Birkie Week in Wisconsin. For the craft, use wooden clothespins, paint, foam balls (for the head), craft sticks, glue, markers, toothpicks, pipe cleaners, and small pom-poms. (Since the website is in Dutch, if your computer does not automatically translate the instructions, then go to Google Translate and place the URL in the first box and click the link that pops up in the second box.)

Beat the Bartender

On this World Bartender Day, turn your Activity Room into a fun bar where you serve nonalcoholic drinks and punch to residents as you encourage them to compete in a fun Rock-Paper-Scissors contest. To play, pair residents together to play the best four-out-of-seven games, and then have the winners of those rounds play one another. When there is only one person left, invite that person to challenge you (the bartender) to a round of Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Heart Pizza Party Social

Host a fun heart pizza party where residents can create their own heart pizzas to sample. For the activity, supply residents with heart shaped pizza dough that they can top with pizza sauce, pepperoni, and cheese.

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Crafts: Paint Splattered Tees

On this birthday of fashion model and congresswoman Millicent Fenwick, assist residents with creating fun paint splatter t-shirts that can be sold at your next Crafts Fair. For the activity, simply fill a paintbrush with colorful paint to splatter onto white t-shirts.

Crock Pot Chili Cook-Off

Host a fun crock pot chili cook-off among the staff members of your facility to see who can make the best chili on this National Chili Day. Invite the residents to be the taste testers and judges of the cook-off.

1950s T.V. Show Trivia

Quiz residents about 1950s television show trivia on this day that the variety show Your Show of Shows premiered with hosts Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca.

Valentine Trivia Social

Award points for each correct answer when you ask residents fun valentine trivia. Serve valentine almond clusters as a snack.

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Baking Club: Easy Hamantaschen Cookies

Assist residents with baking a batch of hamantaschen cookies during this Purim, a Jewish holiday celebrating Jewish deliverance.

Wax Paper Lanterns

Show residents how to make wax paper lanterns using craft sticks, wax paper, crayon shavings, glue, and an iron on this Lantern Festival in China, Taiwan, and Korea.

Pistachio Flowers

Celebrate this National Pistachio Day with residents by showing them how to make pistachio flowers using cardboard, pistachio shells, glue, and paint. (Video)

Valentine Stories Social

Read a few valentine stories for residents to enjoy. Serve the hamantaschen cookies made earlier by the Baking Club.

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Playing Spin the Bottle

On this Open That Bottle Night, a night to encourage people to drink the bottle of wine that they have been saving, invite residents to play a fun wine tasting game – Spin the Bottle. Instead of spinning the bottle to point to a person, spin the bottle so that it points to a type of wine (e.g., chardonnay, pinot noir, merlot, etc.). Then pour small glasses of the wine for residents to sip.

What Our Mothers Taught Us

In recognition of this World Sword Swallowers Day, reminisce with residents about the things that their mothers taught them to do or not to do. Ask residents to list the pieces of advice that they have passed down to their own children.

Bottle Drop Social

Encourage residents to play the bottle drop game, in which residents stand and try to drop conversation heart candies into a narrow neck bottle that is set on the floor. Award a candy prize to residents who can drop a heart so that it falls inside their bottle. On this National Strawberry Day, serve chocolate covered strawberries as a snack.

Snow Moon Nightcap

Celebrate this day of the full Snow Moon with residents with a fun nightcap of cookies and milk near a large picture window so that residents can enjoy the moonlight.

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Crafts: Coffee Filter Flowers

Assist residents with making coffee filter flowers on this Floral Design Day. Use coffee filters, green pipe cleaners, eyedroppers, and food coloring for the project. Set the finished flowers in a vase for decoration.

Baking Club: Flower Cookies

Encourage residents to bake a batch of flower cookies on this Floral Design Day.

How Much for a Tooth?

In recognition of this National Tooth Fairy Day, start a fun discussion with residents about leaving money for kids when they lose a tooth. Encourage residents to guess how much money a tooth is worth nowadays before sharing a list of average tooth payment amounts across the country.

Playing Hearts Social

Teach residents how to play the fun card game Hearts. Serve a valentine fruit tray for residents to enjoy.

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