Sample Dementia Activity Calendar

August 2020 Dementia Activity Calendar

Find fun senior activity ideas for your Alzheimer's and dementia residents in the calendar below that you can easily add to your nursing facility's activity calendar.

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Fun Dementia Activity Ideas for August
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August is ...

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Each day contains six types of activities:

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Crafts: Pipe Cleaner Constellations

Show residents how to replicate the constellations on this birthday of the first female professional astronomer Maria Mitchell by creating pipe cleaner constellations using pipe cleaners, a copy of the constellations, and star beads.

One-on-One: MTV – 1940s Version

Borrow a tablet to show your resident a few "music videos" from the 1940s on this day that MTV, a music video channel, premiered.

Exercise: Laundry Basket Golf

Set up a fun disc golf game for your residents on this National Disc Golf Day by having residents try to toss Frisbees into laundry baskets.

Bedside: Call of the Killer Whale

In honor of this birthday of Moby-Dick author Herman Melville, show your resident a documentary about the killer whale.

Reminiscing: Building Sandcastles at the Beach

For this Sandcastle Day, invite residents to reminisce about building sandcastles at the beach as you help them build their own on the back patio. For each resident, provide a container of sand, small buckets, and water.

Sensory Stimulation: Singing the National Anthem

On this birthday of American poet Francis Scott Key, who wrote "The Star-Spangled Banner," provide residents with the lyrics of all four verses of "The Star-Spangled Banner" to sing. Play the instrumental music in the background. (For the YouTube video, repeat the video to play the music for each verse.)

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Crafts: Summer Coloring Break

Host a fun coloring break for residents to relax as they color summer coloring pages on this National Coloring Book Day.

One-on-One: Beat That!

In recognition of this day that the first U.S. census began, challenge your resident to a fun numbers game of Beat That! using dice.

Exercise: Soccer Bowling

Invite residents to play a fun game of soccer bowling in the backyard on this birthday of Lamar Hunt, an American Hall of Famer sports executive in football, soccer and tennis. To play, set up your bowling pins on the back lawn and provide residents with a beach ball to kick to try to knock down the pins.

Bedside: Color-By-Number

Borrow a tablet to help your resident color-by-number online on this National Coloring Book Day.

Reminiscing: Let's See If the Predictions Came True

For this Psychic Day, have some fun with residents as you show them how to play the MASH game, a light-hearted prediction game. To play, have residents fill in their MASH gameboard to see which of the predictions came true. (When residents are choosing the four options for each category, make sure that one of the four options is the actual result that happened for them.)

Sensory Stimulation: Color Categories

On this National Coloring Book Day, play a fun game of color categories with residents in which you name a color and then go around the room having residents name an object that is that color (e.g., color: red; objects: fire truck, apple, cherry, etc.).

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Crafts: Candy Beach Huts

Supply residents with graham crackers, candy melts, and lots of candy to make their own graham cracker beach huts on this Emancipation Day in the Bahamas.

One-on-One: Play the Bargain Game

On this first day of National Bargain Hunting Week, borrow a tablet and invite your resident to play the Bargain game and other fun games from The Price Is Right television game show.

Exercise: Hand Exercises

At the end of your regular Exercise Class, introduce a few new hand and finger exercises to help loosen the joints of your resident-writers in recognition of this birthday of journalist Ernie Pyle. (On the website, read the four paragraphs to learn the four new finger exercises to add to your exercise program.)

Bedside: Can You Design Like Martha?

In recognition of this birthday of lifestyle consultant Martha Stewart, borrow a tablet to assist your resident with designing a room to see if she has any "Martha-inspired" skills.

Reminiscing: Caribbean Bucket List

Reminisce with residents about their past trips to the Caribbean on this Emancipation Day in the Bahamas. Afterwards, ask residents to share the bucket list they had when visiting the Caribbean.

Sensory Stimulation: Watermelon Slushies

Whip up a batch of watermelon slushies for residents to enjoy on this National Watermelon Day.

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Crafts: No-Sew Coin Purses

Encourage residents to make no-sew change purses on this first day of the World's Fair of Money in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. To make the purses, use envelopes, markers, scissors, felt sheets, glue, decorative beads, and Velcro dots.

One-on-One: Leopard-Print Bread

Assist your resident with making leopard-print bread using colored dough on this International Clouded Leopard Day.

Exercise: Wine Bottle Ring Toss

For this National White Wine Day, set out wine bottles for residents to toss rings around. During the game, pass around small glasses of wine for residents to sip and enjoy.

Bedside: Juilliard Try-Outs

On this birthday of composer William Schuman, who was also the president of the Juilliard School of Music in New York City, invite your resident to test out her singing skills as you lead her in a fun sing along.

Reminiscing: Life Lessons

Reminisce with residents about the life lessons they have picked up along the way before sharing stories of life lessons of famous people on this birthday of President Barack Obama.

Sensory Stimulation: New Orleans Pralines

Invite residents to assist you with making a batch of microwavable pralines, the popular New Orleans snack, on this birthday of New Orleans native Louis Armstrong.

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Crafts: Woven CD Dreamcatchers

Show residents how to make their own Native American dreamcatchers on this birthday of Indian language translator John Eliot. Use colorful yarn, CDs, beads, plastic needles, and markers to make the dreamcatchers that can be hung in your Activity Room for summer.

One-on-One: Read Me My Horoscope

For this birthday of world-famous astrologer Sydney Omarr, set up a table in the common area of your facility for you and your resident to use the day's newspaper to read the horoscopes of passersby.

Exercise: Outdoor Walk

In honor of this birthday of Neil Armstrong, American astronaut and first person to walk on the moon, lead residents outdoors for a fun walk in the garden and yard.

Bedside: What Happened Next?

On this birthday of Joseph Justus Scaliger, the French scholar who founded scientific chronology, supply your resident with photos of 20th century occurrences for him to try to place in chronological order.

Reminiscing: School Shopping

In recognition of this National Underwear Day, reminisce with residents about going school shopping with their parents when they were younger. Ask residents to try to recall the school supplies they needed each year.

Sensory Stimulation: No-Sew Sachets

Invite residents to help their underwear drawers smell nice on this National Underwear Day by making no-sew lace sachets. For the craft, use lace trim, glue, dried lavender, ribbon, and scissors.

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Crafts: Watercolor Salt Technique

Teach residents how to do the watercolor salt technique on this Independence Day in Bolivia, a country known for its salt flats. Use watercolors, salt, watercolor paper, masking tape, and water for the craft.

One-on-One: Bacteria Experiment

Use slices of bread to conduct a bacteria experiment with your resident on this birthday of Scottish bacteriologist Alexander Fleming. For the activity, use a piece of bread to wipe down different objects in your cleaned Activity Room to see just how clean things stay during the day.

Exercise: Foot Massages

On this Wiggle Your Toes Day, pass out tennis balls as you show seated residents how to massage their feet by rolling them over the ball.

Bedside: Name Their Famous Parent

Pass around photos of the kids of famous Old Hollywood actors and actresses to see if your resident can identify them on this birthday of famous actress Lucille Ball.

Reminiscing: Gossip Girls

Reminisce with residents about Old Hollywood gossip on this birthday of Hollywood gossip columnist Louella Parsons.

Sensory Stimulation: Making Mint Tea

Invite residents to assist you with making mint tea on this National Fresh Breath Day.

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Crafts: Foam Lighthouses

Supply residents with Styrofoam cones to paint lighthouses on this National Lighthouse Day. For the project, use a foam coating medium, paint, baby food jars, glue, and battery-operated tea lights.

One-on-One: History of the Feud

Share a bit of history of the Hatfield and McCoy Feud with your resident on this day that it began.

Exercise: Indoor Hunt

Help residents get a little walking exercise on this birthday of Olympic marathoner Abebe Bikila by passing out indoor scavenger hunt sheets for residents to use to find items throughout your facility.

Bedside: Beautiful Lighthouses

For this National Lighthouse Day, borrow a tablet to show your resident the most beautiful lighthouses in America and in the world.

Reminiscing: Songs of WWII

Play music from the World War II era as you reminisce with residents about what they remember about World War II in recognition of this day that the U.S. War Department was established.

Sensory Stimulation: What Noises Do You Hear?

On this first day of the Sturgis Rally, an annual motorcycle rally in Sturgis, South Dakota, take residents outdoors to discuss the different outdoor noises that they hear, like cars, motorcycles, birds, water, etc.

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Crafts: Summer Planters

In recognition of this National Garage Sale Day, invite residents to help give your facility's planters a face lift for summer.

One-on-One: Smiley Face Cookies

Recruit your resident to assist you with whipping up a batch of smiley face cookies to hand out for passersby to sample on this Happiness Happens Day.

Exercise: Non-Dominant Hand Bowling

In honor of this National Bowling Day, invite residents to play a fun bowling game in which they must use their non-dominant hand.

Bedside: Birds and Flowers

On this birthday of American ornithologist Florence August Merriam Bailey, show your resident how to make clay birds and flowers using air-dry clay (baking soda, cornstarch, and water), nail polish, Washi tape, a sculpting tool, and toothpicks.

Reminiscing: Homemade Cures for Hangovers

For this International Hangover Day, reminisce with residents about how they used to cure their hangovers. Share a few natural remedies to see if residents agree.

Sensory Stimulation: Choreographed Flash Mob

Create a fun exercise routine to music for your residents in honor of this birthday of American founder and choreographer of the Rockettes Russell Markert.

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Crafts: Marimekko Jars

On this birthday of Finnish artist Tove Jansson, invite residents to be inspired by another Finnish treasure – Marimekko, the Finish home furnishings company – to make Marimekko jars using Mason jars and paint.

One-on-One: Playing Cards

Challenge your resident to a game of Go Fish on this birthday of fishing treatise author Izaak Walton.

Exercise: Playing Kai

Celebrate this International Day of the World's Indigenous People with residents by dividing them into groups of four to play a version of the traditional Indigenous game Kai from the Torres Strait Islands (north of Australia) in which players use the palm of one of their hands to keep a ball (balloon) up in the air so that it doesn't fall to the ground.

Bedside: Pop Singers of the 1940s

In honor of this birthday of American pop singer Whitney Houston, play music of a few "pop" singers from your resident's era.

Reminiscing: Nixon's Resignation

Reminisce with residents about President Richard Nixon's resignation on this day of the event. Afterwards, share a few facts about the historic occurrence.

Sensory Stimulation: Blindfold Pudding Tasting

For this National Rice Pudding Day, coordinate with Dining Services to provide residents with a variety of puddings to identify while blindfolded.

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Crafts: Fine Jewelry

Since Rhode Island is nicknamed the "Jewelry Capital of the World," assist residents on this Victory Day in Rhode Island with making brooches using jeweled circles. Instead of attaching magnets to the back (as mentioned on the website), attach pin backs for residents to wear as brooches. Use wooden circles, pin backs, paint, glue, and craft jewels for the project.

One-on-One: Smart Babies

Borrow a tablet to show your resident a video of really smart babies on this birthday of baby formula inventor Henri Nestlé.

Exercise: Playing Hooverball

Celebrate this birthday of President Herbert Hoover with residents as you take out a large beach ball for residents to toss back and forth to mimic the exercise of the president when he played Hooverball.

Bedside: Visiting Newport Mansions

Take your resident on a virtual tour of the beautiful Newport mansions in Rhode Island on this Victory Day in Rhode Island.

Reminiscing: Lazy Afternoon Top 10

On this National Lazy Day, reminisce with residents about how they like to spend a lazy afternoon. Afterwards, ask residents to help you create a top 10 lazy afternoon list.

Sensory Stimulation: Ecuadorian Pastime

For this Independence Day in Ecuador, encourage residents to recognize one of the pastimes of the South American country, birdwatching, as the country is known for having over 100 species of hummingbirds. For the morning activity, seat residents outdoors to watch your backyard birds and to enjoy their movements and sounds.

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Crafts: Splatter Paintings

On this first day of the Perseid Meteor Showers, invite residents to have fun creating their own meteor show on canvas by making splatter paints. Supply residents with canvases, paint, and paintbrushes for the fun project.

One-on-One: Raspberry Walnut Tart

Recruit your resident to assist you with baking a raspberry walnut tart on this National Raspberry Tart Day.

Exercise: Backyard Lasso Contest

Show residents how to tie a lasso to lasso an object in the backyard in recognition of this first day of the Wyoming State Fair and Rodeo in Douglas, Wyoming.

Bedside: Watching Oprah

In recognition of this birthday of daytime talk show host Mike Douglas, borrow a tablet and invite your resident to watch an Oprah talk show.

Reminiscing: In-Season Times for Fruit

For this National Raspberry Tart Day, reminisce with residents about how grocery shopping in the past only included foods that were in season, and how now most produce is available year round. Afterwards, list a fruit or vegetable for residents to tell which season the food is at its ripest (e.g., spring, summer, fall, winter).

Sensory Stimulation: "I Love You Truly" Sing Along

Invite residents to sing the popular song "I Love You Truly" on this day that its composer Carrie Jacobs Bond was born.

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Crafts: Cardboard Kittens

On this day that the home sewing machine was patented, have fun with residents as you create cardboard kittens to wrap unused yarn around.

One-on-One: Patio Chalk Mandalas

Recruit your resident to assist you with making patio chalk mandalas on your facility's back patio using flowers on this International Youth Day.

Exercise: Learning the Crossover

Celebrate this International Youth Day with residents by providing them with small rubber balls as you show them how to crossover the ball from one hand to the other in the shape of a "V."

Bedside: An Old Episode

Show your resident an old episode of Father's Knows Best on this birthday of the matriarch of the show, Jane Wyatt.

Reminiscing: Eldest, Middle or Youngest?

For this Middle Child Day, see how well residents know the characteristics of birth order as you read descriptions of the eldest, the middle child, and the youngest.

Sensory Stimulation: Listening to "Records"

On this Vinyl Record Day, gather a few CDs to play music for residents.

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Crafts: Hawaiian Leis

Invite residents to make Hawaiian leis on this birthday of Don Ho, the Hawaiian singer who introduced Hawaiian music to America. Save the finished leis for your upcoming Hawaii celebrations on the anniversary of its statehood on August 21.

One-on-One: D.I.Y. Sundial

On this birthday of light science founder Anders Jonas Angström, use the bright summer sunlight to help you and your resident create a fun sundial outdoors using just a pencil, a ball of clay, and several stones.

Exercise: Leaf Collection

Lead residents on a walk outdoors to gather leaves for the upcoming Nature Prints activity.

Bedside: The Beauty of West Virginia

In recognition of this first day of the State Fair of West Virginia in Lewisburg, West Virginia, borrow a tablet to showcase some of the beautiful resorts throughout the state to your resident.

Reminiscing: Tiny Bubbles

Reminisce with residents about any past trips to Hawaii on this birthday of Hawaiian native Don Ho. Afterwards, play Ho's song "Tiny Bubbles," and pass out pipe cleaner wands and bubble solution for residents to blow bubbles.

Sensory Stimulation: Nature Prints

For this birthday of the first English printer William Caxton, assist residents with creating nature prints by using the leaves that they collected earlier during the Leaf Collection activity to make imprints with paint on paper.

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Crafts: Stained Glass Paintings

Provide residents with wax paper, plastic container lids, and paint as you show them how to create stained glass paintings in honor of this day that the largest Gothic church in northern Europe, the Cologne Cathedral in Germany, was completed.

One-on-One: Biodiversity Experiment

For this birthday of scientist Ernest Everett Just, invite your resident to learn about the biodiversity of the insects in your backyard as the two of you complete a bug biodiversity experiment.

Exercise: Church Pew Exercise

Recognize this day that Europe's Cologne Cathedral was completed by showing residents, during your regular Exercise Class, how to do the church pew exercise, a weight-shifting exercise to help them improve their walking.

Bedside: Beautiful Churches

Use a tablet to take your resident on a virtual visit to see some of Europe's most beautiful churches on this day that the largest Gothic church in northern Europe, the Cologne Cathedral in Germany, was completed.

Reminiscing: Favorite Ice Cream Truck Treats

Pass around photos of ice cream truck treats on this National Creamsicle Day to help residents recall their favorite after-school treats.

Sensory Stimulation: Orange Creamsicles

Invite residents to assist you with making orange creamsicles on this National Creamsicle Day.

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Crafts: Napkin Tie-Dye

For this anniversary of the beginning of the Woodstock music festival in Bethel, New York, assist residents with creating tie-dyed napkins using food coloring and white and colored dinner napkins.

One-on-One: Yarn-Wrapped Canvas

Show your resident how easy it can be to create graphic wall art on this birthday of the "Father of Modern American Graphic Design" Paul Rand by making a yarn-wrapped canvas. (On the website, scroll down to the eighth image to view the completed project.) Simply have your resident wrap and weave colorful yarn around a canvas. Use tape to attach the ends of each yarn string to the back of the canvas. Afterwards, help your resident hang her finished canvas in her room for the season.

Exercise: Cricket Hits

On this Independence Day in India, a country whose main sport is cricket, invite residents to practice their cricket hits as you toss a ball to them so that it bounces before they hit it with a paddle.

Bedside: The Panama Canal

Educate your resident about the Panama Canal by watching a documentary on this day that the megastructure opened.

Reminiscing: They're Just Like Us!

Reminisce with residents about Hollywood celebrities on this birthday of Ethel Barrymore, the American actress of the famous Barrymore acting family, as you share a few photos of Old Hollywood celebrities at home. Ask residents whether they agree that the celebrities are a lot like us.

Sensory Stimulation: Animal Coloring Pages

Pass out animal coloring pages for residents to fill in with colored pencils on this International Homeless Animals Day and Candlelight Vigils. (On the website, click on "Here" underneath each coloring page image to download the coloring page.)

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Crafts: Metallic Jewels

Provide residents with elastic jewelry cording and metallic beads to make their own metallic necklaces on this day that gold was discovered in the Klondike region of the Yukon.

One-on-One: Caribbean-Style Rum Cake

Encourage your resident to bake a Caribbean-style rum cake using a half cup of rum on this National Rum Day.

Exercise: Garden Walks

In recognition of this birthday of Fess Parker, an actor and wine vintner, lead residents out to your facility's garden to admire the crop and to offer suggestions on how to improve the garden.

Bedside: Virtual Bike Ride

Borrow a tablet to take your resident on a virtual bike ride on this last day of Bike Van Buren in Van Buren County, Iowa.

Reminiscing: Celebrity Hobbies

On this day that Elvis Presley died, share a few photos with residents featuring celebrity hobbies, including Elvis Presley's hobby of karate. Afterwards, reminisce with residents about their past hobbies.

Sensory Stimulation: Gold Clay Rings

Assist residents with making their own gold clay rings on this day that gold was discovered in the Klondike region of the Yukon. Simply shape oven-bake clay into a circle to bake. Then apply gold paint to the clay before using glue to attach ring backs.

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Crafts: Summer Party Balloons

Assist residents with making strawberry balloons for an afternoon summer strawberry party in your Activity Room where residents stop by to sample strawberries. Use pink or red balloons, black markers, and green crepe paper for the craft. (On the website, scroll down to the bottom of the webpage to view the craft instructions.)

One-on-One: Black Sock Cat

Encourage your resident to make a black sock cat for a grandchild on this Black Cat Appreciation Day. For the craft, use a black sock, Poly-fil, buttons, pink felt, ribbon, and black thread.

Exercise: Nature Scattergories

Lead residents on a nature walk in the backyard on this birthday of American frontiersman Davy Crockett as you ask residents to identify items in nature that begin with each letter in the alphabet.

Bedside: Pom-Pom Balloon Tails

On this day that the first transatlantic trip in a balloon was completed, surprise your resident with her own set of balloons featuring colorful balloon tails (pom-poms on the ribbon). Tie up the balloons in your resident's room.

Reminiscing: Friendliest Farm Animals

For this anniversary of the publishing of the Animal Farm novel by George Orwell, reminisce with residents who lived on a farm about the farm animals they tended to. Encourage residents to share their list of their favorite farm animals.

Sensory Stimulation: Black Cat Pops

Invite residents to assist you with assembling black cat pops on this Black Cat Appreciation Day using peanut butter and chocolate.

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Crafts: Piñata Makers

On this National Fajita Day, celebrating the Mexican dish, invite residents to make a Mexican piñata for residents to hit in the upcoming Piñata Party. Supply residents with balloons, paper-mâché (flour, water, and newspaper), crepe paper, glue, candy, and string to assemble summertime pineapple piñatas.

One-on-One: Dessert Fajita

Use an electric grill to create a tasty dessert fajita with your resident on this National Fajita Day. Use flour tortillas, peanut butter, bananas, and honey for the sweet treat.

Exercise: Piñata Party

In celebration of this National Fajita Day, recognizing the Mexican dish, hang the pineapple piñatas that were made earlier during the Crafts activity for residents to knock down with a plastic bat.

Bedside: Do You Believe in Coincidences?

For this Serendipity Day, talk with your resident about whether she believes in serendipity or happy coincidences. Afterwards, share a few fun serendipity stories.

Reminiscing: Blue Ribbon Pies

In recognition of this National Badge Ribbon Day, reminisce with residents about the badges or ribbons they have won, like for any of their award-winning pies. During the activity set out a variety of apple pies made by Dining Services, and encourage residents to sample and judge them.

Sensory Stimulation: Polar Bear Ice Cream Cones

Celebrate this National Ice Cream Pie Day by passing out fun ice cream polar bears for residents to enjoy as they try to cool off on this summer day. For the treats, use ice cream cones, French vanilla ice cream (instead of making the ice cream), candy eyes, chocolate chips, candy melts, and chocolate sprinkles.

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Crafts: Washi Wrapping Paper

Show residents how to create Washi tape wrapping paper to wrap empty Pringles potato chip cans to use as cookie tins for the upcoming Delivering Cookies activity. Supply residents with copy paper and colorful Washi tape to make the wrapping paper. Then have them use tape and scissors to secure the paper to the Pringles cans.

One-on-One: Can You Spot the Fake?

Invite your eagle-eye resident to help you spot the fake while taking a fashion authentication quiz on this birthday of Malcolm Forbes, the American publisher who was known for his lavish lifestyle.

Exercise: Summer Christmas Workout

Have fun during your regular Exercise Class by playing fun Christmas music in the background on this day that singer Nat King Cole recorded "The Christmas Song."

Bedside: Ever Want to Be a Fashion Designer?

Help your resident cross fashion designer off her bucket list as you guide her in creating a fashion piece online on this birthday of fashion designer Coco Chanel. (On the website, click the "Design Now" button.)

Reminiscing: POTUS Fashion Sense

Reminisce with residents about presidential fashion on this birthday of President Bill Clinton. Pass around photos of fashionable presidents to see if your residents agree.

Sensory Stimulation: Delivering Cookies

Whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies to share with your facility's staff members as a thank you on this World Humanitarian Day. Place the baked cookies in the cookie tins that were created during the Crafts activity.

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Crafts: Corn Prints

For this first day of the Sun Prairie's Sweet Corn Festival in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, provide residents with corn cobs, paint, and paper to create corn paintings that can be framed as abstract artwork. For some of the prints, encourage residents to use just one color to create monochromatic prints.

One-on-One: Doll House Furniture

Recognize this birthday of furniture designer Eero Saarinen by recruiting your resident to assemble doll house furniture for one of his grandchildren using craft sticks, hot glue, and serrated scissors.

Exercise: Dancing to the Radio

Celebrate this National Radio Day with residents by playing music from a local radio station for residents to dance to.

Bedside: Can You Recite All the Presidents?

Help your resident remember all the American presidents on this birthday of President Benjamin Harrison by teaching her a simple rhyme that features the name of the presidents.

Reminiscing: Avoiding Mosquitoes

On this World Mosquito Day, reminisce with residents about the summer threat of mosquitoes for their backyard parties and how they used to deal with them. Afterwards, share a few natural ways to prevent mosquito bites.

Sensory Stimulation: Old Radio Shows

Play a few old radio shows for residents to enjoy on this National Radio Day.

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Crafts: Honorary Flowers

Provide residents with fresh flowers to assist them with making their own corsages and boutonnieres to wear on this National Senior Citizens Day. Supply residents with ribbon, floral wire, floral tape, and corsage pins.

One-on-One: Hula Girl

Assist your resident with creating a Hula girl as decoration on this anniversary of Hawaii's statehood using a butternut squash, yarn, green tissue paper, markers, glue, paint, and felt.

Exercise: Trick Shots

Set up a basket and provide residents with a small rubber ball to see if they can shoot the ball from their seat to land into the basket on this birthday of basketball star Wilt Chamberlain.

Bedside: Which Winnie the Pooh Character Are You?

Help your resident find out which Winnie-the-Pooh character he is by completing a short online quiz on this birthday of Christopher Robin Milne, the author of the Winnie-the-Pooh books.

Reminiscing: Sweet Tea and Stories

Pass out glasses of sweet tea for residents to enjoy on this National Sweet Tea Day as you share a few funny stories. Afterwards, encourage residents to reminisce and share a few funny stories of their own.

Sensory Stimulation: A-L-O-H-A Bingo

Serve Hawaiian coffee as residents play a fun game of Aloha bingo on this day of Hawaii's statehood. For the game, simply cover the B-I-N-G-O at the top of your bingo cards and replace them with A-L-O-H-A. Then provide residents with small seashells to use as the bingo markers.

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Crafts: Cork Angels

Assist residents with making cork angels on this Be an Angel Day. Use corks, wooden balls, pipe cleaners, scrap fabric, and glue for the project.

One-on-One: Singing the Blues

Use a blues lyrics handout to write a few fun blues songs with your resident on this birthday of legendary American blues musician John Lee Hooker. Then play blues background music to sing the songs together.

Exercise: Tossing Spears

For this first day of the Minnesota Renaissance Fair in Shakopee, Minnesota, hang a Hula Hoop or wreath from a tree in the backyard for residents to try to toss spears (wooden dowels) through.

Bedside: Yacht Tour

Borrow a tablet to take your resident on a tour of a mega yacht to see how the other half lives on this anniversary of the International Yacht Race becoming the oldest trophy in sports.

Reminiscing: Who Said That?

On this birthday of Dorothy Parker, the American poet and author known as the "Wittiest Woman in America," share a few funny quotes from Old Hollywood stars. After reading each quote, ask residents to try to identify the Old Hollywood actress who made the statement: Jean Harlow, Judy Garland, Bette Davis, Audrey Hepburn, Mae West or Ingrid Bergman.

Sensory Stimulation: Peach Cart

Pass out yummy peaches for residents to enjoy on this National Eat a Peach Day.

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Crafts: Sponge Teddy Bears

Show residents how to make sponge teddy bears in recognition of this National Sponge Cake Day. For the activity, use large colored sponges, small rubber bands, glue, googly eyes, ribbon or yarn, markers, and circles of white cardboard for the mouth. (Please note that even though the video is in a foreign language, you can still follow along with the demonstration.)

One-on-One: Sponge Cake Baker

Recruit your resident to assist you with baking a sponge cake on this National Sponge Cake Day.

Exercise: Sponge Ball

Use colored chalk to create a target on the patio for residents to toss a wet sponge to accumulate points on this National Sponge Cake Day.

Bedside: Singin' in the Rain Sing Along

Lead your resident in a fun "Singin in the Rain" sing along on this birthday of the song's singer Gene Kelly.

Reminiscing: Best Dancers in Film

Reminisce with residents about the best dancers in film on this birthday of actor and dancer Gene Kelly. Afterwards, pass around photos of Old Hollywood's best dancers in film for residents to identify.

Sensory Stimulation: Salt Dough Fossils

Encourage residents to make salt dough fossils on this birthday of Georges Cuvier, the French paleontologist known as the "Father of Paleontology." Use flour, salt, and water to make the dough, and use different objects to make imprints in the dough.

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Crafts: Syrup Paintings

Celebrate this National Waffle Day with residents by providing them with syrup (corn syrup) and food coloring to create corn syrup paintings. For the craft, first have residents use crayons to draw a picture on glossy art paper. Then have residents use paintbrushes to fill in their pictures with the corn syrup paint (corn syrup mixed with food coloring).

One-on-One: Solar System Drawing

Provide your resident with black cardstock and metallic markers to create a solar system drawing on this day that Pluto was demoted to dwarf planet status.

Exercise: Tennis Can Knock-Down

For this first day of the U.S. Open (tennis) Championship in Flushing Meadows, New York, invite residents to participate in a tennis can knock-down game in the backyard. To play, set up a six-can pyramid on a table in the yard, and have residents use plastic tennis rackets to hit balls so that they knock down the cans.

Bedside: The Burning of Washington, D.C.

In recognition of this day that the British invaded, raided, and burned Washington, D.C., share a bit of the history with your resident.

Reminiscing: D.C. Tips

On this day that the British invaded and raided Washington, D.C., reminisce with residents about their past trips to the nation's capital. Ask residents to share their tips when visiting the city.

Sensory Stimulation: Constellation Lacing Cards

Assist residents with threading constellation lacing cards in recognition of this day that Pluto was demoted to dwarf planet status. For the activity, first use a hole punch to punch out the holes in the lacing cards. Then provide each resident with colorful yarn, making sure to add a piece of tape on one end of the yarn to make it easy for residents to thread the cards. Supply each resident with their own set of lacing cards and with different colored yarn so that they can thread each card in a different color.

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Crafts: Clay Cones

On this day that the U.S. National Park Service was founded, assist residents with making air-dry clay cones to hold the flowers that were picked during the Exercise activity. For the craft, assist residents with rolling out air-dry clay and imprinting the clay with lace doilies before molding the clay into cones that are secured by metal fasteners. Once the clay cones have dried, fill the cones with flowers for hanging.

One-on-One: Valentine Cards

Help your resident make a few Washi tape valentine cards to place on her door on this day of the Double Seven Festival in China (Chinese Valentine's Day). To make the cards, first use a marker to trace a heart template onto contact paper. Next, apply strips of colorful Washi tape to cover the heart before cutting out the heart. Then peel off the Washi heart to adhere to cardstock to create the card.

Exercise: Picking Flowers

Invite residents outdoors to pick flowers from your garden for the upcoming Clay Cones activity.

Bedside: Funny Animals

Borrow a tablet to share a few funny photos of animals with your resident on this birthday of funny animal artist Walt Kelly.

Reminiscing: Best Ways to Kiss and Make Up

For this Kiss-and-Make-Up Day, reminisce with residents about their funny kiss-and-make-up stories. Afterwards, ask residents to share their tips on how to say I'm sorry.

Sensory Stimulation: Ice Cream Parlor

Turn your Activity Room into an ice cream parlor to serve banana splits on this National Banana Split Day.

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Crafts: Bird Feeders

For this National Toilet Paper Day, provide residents with toilet paper rolls to slather on peanut butter before dipping in bird seed to make simple bird feeders that can be hung from the trees.

One-on-One: Headline Scrabble

Play a fun headline scrabble game with your resident on this birthday of newspaper editor Benjamin Bradlee. To play, first cut out a headline from your local newspaper. Then cut out all the letters from the headline to see how many words your resident can make with the letters.

Exercise: Tipsy Balloon

In recognition of this birthday of hot-air balloon inventor Joseph-Michel Montgolfier, inflate several balloons and place a marble in each of the balloons to play a fun tipsy balloon game in which residents who are seated in a circle try to hit the balloons back and forth even though the balloons go in different directions because of the weight of the marbles.

Bedside: Unbelievable Baseball Plays

On this day that the first baseball games were televised, borrow a tablet to share a few unbelievable baseball plays from Major League baseball with your resident.

Reminiscing: Yarn Holders

Reminisce with residents about how resourceful they were in reusing items for their household. Then on this National Toilet Paper Day, recruit residents to create yarn holders to help you organize your yarn.

Sensory Stimulation: Popsicle Party

Celebrate this National Cherry Popsicle Day by passing out popsicles for residents to enjoy.

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Crafts: Clothespin Button Bats

Supply residents with black buttons, wooden clothespins, tacky glue, scissors, and cardstock to make clothespin button bats as decoration on this International Bat Night.

One-on-One: Twig Cross

Invite your resident to assemble a simple twig cross for her room using twigs and twine on this birthday of Mother Teresa.

Exercise: Lifting Weights

For this Independence Day in Moldova, a country that has won several weightlifting championships, provide residents with one-pound weights to use for arm exercises.

Bedside: Countries You Never Knew Existed

On this Independence Day in Moldova, share a list of tiny countries in the world with your resident that she never knew existed. Afterwards, share a few fun facts about the little-known European country of Moldova.

Reminiscing: LBJ's Fun Facts

Reminisce with residents about President Lyndon B. Johnson on this day that he was born. Ask residents what they remember about the larger-than-life figure as you share a few little known facts about the Texas native.

Sensory Stimulation: Sounds of the Ocean

In recognition of this day of the Sunset Bonfires in Stearns Park Beach, Michigan, play sounds of the ocean in your Activity Room as you give residents hand massages.

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Crafts: Pine Cone Rose Cards

Assist residents with crafting pine cone rose cards on this birthday of naturalist Roger Tory Peterson. To make the cards, simply paint pine cones and twigs before adhering them to cardstock.

One-on-One: Cherry Pie Challenge

In recognition of this National Cherry Turnover Day, challenge your resident to a game to see which one of you with their hands behind their backs can eat all five cherries placed in an aluminum pie plate that is covered with whipped cream.

Exercise: Outdoor Play

Take residents outdoors for some fresh air and exercise on this birthday of naturalist Roger Tory Peterson as you encourage residents to play an outdoor game of cornhole.

Bedside: Shooting Pool

On this Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day, referring to the action most desktop users do as they wait for the screen to load, borrow a tablet to show your resident how to play an online pool game.

Reminiscing: March on Washington

Reminisce with residents about what they remember about the March on Washington on this day that it occurred in 1963.

Sensory Stimulation: Nature Bracelet

For this birthday of naturalist Roger Tory Peterson, wrap masking tape around the wrists of your residents, with the sticky side out, to create nature bracelets for them to collect flowers and leaves as you lead them on a walk in the backyard.

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Crafts: Lemon Prints

Celebrate this National Lemon Juice Day by passing out lemons and paint for residents to make their own summer-inspired lemon prints to frame for their rooms.

One-on-One: Herb Bread

Assist your resident with baking a loaf of herb bread on this More Herbs, Less Salt Day.

Exercise: Let Me Show You My New Dance Moves

On this birthday of the "King of Pop" Michael Jackson, teach residents a few new dance moves.

Bedside: Playing Thirty-One

Stop by your resident's room on this According to Hoyle Day, a day promoting games to be played according to the rules, to teach him how to play the card game Thirty-One.

Reminiscing: Famous Swedes in Hollywood

In recognition of this birthday of Swedish actress Ingrid Bergman, reminisce with residents about the famous Swedes they remember in Old Hollywood. Afterwards, ask residents to name their favorite Old Hollywood actresses.

Sensory Stimulation: Dried Herbs

For this More Herbs, Less Salt Day, supply residents with small cups of dried herbs to smell and identify. Cover the cups of herbs with aluminum foil and prick holes in the foil so that residents can smell the herbs without seeing them.

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Crafts: Rip Art Bookmarks

Show residents how to create rip art bookmarks on this birthday of novelist Mary Shelley using cardboard, glue, and colorful scrapbook paper.

One-on-One: Ever Tried Marshmallow and Peanut Butter?

Invite your resident to make a tasty marshmallow and peanut butter snack on this National Toasted Marshmallow Day.

Exercise: Marshmallow Tee-Off

In recognition of this National Toasted Marshmallow Day, invite residents outdoors to practice teeing-off in the backyard by hitting marshmallows off the golf tee.

Bedside: Camping Game

Celebrate this National Toasted Marshmallow Day with your resident by playing the fun camping game Two Truths and a Lie.

Reminiscing: Telling Stories

For this National Toasted Marshmallow Day, reminisce with residents about their fun camping experiences. Afterwards, share a few funny camping stories.

Sensory Stimulation: Listening to Country Music

Play country music for your residents to listen to and enjoy on this birthday of Kitty Wells, the American country singer who was the first woman to have a number one hit on the country charts.

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Crafts: D.I.Y. Lacing Cards

For this birthday of physician and educator Maria Montessori, print out photos for residents to turn into lacing cards to help them with their finger mobility.

One-on-One: Cardboard Maze

On this birthday of Maria Montessori, Italian physician, educator, and developer of the Montessori method for engaging with children, invite your resident to make a cardboard maze using toilet paper rolls and a box lid.

Exercise: Trail Walk

In recognition of this National Trail Mix Day, lead residents on a walk around your facility. Be sure to serve a healthy snack of nuts along the walk.

Bedside: Remembering Diana

Share the biography of Diana, Princess of Wales with your resident on this day that she died.

Reminiscing: The Best Westerns

Reminisce with residents about their favorite western movies on this birthday of James Coburn, the American actor in the 1960 western The Magnificent Seven. Afterwards, describe the top westerns from the 1960s to see if residents can identify them.

Sensory Stimulation: Pipe Cleaner Embroidery

Show residents how to use pipe cleaners and plastic embroidery canvas to create simple embroidery on this birthday of educator Maria Montessori.

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