Sample Dementia Activity Calendar

February 2018 Dementia Activity Calendar

Find fun senior activity ideas for your Alzheimer's and dementia residents in the calendar below that you can easily add to your nursing facility's activity calendar.

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Fun Dementia Activity Ideas for February
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February is ...

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Each day contains six types of activities:

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Crafts: Toilet Paper Snowmen

On this first day of the Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan, recruit your residents to make toilet paper snowmen. To make the snowmen, wrap the toilet paper in white tissue paper and secure with tape before on gluing buttons, felt, ribbon, and googly eyes to create the face. Set the finished snowmen as decoration throughout your facility.

One-on-One: Stuffed Snowman

Assist your resident with making a stuffed snowman in honor of this first day of the Sapporo Snow Festival in Japan. Use felt, buttons, ribbon, twigs, needle and thread, glue, and cotton balls for the project.

Exercise: Drum Circle

Pass out drums to residents (or make your own) and have residents get their arm exercise as they participate in a fun drumming circle in celebration of this first day of African Heritage and Health Week.

Bedside: Actor Match

In recognition of this birthday of actor Clark Gable, invite your resident to match Old Hollywood actors with their movies. First, print out the photos. Then during the activity, list a group of movies and have your resident try to identify the actor who played in them. (Find a list of the movies underneath the images on the website.)

Reminiscing: Favorite Chocolate Candy

Reminisce with residents about their favorite chocolate candy on this National Dark Chocolate Day. During the activity, pass around old-fashioned penny candy for residents to sample, like Tootsie Rolls.

Sensory Stimulation: Rolo Towers

For this National Dark Chocolate Day, play a fun chocolate game with residents, like Rolo Towers. (On the website, scroll down to the second game to view the instructions.) To play, provide each resident with a paper plate, and set a bowl of Rolos candy in the middle of the table. Then have each resident roll the dice and determine how many Rolos they can add to their plate. The first person who stacks six Rolos is the winner.

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Crafts: Sea Turtle Foil Art

Supply residents with aluminum foil, vegetable mesh bags, cereal box cardboard, and markers to make sea turtles and fish collages on this World Wetlands Day. (On the website, scroll down to view the video for instructions.)

One-on-One: Groundhog Day Speech Therapy

In honor of this Groundhog Day, assist your resident with reading tongue twisters, like How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck, Peter Piper, and Sea Shells By the Seashore.

Exercise: Heart-Healthy Session

Lead residents in a heart-healthy exercise on this National Wear Red Day, supporting women's heart health.

Bedside: What's Your Red Dress Style?

Borrow a tablet to have your resident pick out her favorite red dress on this National Wear Red Day. Help your resident find her style by choosing the dresses that she likes. If it's too hard for her to choose for herself, then ask her to pick dresses that would look nice on her daughter or granddaughter.

Reminiscing: Red Nail Manicures

Purchase beautiful red nail polish to give your residents manicures on this National Wear Red Day.

Sensory Stimulation: Don't Laugh or Smile!

In recognition of this day of the American Dental Association Give Kids a Smile program, invite residents to participate in a game where participants try not to smile or laugh. To play, sit in a circle among residents and make a gesture towards the participant to your left (e.g., tapping them on the shoulder or patting them on the back). Then that player must do the same gesture to the player on their left, and so on until it comes back to you. Anyone who laughs or smiles when they are either doing a gesture or having a gesture done towards them is out of the game.

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Crafts: Bean Art

Provide residents with beans, colored paper, and glue to make their own bean art in honor of this day of the Bean-Throwing Festival in Japan. Afterwards, place the finished artwork on the wall in your Activity Room for an informal art gallery show to display the artwork.

One-on-One: Carrot Cake Donuts

On this National Carrot Cake Day, assist your resident with making carrot cake donuts for passersby to enjoy.

Exercise: Throwing Beans

In recognition of this day of the annual Bean-Throwing Festival in Japan, in which people toss beans to ward off bad luck for the year, invite residents to play a bean-tossing game. To play, set up several containers and print out a paper Oni (Japanese creatures that bring bad luck) to place in each container. Then pass out the beans to see who can hit the Oni by tossing their beans in the containers to ward off bad luck.

Bedside: Reading to the Grandchildren

Borrow a children's book from your local library and use your phone to record your resident reading the book in honor of this Take Your Child to the Library Day. Then send the video to your resident's grandchild for them to hear your resident reading a book to them.

Reminiscing: Do You Know Your Medicine?

Reminisce with residents about the different types of medicine by playing a doctor game on this birthday of the first female physician, Elizabeth Blackwell. Beforehand, divide residents into teams and give each team a set of cards that has a different type of medicine written on each card. Then describe a particular medical specialty and award a point to the first team who correctly identifies the specialty. (Beforehand, recruit a volunteer to type and print out the different specialties onto cards so that each team has their own set of cards.)

Sensory Stimulation: Norman Rockwell Art

Pass out a few Norman Rockwell coloring pages for residents to color with colored pencils on this birthday of illustrator Norman Rockwell. Frame the finished artwork to hang in your residents' room.

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Crafts: Referee Shirts

Provide residents with inexpensive white t-shirts to decorate as referee shirts to wear for your Super Bowl LII party. Use wide black electrical tape for the shirts, which can be worn in the upcoming Referee Warm-Up exercise activity.

One-on-One: Crockpot Minestrone

For this National Homemade Soup Day, invite your resident to assist you with making minestrone soup in a crockpot. Provide your resident with gloves and a plastic knife to assist you with chopping the zucchini and tomatoes.

Exercise: Referee Warm-Up

Get your resident-referees in shape for today's big game on this day of Super Bowl LII by leading them in fun exercises that are appropriate for your seniors.

Bedside: The Lindbergh Story

Share a documentary about aviator Charles Lindbergh with your resident on this day that Lindbergh was born.

Reminiscing: USO Break

Host a fun afternoon USO party for residents to reminisce, socialize, and enjoy on this day that the USO was founded. Play fun music from The Andrews Sisters, and encourage residents to dance.

Sensory Stimulation: Cardboard Postcards

In recognition of this National Thank a Mail Carrier Day, assist residents with using cardboard, fabric scraps, and glue to make cardboard postcards to send to loved ones.

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Crafts: Winter Paintings

Provide residents with paint, paper, Epsom salt, and white glue to make winter paintings on this National Weatherperson's Day. Simply place dollops of blue and white paint onto paper and have residents use paintbrushes to cover the paint over the paper. Next, have residents squeeze white glue onto their paper before sprinkling on Epson salt. Finally, shake off any excess, and allow the paintings to dry.

One-on-One: History of Hollywood

Take your resident on a trip to Hollywood for the day by showing her a documentary about the area's history on this Move Hollywood & Broadway to Lebanon, Pennsylvania Day.

Exercise: Piñata Party

Host a fun piñata party for your residents on this Constitution Day in Mexico. Beforehand, recruit a volunteer to make a fringed heart piñata for residents to hit. Use cardstock, tissue paper, hot glue and scissors for the project. Fill the piñata with individually wrapped valentine candy.

Bedside: Nutella Treats

Make a quick Nutella fudge in your microwave to share with your resident on this World Nutella Day.

Reminiscing: Hobby Huddle

Reminisce with residents about their favorite hobbies as you assist them with getting to know one another in honor of this first day of International Networking Week. To play, have the first person state their name and their favorite hobby. Then have the person sitting to their right state the first person's name and hobby before stating their own name and favorite hobby. Continue around the room helping residents recall each person's name and favorite hobby before adding on their own. (To make it easier to remember the hobbies, encourage residents to make hand gestures of them performing their favorite hobbies.)

Sensory Stimulation: Nutella Cookies

Put your residents to work to assist you with making Nutella cookies on this World Nutella Day. Pass out gloves for residents to help make small balls from the Nutella dough that can be flattened into cookies. Afterwards, pass out milk for residents to enjoy with their Nutella cookies.

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Crafts: Royal Brooches

In honor of this anniversary of the beginning of rule for Queen Elizabeth II, who is known for her beautiful brooches, assist residents with making their own brooches using vintage buttons, rhinestones, felt, and pin backs. Have residents design their pattern before assisting them with hot-gluing the buttons and rhinestones to felt. (Beforehand, watch the short video for a quick how-to with this simple craft.)

One-on-One: Indoor Catch

Invite your resident to play a fun game of catch in honor of this birthday of baseball great Babe Ruth. Beforehand, assemble the game by adding Velcro circles onto a ping pong ball that the two of you can toss and catch while wearing knit gloves.

Exercise: Marley's Melodies

Celebrate Bob Marley's birthday today with your residents by playing his music during your Exercise Class.

Bedside: Playing Forty-Five

In recognition of this day that Massachusetts became the 6th state, teach your resident how to play the popular Massachusetts card game Forty-Five.

Reminiscing: Did You Know?

Reminisce with residents about English royals on this anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II's becoming queen. Share a few surprising facts about the royal.

Sensory Stimulation: Fro-Yo Party

Host a frozen yogurt party for your residents on this National Frozen Yogurt Day. Use frozen fruit, plain Greek yogurt, vanilla extract, and honey to make a variety of tasty frozen yogurt using your food processor.

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Crafts: Tulle Butterflies

In honor of this day that ballet was introduced to the U.S., use tulle fabric to show residents how to make no-sew tulle butterflies. Use craft wire, colorful beads, and pretty tulle to make the butterflies. (On the website, scroll down to view the simple 8-step instructions.)

One-on-One: Soccer Star for a Day

Invite your resident to build her leg muscles and improve her soccer skills by sitting in a chair as the two of you kick a balloon back and forth on this National Girl and Women in Sports Day.

Exercise: Foot Flexes

On this day that ballet was introduced to the U.S., ask residents to remove their shoes as you lead them in a chair exercise where they do foot flexes using resistant bands.

Bedside: A Dickens' Short Story

Treat your resident to a Charles Dickens' short story by reading it to her on this birthday of the English novelist. Consider reading a different short story by the author each week to your resident.

Reminiscing: The Folks Next Door

Reminisce with residents about their former neighbors on this Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbors Day. Share a few neighbor horror stories and heartwarming stories with your residents.

Sensory Stimulation: Name That Ragtime Tune

Play ragtime music for residents to identify their song titles on this birthday of ragtime musician Eubie Blake. (On the YouTube site, click "Show More" to reveal the song titles.)

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Crafts: Crafting With Scouts

After school, invite a local Boy Scout troop to make valentine bird feeders with your residents on this day that the Boy Scouts of America was founded. Use heart cookie cutters, bird seed, unflavored gelatin, corn syrup, cooking spray, and twine for the fun project. After the hearts have set, hang them on your backyard trees.

One-on-One: Sci-Fi Reading

Alternate reading one of sci-fi author Jules Verne's science fiction short stories with your resident on this day that the French novelist was born. (Go to page 33 of the pdf to begin the short story "A Drama in the Air".)

Exercise: Bottle Ring Toss

Set up a fun fair game for your residents to play, like bottle ring toss, on this first day of the Florida State Fair in Tampa, Florida. Use the rings from your ring toss game and glass bottles for the activity.

Bedside: Going to the Fair

Take your resident to the Florida State Fair on this first day of the 2018 fair. Ask your resident which rides he would like to go on.

Reminiscing: Cool or Not Cool?

In honor of this birthday of cool film actor James Dean, show photos of past stars for residents to raise their signs of "cool" or "not cool". Beforehand, print out cool and not cool signs onto cardstock. Cut out the cards and hand out a "cool" card and a "not cool" card to each resident. During the activity, when you show an actor's photo, invite residents to lift up one of their cards to say whether they saw the actor as cool or not cool back in the day. Encourage residents to explain their answer.

Sensory Stimulation: Blue Ribbon Cookies

In recognition of this first day of the Florida State Fair in Tampa, Florida, assist residents with making a blue-ribbon state fair cookie recipe, like potato chip peanut butter sandwich cookies. (Allow the dough to set for an hour before baking.)

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Crafts: Heart Pillows

Provide residents with colorful felt to make no-sew heart pillows. Beforehand, recruit volunteers to cut out the felt pieces so that the residents can easily assemble them during the activity. Use the finished pillows as prizes for your valentine games.

One-on-One: Funny Cowboy Sayings

Treat your resident to funny cowboy sayings in honor of this birthday of American country and western singer Ernest Tubb.

Exercise: Country Dance

On this birthday of country and western singer Ernest Tubb, host a fun country and western dance for residents. Recruit staff members and volunteers to dance with residents as you play country music.

Bedside: Love Goggles

Encourage your resident to assist you with using colorful pipe cleaners to make pipe cleaner love goggles to pass out during the upcoming Valentine's Day holiday. Save a pair for your resident to wear on the holiday.

Reminiscing: Quiet Time

In recognition of this Read in the Bathtub Day, reminisce with residents about their ability to have "quiet time" on a regular basis. Ask residents whether they ever had time to read in the bathtub when their kids were smaller. Afterwards, invite residents to swap stories on how they were able to trick their kids into wanting to take baths.

Sensory Stimulation: Conversation Heart Bingo Match

Invite residents to play a fun heart matching game using conversation candy hearts and bingo cards. Assist residents with matching the candy to the same color on their bingo cards.

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Crafts: Clay Cactus

Provide residents with sculpting clay for them to mold their own clay cactus in honor of this first day of the Arizona Renaissance Festival in Gold Canyon, Arizona. Use a cup for each cactus to help the clay stay together. Once the cacti have dried, provide residents with paint to add color to their desert plant.

One-on-One: Cacti Garden

In recognition of this first day of the Arizona Renaissance Festival in Gold Canyon, Arizona, recruit your resident to assist you with creating a wire cactus garden. Use easy-to-bend garden wire, thick wool yarn, terra cotta pots, and glue for the project. Afterwards, find an area in your facility for the artistic cactus garden.

Exercise: Dog Walking

For this first day of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City, print out cute photos of dogs and ask residents to pick a photo to take on a "dog walk" as you lead residents on a walk through the hallways for their morning exercise.

Bedside: Puppy Photos

Share photos of the cutest puppies with your resident on this first day of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show in New York City. Ask your resident to describe her past pets.

Reminiscing: Who's That Guy?

In honor of this birthday of television comedian Jimmy Durante, pass around photos of comedians from the 1930s and 1940s to see if residents can identify them.

Sensory Stimulation: The Tupperware Party

On this day that Broadway's Death of a Salesman premiered, organize your own sales party for residents by hosting a Tupperware party. Before the party, ask staff members to bring in their favorite kitchen utensil or device so that you can demonstrate to residents how it is used. Encourage residents to reminisce about their old kitchen appliances and how advanced technology is today. Afterwards, let residents know of today's top trends in kitchen appliances.

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Crafts: Paper Heart Envelopes

Assist residents with making paper heart envelopes on this first day of International Flirting Week. Beforehand, recruit volunteers to cut out heart shapes from valentine scrapbook paper and write short "Roses are Red" poems on the other side. During the activity, demonstrate to residents how to fold those hearts into mini envelopes that you can give to residents on Valentine's Day.

One-on-One: Frozen Winter Art

On this birthday of chemist and physicist Josiah Williard Gibbs, invite your resident to assist you with a simple wintertime science experiment of freezing water to make winter hand art. For the activity, fill latex gloves with water and a few drops of food coloring. Then use twist-ties to secure the water in the gloves, and set the gloves outdoors to freeze (or in your freezer). Once the gloves are frozen, gently remove the latex gloves by running the frozen hands under cool water. Finally, set the finished frozen hands as colorful winter art sculpture in your yard.

Exercise: Valentine Tennis

Get residents ready for Valentine's Day by leading them in a fun game of valentine tennis using valentine (or red) balloons and valentine paddles. To make the paddles, simply print out a heart template onto stiff red cardstock and cut out. Then use a staple gun to attach the heart to a craft stick.

Bedside: A Sidney Sheldon Read

Borrow a Sidney Sheldon novel from your local library to read to your resident on this birthday of the acclaimed novelist. Afterwards, share a few surprising facts about some of the world's best-selling authors.

Reminiscing: Wedding Memories

Reminisce with residents about their wedding day on this World Marriage Day. Pass around beautiful wedding day photos and ask residents what each photo reminds them of.

Sensory Stimulation: Jam Session

For this Get Out Your Guitar Day, invite a volunteer who plays an instrument to lead your residents in a jam session. Pass out musical instruments, like homemade drums or maracas, for residents to follow along.

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Crafts: Glitter Rock Valentines

On this birthday of geologist James Dwight Dana, supply residents with clean, smooth rocks, glue, and colorful glitter to help you make glitter rock valentines that you can use as decoration for the upcoming holiday.

One-on-One: Heart Puzzles

Print out and cut heart puzzles for your resident to assemble as a fun pre-Valentine's Day activity. Print the puzzles onto stiff cardstock.

Exercise: Valentine Pictionary

Get your residents up and out of their seats as they take turns drawing valentine-themed pictures during a fun Valentine Pictionary.

Bedside: Penny Toss

In honor of this birthday of President Lincoln, who is on the penny, host a penny toss game in your resident's room. Set up several cups for your resident to try to toss the pennies into.

Reminiscing: Scary Movies

Reminisce with residents about their favorite scary movies on this day that the film Dracula premiered. Read through a list of classic horror movies for residents to comment on.

Sensory Stimulation: Name That Love Song

A few days before Valentine's Day, play love songs of yesteryear as you encourage residents to sing along and try to identify the songs' titles.

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Crafts: Edible Mardi Gras Beads

Pass out string and Froot Loops as you encourage residents to make their own Mardi Gras beads for your Mardi Gras celebration.

One-on-One: Valentine Monsters

On this day of the Extraterrestrial Culture Day in New Mexico, recruit your resident to assist you with making valentine monsters that can be given out as Valentine's Day gifts to visitors. Use red, pink, and white yarn, pink felt, silver pipe cleaners, hot glue, and googly eyes for the cute creatures.

Exercise: Mardi Gras Treasure Hunt

Host a fun Mardi Gras treasure hunt for your residents by hiding gold, purple, and green coins for residents to find during a scavenger hunt in your facility. Award a prize to the person who finds the most coins.

Bedside: Jambalaya Jewelry Box

Invite your resident to assist you with creating a colorful jambalaya box on this Mardi Gras that she can use as a jewelry box. For the craft, use a heart-shape chocolate candy box and cover it with colorful beads and jewels.

Reminiscing: The Name Game

For this Get a Different Name Day, invite residents to play a fun version of the Name Game. Use the names of Old Hollywood stars for the game.

Sensory Stimulation: Syrup Tasting

Organize a fun pancake breakfast for residents on this International Pancake Day. But before you serve the pancakes, provide each resident with three different types of syrups to sample (e.g., maple, blueberry, raspberry) so they can choose which syrup they want for their pancakes.

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Crafts: Fingerprint Heart Ornaments

Encourage residents to make fingerprint heart ornaments on this Valentine's Day using air-dry clay, heart-shaped cookie cutters, a straw, ribbon, paint (or ink pads), and a rolling pin. Allow the ornaments to dry, and encourage residents to hang their ornaments on their doors for the month.

One-on-One: Valentine Purse

Assist your resident with making an adorable heart envelope that can be given as a Valentine's Day gift to a granddaughter who can use it as a purse. Use felt, embroidery floss, a needle, hot glue, and Velcro for the project.

Exercise: Ball Toss

On this birthday of baseball announcer Mel Allen, invite residents to participate in a ball toss. Cut out colored felt circles of different sizes to make a target to hang in your Activity Room. Then attach Velcro circles to ping pong balls for residents to throw at the target.

Bedside: Smooch Balloons

Invite your resident to assist you with making smooch balloons that can be used as decoration on this Valentine's Day. To make the balloons, inflate white balloons and then ask your resident to put on her ruby red lipstick before puckering up and planting kisses on the balloons.

Reminiscing: Desert Living

In recognition of this day that Arizona became the 48th state, reminisce with residents about their visits to warm places like Arizona. Ask residents to share some of the things that they liked most about being in the desert, including the health benefits.

Sensory Stimulation: Valentine Tea Party

Celebrate this Valentine's Day with residents by hosting a Valentine's Day tea party featuring valentine cookies. Ahead of time, switch out the labels on the tea bags with heart-shaped tea bags.

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Crafts: Rainbow Marbled Art

Assist residents with making their own rainbow marbled art in honor of this birthday of "Over the Rainbow" songwriter Harold Arlen. To make the artwork, provide each resident with a Styrofoam plate and fill it with shaving cream. Next, have residents use squirt bottles of paint to create a colorful rainbow on the shaving cream. Then place watercolor paper on the painted rainbow to imprint the paper. Remove the paper, and wipe away any excess from the paper before allowing it to dry. (Be sure to first cover the table with a disposable tablecloth so that you can easily toss away the mess.)

One-on-One: Playing Mille

In honor of this day that the maple leaf flag was adopted as the national flag in Canada, teach your resident how to play the popular Montreal card game Mille using two decks of playing cards.

Exercise: Javelin Throw

Dust off your facility's pool noodles as you invite residents to use them during an indoor javelin throw in your Activity Room on this first day of the Simplot Games, a track-and-field event in Pocatello, Idaho.

Bedside: Over the Rainbow

On this birthday of "Over the Rainbow" songwriter Harold Arlen, invite your resident to watch a documentary about popular "Over the Rainbow" singer Judy Garland. Beforehand, whip up a quick microwavable rainbow cookie for your resident to enjoy during the show. For the cookie, use colorful M&M's, butter, sugar, an egg, flour, chocolate chips, salt, and vanilla.

Reminiscing: Sports in High School

Reminisce with residents about the sports that they played in high school on this first day of the Simplot Games, one of the largest indoor high school track-and-field events, in Pocatello, Idaho. Pass around photos of high school sports as you ask residents to identify the sports and comment on whether they ever participated in any of those sports when they were students.

Sensory Stimulation: Color Sorting

For this National Gumdrop Day, honoring the colorful candies, invite residents to participate in a color-sorting game. Instead of using gumdrops, use colorful pom-poms and painted egg cartons to see who can sort their pile of colorful pom-poms the fastest. Beforehand, provide volunteers with empty egg cartons for them to cut in half and paint in the colors of your pom-poms.

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Crafts: Paper Fortune Cookies

Invite residents to make paper fortune cookies to pass out to passersby on this Chinese New Year. Use scrapbook paper, jar lids for tracing, and glue dots for the project. Insert paper fortunes into each of the paper cookies.

One-on-One: Dog Art

For this "Year of the Dog" give your resident a tutorial on how to draw a pug dog.

Exercise: Chair Tai Chi

Lead residents in a chair Tai Chi exercise as you ring in the Chinese New Year today.

Bedside: Chinese New Year Coloring

Provide your resident with a Chinese New Year coloring page for her to fill in with colored pencils. Frame the finished picture for her room.

Reminiscing: Great Puppeteers

Reminisce with residents about the great puppeteers of the 20th century on this birthday of ventriloquist Edgar Bergen. Ask residents which puppets were their favorites.

Sensory Stimulation: Nut Butter Tasting

On this National Almond Day, provide residents with a variety of nut butters (i.e., peanut butter, almond butter, walnut butter, and cashew butter) to sample to see if they can identify the nut.

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Crafts: No-Sew Bean Bags

Assist residents on this Random Acts of Kindness Day with making no-sew bean bags that can be donated to a local elementary school class for their kids to play indoor tossing games when the weather is bad. Use felt, dried beans, and hot glue for the project.

One-on-One: Boxing Up Donations

Encourage your resident to assist you, on this Random Acts of Kindness Day, with boxing up clothing donations from residents, staff, and family member that can be shipped to a local charity.

Exercise: Chest Stretches

On this birthday of the "Father of Chest Medicine" René Laennec, add a few chest stretches to your regular routine during your Exercise Class today.

Bedside: Violin Music

Persuade your resident to listen to soothing violin music on this birthday of violinist Arcangelo Corelli. While the music is playing in the background, invite your resident to play you in a game of checkers.

Reminiscing: The PTA

In honor of this National PTA Founders' Day, reminisce with residents about their involvement in their child's PTA when their kids were in school. Share a few funny stories of parent-teacher conferences.

Sensory Stimulation: Cookies for Emergency Services

Invite residents to assist you with baking gooey chocolate chip cookies to deliver to your local police and fire stations on this Random Acts of Kindness Day.

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Crafts: Magazine Collage

Encourage residents to make their own magazine collages on this birthday of former Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief Helen Gurley Brown. Provide residents with paper, glue sticks, scissors, and magazines. (If cutting out shapes is not an option for your residents, then recruit volunteers ahead of time to use templates to cut out the shapes from colorful magazine pages for your residents to assemble into patterns.)

One-on-One: Stained Glass

Provide your resident with an old CD case for him to make his own stained glass art on this birthday of Louis Comfort Tiffany, who is known for his decorative stained glass. For the project, assist your resident with using colorful permanent markers and a ruler to create a stained glass design.

Exercise: Bounce Shots

On this day of the NBA All-Star Game 2018 in Los Angeles, California, set up a basketball net in your Activity Room. Instead of simply shooting the ball into the net, encourage residents to bounce the ball so that it goes into the net. Give points for each bounce that ends up in the basket, and award a prize to the winner.

Bedside: Alphabet Picture Search

Invite your resident to assist you in a magazine hunt on this birthday of magazine editor Helen Gurley Brown. To play, use an alphabet sheet and encourage your resident to assist you with looking through magazines to find different objects that start with each letter of the alphabet. Once she finds the item, write it down and move on and look for the next item.

Reminiscing: Favorite Magazines

Reminisce with residents about their favorite magazines on this birthday of magazine editor Helen Gurley Brown. Bring in a few home and garden magazines for residents to pass around.

Sensory Stimulation: The Stained Glass Look

Supply residents with toilet paper rolls, paper, paint, and watercolors for them to create colorful stained glass art on paper on this birthday of stained glass artist Louis Comfort Tiffany. First, use toilet paper rolls to dip into black paint to stamp circles onto the paper. Then once the paint dries, use paintbrushes to fill in the circles with watercolors to create a unique design.

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Crafts: Presidential Treats

For this Presidents' Day, recruit residents to assist you with making marshmallow pops in the shape of cherries and in the shape of Lincoln's hat. Use large marshmallows, chocolate wafer cookies, dark chocolate to melt, red sugar, black sprinkles (nonpareils), and pretzel sticks for the fun craft.

One-on-One: Patriotic Flower Arranging

Encourage your resident to assist you with creating patriotic flowers on this Presidents' Day by using food coloring to dye white flowers. Encourage your resident to try different colors to experiment with. Set the vases on a windowsill in your Activity Room.

Exercise: Yoga With the Grandkids

On this Family Day in Canada, invite the grandkids to participate in a fun yoga session with residents. (On the website, scroll down to view the yoga moves.)

Bedside: Women's Lib

Persuade your resident to watch a documentary on feminism on this day that the feminist book The Feminine Mystique was published, calling on women to achieve their full potential. Encourage your resident to share her stories of fighting for equal rights for women.

Reminiscing: Presidential Photos

Reminisce with residents about their favorite presidents on this Presidents' Day. Pass around presidential photographs to help residents reminisce.

Sensory Stimulation: Coin Imprints

Invite residents to make coin imprints on paper on this Presidents' Day. Show residents how to use crayons to rub across the paper, making an imprint of the president. Encourage residents to use different coins and different crayons.

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Crafts: Tissue Paper Snowflakes

Help residents with making tissue paper snowflakes to hang in front of your Activity Room windows for the season. Use craft sticks, glue, and white tissue paper for the craft.

One-on-One: Mini Cherry Pies

Invite your resident to assist you with making mini cherry pies on this National Cherry Pie Day.

Exercise: Walking Trail

In recognition of this birthday of Yosemite National Park photographer Ansel Adams, lead residents on a fun "walking trail" through your facility.

Bedside: Homemade Snowflakes

Invite your resident to help you make hot glue gun snowflakes to decorate her windows for the season. Simply use a pencil to create a snowflake pattern on paper. Then place parchment paper over the pattern so that you can trace the pattern using a hot glue gun. Add a bit of glitter before the hot glue cools. Then adhere the snowflakes to your windows with a dab of hot glue, as explained on the website.

Reminiscing: How Young Is Too Young?

Reminisce with residents about their kids playing in Little League sports on this birthday of Carl Stotz, the founder of Little League baseball. Ask residents whether they think that kids should play sports at a young age.

Sensory Stimulation: Baby Snowmen

Have fun with residents as you assist them with making baby snowmen to pass out to visiting kids during this winter season. To make the snowmen, use white glue to attach white pom-poms together for the body, small white pom-poms for the feet, and small black pom-poms for the eyes. Use black felt to cut out smiles to attach as well.

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Crafts: New York City at Night

In recognition of this day that the first issue of The New Yorker magazine was published, assist residents with making their own cityscape artwork. Use black construction paper, oil pastels, white paint, and a few drops of liquid dishwashing detergent.

One-on-One: Sewing to Jazz

Play relaxing jazz music in the background on this birthday of jazz singer Nina Simone as you recruit your resident to assist you with sewing colorful felt pouches that can be given away as bingo prizes.

Exercise: Sticky Tic-Tac-Toe

Invite residents to play a fun game of sticky Tic-Tac-Toe in honor of this National Sticky Bun Day. To play the game, cover a large piece of foam board with felt, and then use duct tape to create the Tic-Tac-Toe board. Next, attach Velcro dots to ping pong balls. Finally, encourage residents to throw three balls so that they land in a row on the board.

Bedside: Learning Spanish

Teach your resident her Spanish colors on this International Mother Language Day. Use a Spanish color workbook to teach the colors. Then reinforce what she just learned by completing the fun worksheets.

Reminiscing: Which State?

On this day that the Washington Monument was dedicated, reminisce with residents about the national monuments that they have visited. Then pass around photos of American landmarks, and ask residents to try to recall the state that those landmarks are located in.

Sensory Stimulation: Super Easy Sticky Buns

For this National Sticky Bun Day, invite residents to assist you with making sticky buns using refrigerated biscuits, sugar, brown sugar, corn syrup, cinnamon, and chopped pecans.

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Crafts: Margarita Glasses

Provide residents with plastic margarita glasses to decorate with permanent paint markers on this National Margarita Day, encouraging them to be creative with their designs. Be sure to save the finished glasses for one of your nonalcoholic margarita happy hours.

One-on-One: Learning Something New

In recognition of this Digital Learning Day, teach your resident how to view her old house and neighborhood on Google Maps. Afterwards, see if you can find her old high school as well.

Exercise: Beach Ball Soccer

On this day that the U.S. acquired Florida, invite residents to play a fun kicking game using a beach ball. To play, seat residents in a large circle and have them try to keep the beach ball in the air by just kicking it – without using their hands.

Bedside: Margarita Party for Two

Surprise your resident with a nonalcoholic margarita on this National Margarita Day. Serve nachos and salsa for your resident to enjoy with her margarita.

Reminiscing: Department Stores

Share photos of vintage department stores on this day that America's first chain store, F. W. Woolworth opened in Utica, New York. Ask residents to look at the pictures to describe what's going on.

Sensory Stimulation: What's in Your Chili?

For this National Chili Day, invite residents to help you plan a chili meal by helping you decide what should go in your chili. Pass around food flashcards, and ask residents to pick out the ingredients that would work well in your chili. After passing around the photos, pass around a few cups of dried spices (e.g., cumin, cayenne pepper, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, etc.) for residents to smell and indicate whether they should go in the chili too.

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Crafts: Paper Mosaics

Provide residents with black construction and colored paper squares for them to create paper mosaics on this National Tile Day. (On the website, scroll down to the second craft to view the instructions.) Ahead of time, recruit volunteers to cut the paper squares for the project.

One-on-One: Which Is Your Favorite?

On this National Tile Day, invite your resident to go online with you to pick out her favorite tiled fireplace. Ask your resident to describe the tile in her bathrooms and kitchens when she was a child.

Exercise: Baroque Leg Stretches

Lead residents in leg stretches while listening to music by baroque composer George Frideric Handel.

Bedside: Book Worm

In honor of this birthday of educator and book author W. E. B. DuBois, bring your laminator to the room of your book-reading-resident to make a few bookmarks that she can use for her daily reading. Use pretty scrapbook paper, glue, a hole punch, and yarn for the project.

Reminiscing: Remembering Iwo Jima

Reminisce with residents about what they remember when they heard that the U.S. Marines raised the American flag on Iwo Jima in 1945. Share a few interesting facts with residents about the famous battle.

Sensory Stimulation: Ever Had Banana Split Bread?

Instead of baking banana bread with residents on this National Banana Bread Day, invite residents to assist you with baking a couple loaves of banana split bread.

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Crafts: Playing With My Food

In recognition of this National Tortilla Chip Day, provide residents with corn tortillas to make their own tortilla artwork. Use food coloring and water for the paint, and bundle lettuce leaves with rubber bands for the paintbrushes. Encourage residents to be creative with their designs.

One-on-One: Sombrero Art

Invite your resident to assist you with decorating a Mexican mirror in honor of this Flag Day in Mexico. Use construction paper, markers, crayons, the bottom of an aluminum pie plate, and circle templates for the project.

Exercise: Tech Workout

Instead of leading a live exercise, play an exercise video for residents to follow in honor of this birthday of tech innovator Steve Jobs.

Bedside: Mexican Fiesta

Show your resident a traditional Mexican folk dance on this Flag Day in Mexico.

Reminiscing: Unusual Circus Acts

Reminisce with residents about the unusual circus acts that they have seen in the past on this World Sword Swallowers Day. Pass around photos of other interesting acts to see if residents ever witnessed any of them.

Sensory Stimulation: Crunch Party

Pass out the tortilla chips and encourage residents to enjoy the loud crunch of the chips on this National Tortilla Chip Day.

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Crafts: Rag Dolls

This weekend, invite your residents' granddaughters to stop by to make rag dolls with them in recognition of this birthday of former fashion model Millicent Fenwick. Use scraps of white fabric, colorful fabric, and cotton balls to make the dolls.

One-on-One: Side-By-Side Painting

On this birthday of French Impressionist artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir, show your resident how to paint a Impressionist landscape art by having her copy what you do on canvas. Simply set up both canvases side-by-side, and paint the landscape art while she copies what you do.

Exercise: Hungry Snowman

Play a fun tossing game of hungry snowman, in which residents toss Styrofoam balls in the snowman's mouth. Beforehand, recruit an artistic volunteer to create the snowman board using poster board or cardboard.

Bedside: Penny Stack Challenge

In recognition of this day that the First Bank of the U.S. was chartered by Congress, challenge your resident to see who can create the highest stack of pennies without having it fall over.

Reminiscing: Kids' Fashions of Yesteryear

In honor of this birthday of fashion model Millicent Fenwick, reminisce with residents about their fashions when they were children. Then pass around photos of popular children's clothing in the 1930s, and encourage residents to compare and contrast their childhood clothes with popular kids' clothes today.

Sensory Stimulation: Quick Afternoon Snack

For this National Chocolate Covered Peanuts Day, assist residents with making a batch of chocolate covered peanuts using a microwave, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, and peanuts.

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Crafts: Yarn-Wrapped Pine Cones

In recognition of this birthday of American frontiersman Buffalo Bill Cody, invite residents to assist you with the nature craft of wrapping pine cones with colorful yarn. Set the finished pine cones throughout your facility for the season.

One-on-One: Sculpting Penguins

Assist your resident with sculpting clay penguins for winter on this birthday of French sculptor Honoré Daumier.

Exercise: Playing Shuttlecock

On this birthday of American frontiersman Buffalo Bill Cody, invite residents to play a version of the 1800s game Shuttlecock. Instead of using a birdie as in badminton, inflate a small balloon and encourage residents to try to keep it in the air with their plastic rackets.

Bedside: Visiting the Grand Canyon

Take your resident on a trip to visit the Grand Canyon by showing him a travel documentary on this day that the national park was established.

Reminiscing: Park Visits

Reminisce with residents about their visits to U.S. and Canadian national parks on this day that the Grand Canyon National Park was established. Pass around vintage photos of people visiting Canada's Banff National Park.

Sensory Stimulation: Cracking Nuts

For this National Pistachio Day, provide nutcrackers and shelled nuts, like walnuts or pecans, to residents to crack the nuts and eat them.

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Crafts: Polar Bear on Ice

Assist residents with making clay polar bears in honor of this International Polar Bear Day. Use air-dry sculpting clay for the project, and once it dries overnight, invite residents to paint their bears.

One-on-One: Homemade Strawberry Jam

Invite your resident to assist you with making strawberry jam using just fresh strawberries and sugar on this National Strawberry Day.

Exercise: How Does (or Did) Tiger Do It?

Borrow a few golf clubs from a staff member to teach residents a few golf tips on this birthday of golf professional Gene Sarazen. Show residents the proper golf stance and grip on a golf club. Then use a foam ball so that residents can practice their swing by hitting the ball towards a wall in your Activity Room.

Bedside: Taylor as a Young Girl

Recruit a volunteer to entertain your resident with a DVD from your local library of one of Elizabeth Taylor's first movies, the 1944 film National Velvet, on this birthday of the acclaimed actress. Provide the duo with popcorn to enjoy.

Reminiscing: Humble Beginnings

Reminisce with residents about their humble beginnings in their careers on this birthday of David Sarnoff, a Russian-born American media executive of RCA who started as an office boy. Ask residents if any of them ever started off in the mailroom.

Sensory Stimulation: Golf Ball Art

On this birthday of professional golfer Gene Sarazen, invite residents to make their own abstract golf ball art. For the project, collect cardboard box tops (i.e., like those for copy paper cases) and place white paper in the box top. Then have each resident pick four paint colors, and place them along the sides of the box. Finally, add in the golf ball and have residents roll the golf ball back and forth through the paint and over the paper. Once the artwork has been created, allow it to dry and hang it in your facility's "abstract art gallery" for the season.

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Crafts: Pretty Beaded Flowers

Provide residents with colorful pipe cleaners and translucent beads to make pipe cleaner flowers on this Floral Design Day.

One-on-One: Flower Tic-Tac-Toe

Recruit your resident to assist you with making a felt flower Tic-Tac-Toe game in honor of this Floral Design Day. Simply use felt, a needle and thread, and hot glue for the project.(Watch the short video for instructions.)

Exercise: Wednesday Stretch

Lead residents in an activity of chair stretches to help residents with their flexibility on this birthday of French acrobat Charles Blondin.

Bedside: Stretches in Bed

In honor of this birthday of flexible French acrobat Charles Blondin, teach a few stretches to your resident that she can do in bed to help with her mobility.

Reminiscing: Do You Remember These Gangsters?

On this birthday of American gangster Bugsy Siegel, reminisce with residents about the popular gangsters that they remember hearing about when they were growing up. Ask residents how they were able to stay away from gangs when they were younger.

Sensory Stimulation: Button Flower Game

Invite residents to play a fun button flower game on this Floral Design Day. Beforehand, recruit a volunteer to create button cards (as shown on the website) that relate to the different colored buttons that you have on hand. To play the game, shuffle the button cards and place them face-down. Next, give a resident a die to roll, and have them pick up the exact number of cards for the number that they rolled. Then have them place the cards in front of them face-up. Next, have that resident take a pipe cleaner and place the buttons on the pipe cleaner in order of the cards that are in front of them. Once they are finished with their roll, give the die to the next person and continue. Encourage residents to start with a new pipe cleaner to make a different flower for each roll. Finally, at the end of the game, have residents gather their flowers together into a bouquet.

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