Sample Men's Activity Calendar

August 2022 Men's Activity Calendar

Find fun activity ideas in the calendar below for the men in your senior facility that you can easily add to your facility's activity calendar.

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Fun Men's Activity Ideas for August
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Each day contains four types of activities:

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Tactile: Building a Flag From Scratch

Invite the men to participate in a fun pom-pom flag contest on this birthday of Francis Scott Key, the American poet who wrote "The Star-Spangled Banner." For the activity, provide the men with red, white, and blue pom-poms, craft sticks, and glue to see who can make the fastest American pom-pom flag.

One-on-One: Painted Flag T-Shirts

Assist your resident with making a few painted American flag t-shirts for his grandchildren on this birthday of "The Star-Spangled Banner" author Francis Scott Key. Simply apply painter's tape in the shape of the American flag to the front of a colored t-shirt before filling in with white paint.

Discussion: What Were Your Parents Like?

Chit chat with the men about their parents on this Respect for Parents Day. Ask the men to discuss what their parents were like before starting a discussion about how parenting has changed over the years.

Special Event: Best Swim Trunks Contest

Recognize this birthday of diver Sammy Lee, the first Asian-American to win an Olympic gold medal, by inviting the men to participate in a swim trunks decorating contest. For the activity, assist the men with making and decorating gingerbread men cookie swim trunks. Award a prize for the best summertime gingerbread men trunks.

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Tactile: Ice Cream Sandwiches

Set out ingredients for the men to assemble their own ice cream sandwiches on this National Ice Cream Sandwich Day.

One-on-One: Art Therapy

Recognize this National Coloring Book Day with your resident by borrowing a tablet to color online.

Discussion: Classic Controversial TV Shows

Start a discussion with the men about controversial television shows that they remember on this birthday of Carroll O'Connor, the American television actor famous for his portrayal of Archie Bunker on All in the Family. Afterwards, share a list of controversial television shows that would probably not be aired today.

Special Event: Bowling Night

Host a fun bowling game at night in your Activity Room for the men to play on this National Night Out, an annual day to promote awareness of crime prevention and police-community partnerships.

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Tactile: Who Can Answer First?

On this birthday of journalist Ernie Pyle, invite the men to play a newspaper game. To play, pass out identical newspapers to each of the men (e.g., free city paper), and ask questions that the men can find by reading through the paper. Award a point to the first person with the correct answer.

One-on-One: Newspaper Puzzles

Cut out sheets of newspaper to see how quickly your resident can put it back together on this birthday of journalist Ernie Pyle.

Discussion: Can Science and God Co-Exist?

Start a debate with the men about science and religion on this birthday of John T. Scopes, the American schoolteacher who was convicted in the famous Monkey Trial for teaching evolution. Ask the men whether they believe that science and religion can co-exist.

Special Event: Watermelon Seed-Spitting Contest

Provide the men with pieces of watermelon to enjoy while participating in a seed-spitting contest on this National Watermelon Day. For the activity, place a target in the backyard for the men to try to spit their seeds on.

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Tactile: Wine Cork Coasters

Assist the men with making cork coasters on this National White Wine Day. To create the coasters, first carefully use a sharp serrated knife to cut the wine corks in half. Then provide the men with halved corks, felt, hot glue, and paint to complete the coasters. Use the finished coasters for your upcoming summer festivities.

One-on-One: Newspaper Love Letter

Use a daily newspaper to assist your resident with cutting out words to create a love letter to send to a loved one on this day of China's Double Seven Festival, similar to Valentine's Day.

Discussion: Getting Involved in Politics

Start a discussion with the men about politics on this birthday of American President Barack Obama. Ask the men whether they ever got involved in politics and how they did so. Afterwards, ask the men whether they believe that politics should be a touchy subject.

Special Event: What's a...?

On this birthday of Queen Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, quiz the men to see if they can translate popular British words. For the activity, simply read a British word or slang for the men to translate.

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Tactile: Pretzel Necklaces

Assist the men with assembling pretzel necklaces to eat during the upcoming Pub Party. Simply string pretzels onto twine to make the necklaces.

One-on-One: Balloon Rockets

Challenge your resident to see who can make the fastest balloon rockets on this birthday of American astronaut Neil Armstrong. For the activity, try out different sized balloons to see which balloon is fastest.

Discussion: Clapping When the Plane Lands

Chit chat with the men about flying on this first day of the Abbotsford International Airshow in Canada. Ask the men if they remember clapping when their airplane landed, and whether they think that clapping is acceptable.

Special Event: Pub Party

Set up some beer "on tap" for the men to enjoy in your Activity Room on this International Beer Day. Pass out the pretzel necklaces that were made earlier for the men to eat along with their beer.

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Tactile: Sand Wall Art

In recognition of this Sandcastle Day, provide the men with colored sand and adhesive board to create sand wall art.

One-on-One: Root Beer Float Party for Two

Invite your resident to assist you with making root beer floats to enjoy on this National Root Beer Float Day.

Discussion: Voting Electronically

Start a discussion with the men about voting on this anniversary of the signing of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Ask the men to share a few pros and cons of using electronic voting machines on election day.

Special Event: Guess the First Lady

On this birthday of First Lady Edith Roosevelt, wife to President Theodore Roosevelt, quiz the men with First Lady trivia by describing a First Lady and having the men identify which one you are referring to. (On the website, scroll down the page to view the trivia of each First Lady.)

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Tactile: Paper Lighthouses

On this National Lighthouse Day, invite the men to assemble paper lighthouses using cardstock, paper, glue, a battery-operated tea light, and the lighthouse template.

One-on-One: Papier-Mâché Boat

For this day of the Palio del Golfo, an annual rowing contest in Italy, assist your resident with assembling a papier-mâché boat. Use cereal box cardboard, masking tape, newspaper, glue, thread, and the boat template for the project.

Discussion: The War Debate

Begin a debate among the men about war on this day that the U.S. War Department was established. Ask the men whether war brings about any good.

Special Event: George Washington: True or False?

Quiz the men with true or false questions about President George Washington on this day that he initiated the Purple Heart medal.

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Tactile: Mexican Tin Art

On this birthday of Mexican farming reform activist Emiliano Zapata, assist the men with making Mexican tin art. To make the artwork, cut out squares or rectangles from aluminum pans for the men to use as their canvas, making sure to trim the corners and to use painter's tape to tape the aluminum canvas to your table to avoid anyone cutting their hands on the aluminum edges. Then have the men use a pencil (instead of a nail, as described on the website) to create a design on the aluminum canvas. Once the design has been made, remove the tape, turn over the aluminum canvas and retape to the table. Then have the men use brightly colored markers to fill in the spaces that are not raised.

One-on-One: Coiled Cat

Show your resident how to roll a coiled cat on this International Cat Day. To make the cat, first cut out six 5-inch wide strips from a sheet of newspaper. Then fold each 5-inch wide strip in half lengthwise three times so that the width is about 1/2-inch wide. Next, begin coiling the folded strips into a cat, using tacky glue where needed to keep coiled. (On the website, scroll down to the fourth craft – 04 Curled-up Kitty – to view the instructions.)

Discussion: Should Employees Work From Home?

Start a debate among the men about working remotely on this Digital Nomad Day. Ask the men whether they believe that employees should be allowed to work from home.

Special Event: The Dollar Game

Supply the men with Monopoly dollars as you teach them how to play the Dollar Game on this National Dollar Day. To play, provide each player with three dollars. Then when it's their turn to roll the dice, have them roll three dice (players always roll the exact number of dice that matches the number of dollars that they have). Next, after rolling the dice, have the player keep or give away their dollars based on the numbers that were rolled on the dice. (If a one, two, or three are rolled, then nothing is done with that dollar for which the dice was rolled. If a four was rolled, then the player must take that dollar and place it in the center pot. If a five is rolled, then the player must give that dollar to the person on their left. If a six is rolled, then the player must give that dollar to the person on their right.) For example, if John has three dollars in front of him, then he rolls three dice. Then if he rolls a one, a three, and a six, then John keeps his first two dollars (because he does nothing to the dollars whenever he rolls a one, two, or three), but he must give his third dollar to the person on his right (because he rolled a six).

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Tactile: Gone Fishing

Invite the men to use sticks and twine to create fishing poles to see how many "fish" they can catch with magnets on this birthday of fishing treatise author Izaak Walton.

One-on-One: Painting Story Stones

Assist your resident with making story stones on this International Day of the World's Indigenous People. After painting the stones, take turns with your resident creating stories using the stones.

Discussion: What Really Happened?

Reminisce with the men about President Nixon's resignation on this anniversary of the event. Ask the men to share what they remember about the Watergate Scandal and about Nixon's resignation.

Special Event: Who Was President When He Served?

On this Veep Day, the day Vice President Gerald Ford became president because of President Nixon's resignation in 1974, name an American vice president from the 20th century, and ask the men to identify the president that he worked for.

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Tactile: S'mores-Making Competition

Set out the ingredients for making s'mores (graham crackers, marshmallows, chocolate bars) on this National S'mores Day for the men to compete to see who can build the most s'mores in a minute using only chopsticks.

One-on-One: Museum Virtual Tour

On this day that the Smithsonian Institution was founded, borrow a tablet to take your resident on a virtual tour of the National Museum of Natural History.

Discussion: Is the New Generation Lazy?

Start a discussion with the men about being lazy on this National Lazy Day. Ask the men whether they believe that today's generation – Generation Z – is a lazy generation. Encourage the men to state their reasons for their beliefs.

Special Event: Chocolate and Wine Pairing

To honor this birthday of Nestlé founder Henri Nestlé, invite the men to participate in a chocolate and wine tasting. (On the website, scroll down to view the recommended pairings.)

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Tactile: Carnival Photos

For this first day of the State Fair of West Virginia, take carnival photos of the men using the dumbbell that was made during the One-on-One activity. In addition, supply the men with other fun carnival props to use for the photos. Then send the photos to their loved ones. (PDF)

One-on-One: Balloon Dumbbell

Assist your resident with making a balloon dumbbell to use as a prop for the Carnival Photos tactile activity. Use newspaper, paste (glue and water), balloons, black and white paint, and electrical tape for the project. Throughout the activity, set the wet pieces out in the sun to dry faster.

Discussion: Top Three Issues

In recognition of this birthday of U.S. Representative David Rice Atchison, who became president of the United States for the day, pending the swearing in of President-elect Zachary Taylor in 1849, start a discussion with the men about what they would do if they were president for a day. Ask the men to name the top three issues that they would focus on.

Special Event: Hobo Party

Host a fun hobo party for the men on this first day of the National Hobo Convention in Britt, Iowa, encouraging the men to dress in camping attire. Coordinate with Dining Services to serve a hobo stew, featuring ground beef and mixed vegetables. During the party, use an electric grill, like a Foreman Grill to make hobo fruit pies for the men to sample, using white bread, a fruit filling, and butter. After eating, pass out a few harmonicas for the men to play along to music.

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Tactile: After All These Years

In recognition of this day that the home sewing machine was patented, teach a fun hand-sewing class to the men to show them how to sew the seven basic stitches. Provide each of the men with a light piece of fabric, colorful thread, and a needle. Have the men switch thread colors when you teach a new stitch, so that they can easily see the difference on their fabric.

One-on-One: Cutting Paper Doll Chains

Encourage your resident to help you cut doll chains for a grandchild on this International Youth Day. Use colorful paper and the doll template for the project.

Discussion: The Challenges of Being the Middle Child

On this Middle Child Day, encourage the men to discuss their family dynamics and whether they think that their personality resulted from their birth order. Afterwards, share a few middle child struggles to see if any of the men had them too.

Special Event: Swatter Ball

For this International Youth Day, invite the men to play a fun game of swatter ball using clean fly swatters and balloons. To play, use masking tape to divide the room and place chairs on either side of the line facing each other (a few feet from the tape line). Seat the men in the chairs and hand them a fly swatter to swat balloons back and forth. Give the men one minute to swat as many balloons to the other side. At the end of the minute, the team with the fewest balloons on their side of the tape wins the round. Allow short breaks in between the rounds for the men to rest.

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Tactile: Yarn Ball Lights

In recognition of this birthday of Swedish astronomer Anders Jonas Angström, who founded the science of light, invite the men to assist you with making yarn ball lights that can be used as decoration for a special nighttime event in your facility. Use small balloons, colorful yarn, and white school glue to assemble the yarn balls. After the yarn balls have completely dried, add them to a set of mini Christmas lights for hanging.

One-on-One: House Hunters Bingo

For this birthday of John Logie Baird, the Scottish inventor who was the first to demonstrate a working television, tune your Activity Room's television to an episode of House Hunters (HGTV) for your resident to play a fun game of House Hunters bingo while watching the show.

Discussion: Do Walls Help or Hurt?

On this day that the Berlin Wall was erected, start a debate among the men about whether barriers deter unwanted migration. Afterwards, ask the men whether they agree with building a border wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Special Event: Left-Handed Pictionary

Play a fun Pictionary game with the men, in which players use their non-dominate hand to draw on this International Left-Handers Day. To play, divide the men into teams and give a person on each side an easy object for them to try to draw with their non-dominant hand for their teammates to guess.

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Tactile: Paper Models

Group the men together to assemble paper models of the Cologne Cathedral in Germany on this day that it was completed.

One-on-One: D.I.Y. Scientists

Recruit your resident to help you conduct a fun chromatography experiment on this birthday of marine biologist Ernest Everett Just. Use coffee filters, rubbing alcohol, water, and vegetable oil for the experiment.

Discussion: Keeping Exotic Pets

For this World Lizard Day, host a fun discussion with the men about whether they ever had any exotic pets, like snakes or lizards. Afterwards, ask the men whether they agree that people should be allowed to keep exotic pets.

Special Event: Playing Baseball Poker

Teach the men how to play baseball poker on this birthday of baseball ballad writer Ernest Thayer.

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Tactile: Dollar Store Tie-Dyeing

In honor of this day that the Woodstock music festival in Bethel, New York began, invite the men to attempt dollar store tie-dyeing using inexpensive materials like tissue paper, vinegar, and water. Use cotton t-shirts for the activity.

One-on-One: How Do You Relax?

On this National Relaxation Day, chit chat with your resident about the best ways for them to relax. Ask him to brainstorm ideas for different types of fun men's clubs to create at your facility so that the men can relax and bond with one another.

Discussion: Keeping Track of Kids Like Pets

Start a debate among the men about pet microchips on this Check the Chip Day, a day to remind pet owners to update their pets' microchip information. Ask the men whether they agree with similarly keeping track of children by putting tracking devices on them, like trackers on their phones.

Special Event: Cooking Demo With the Men

Celebrate famed cookbook author Julia Child's birthday today by having a member of Dining Services conduct a fun cooking demonstration with the men.

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Tactile: Drop, Sink, Clink

Play the fun Minute-to-Win-It game, Drop, Sink, Clink with the men in recognition of this first day of the World's Fair of Money in Chicago, Illinois. To play, set up three buckets full of water and place a shot glass inside of each of the full buckets. Give each participant a minute to try to drop a coin in each bucket so that it falls in the shot glass. Award a fun prize to those who are able to complete the task in under a minute.

One-on-One: You Can Do It!

Challenge your resident to assist you with stacking coins off the edge of a table in recognition of this first day of the World's Fair of Money in Chicago, Illinois. Borrow a tablet for you and your resident to watch how to stack the coins so that they don't fall off the table.

Discussion: Can Money Buy You Happiness?

Host a fun discussion with the men about money on this first day of the World's Fair of Money in Chicago, Illinois. Ask the men whether they believe that money can't buy happiness.

Special Event: Tongue Twister Challenge

On this National Tell a Joke Day, get the men laughing while playing a fun tongue twister challenge. To play, seat the men in a circle, and cut out tongue twisters and place in a hat. Then have the men take a tongue twister from the hat and read it out loud. Players are eliminated when they are unable to say their tongue twister. (More tongue twisters)

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Tactile: Newspaper Cats

Invite the men to use newspaper to create newspaper cats on this Black Cat Appreciation Day. Supply the men with the newspaper, magazines, black cardstock or construction paper, glue, white crayon, and the cat template for the craft.

One-on-One: What Is That?

Borrow a tablet to quiz your resident on a variety of vintage objects to see if he can identify them on this National Thrift Shop Day.

Discussion: Are We Overdeveloping?

Host a discussion about overdevelopment of the country's green spaces on this birthday of American frontiersman Davy Crockett. Ask the men whether they think that cities should ban development of green spaces. Then ask the men to brainstorm ways to curb suburban sprawl, and whether creating more parks would be the answer.

Special Event: Best Twig Cabins

See which of the men can assemble the best twig cabins on this birthday of American frontiersman Davy Crockett. Supply the men with Styrofoam blocks, craft knives, glue, twigs, dried moss, bark, and small pebbles to make their cabins.

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Tactile: It's Ice Cream Pie Time!

Celebrate this National Ice Cream Pie Day with the men by making several 10-minute pies to enjoy. Pass out aprons and utensils for the men to use while preparing the quick desserts.

One-on-One: Let's Play Pinball!

On this first day of the Kentucky State Fair in Louisville, Kentucky, recruit your resident to create a fun game of pinball using a shoebox, a wooden skewer, cardboard, masking tape, bottle caps, markers, and a marble.

Discussion: Do We Take Our Right to Vote for Granted?

In recognition of this day that the right to vote was extended to women, chit chat with the men about whether they think that Americans take the right to vote for granted. Ask the men for their opinion on what affects voter turnout rates.

Special Event: Catalog Game

Play a fun catalog game with the men on this anniversary that the first mail-order catalog was published by Montgomery Ward. (Beforehand, collect unwanted mail-order catalogs from staff and residents so that you have enough for each of the participants.) To play, pass out a catalog to each participant. Then name an object (e.g., woman wearing red pants, a cookie tin, or a garden bag). For this game, try to have the same type of catalogs, like all clothing catalogs, all food catalogs, or all gardening catalogs. Award a point to the first participant who finds the object and raises their hand.

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Tactile: Album Organizers

Download the photos from your facility's camera and recruit the men to assist you with placing them in photo albums on this World Photography Day. Use the finished albums for your one-on-one visits with your bedridden residents.

One-on-One: Can't Eat Just One

Invite your resident to assist you with making homemade potato chips in an oven on this National Potato Day. Use Idaho or Yukon potatoes, a mandolin, vegetable oil, and salt for the tasty treat.

Discussion: Stepping Up for Humanity

Chit chat with the men about humanitarian aid in the world on this World Humanitarian Day. Ask the men whether a country's government should provide humanitarian aid even if they have no direct interest in the country that needs the help.

Special Event: Hot and Spicy Champion

Host a fun hot and spicy barbecue wings contest on this National Hot and Spicy Food Day, inviting family members, staff members, and even some of the men to participate to see how many spicy wings they can eat. Ahead of time, coordinate with Dining Services to prepare the spicy buffalo wings. During the activity, pass out bibs and napkins as you see who will be crowned this year's Hot and Spicy Champion. (Beforehand, purchase an inexpensive trophy for the winner.)

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Tactile: Pet Toys

Ask staff members to donate t-shirts for the men to make into pet toys in honor of this International Homeless Animals Day and Candlelight Vigils. Simply cut out strips of fabric and tie them into knots. Donate the finished toys to a local pet shelter.

One-on-One: Catching Mosquitoes

Recruit your resident to help you assemble a few mosquito traps to place in the backyard on this World Mosquito Day. Use plastic 2-liter bottles, duct tape, paper, and the yeast-sugar mixture for the project.

Discussion: Are Bike Lanes a Good Idea?

Start a discussion with the men about bike lanes on this first day of the Bike Van Buren in Van Buren County, Iowa. Ask the men to list a few of the pros and cons of bike lanes.

Special Event: Building Contest

On this birthday of architect Eliel Saarinen, host a building contest among the men using cardboard squares. Beforehand, recruit volunteers to cut out squares from corrugated cardboard and then use scissors to cut out small triangles from the sides of the squares. Have the volunteers make enough cardboard squares so that each participant has 15 squares. During the activity, provide each participant with their 15 squares to see who can build the tallest structure.

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Tactile: Woven Dreamcatchers

Invite the men to use CDs to assemble woven dreamcatchers on this Seminole Tribe of Florida was legally established. Use the CDs, yarn, and beads for the activity.

One-on-One: Drawing Lesson

Give your resident a drawing lesson on this birthday of English illustrator Aubrey Beardsley.

Discussion: Are Unjust Laws OK?

In recognition of this day that the American Bar Association was founded, start a discussion among the men about unjust laws, and ask whether we should accept unjust laws. Share a few bizarre laws that are still in existence today to see if the men agree.

Special Event: Southern Sweet Tea and Stories

Host a sweet tea party featuring sugar-free sweet tea for the men on this National Sweet Tea Day. Chit chat with the men, and encourage them to share a few funny stories.

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Tactile: Paper Yachts

Teach the men how to fold origami yachts on this day that the International Yacht Race became the oldest trophy in sports.

One-on-One: Piano Player

On this day that the Mormon Choir first performed, invite your piano-playing resident to play online.

Discussion: How to Be an Angel

Chit chat with the men about the angels in their lives on this Be an Angel Day, a day to serve someone else with one small act. Ask the men to list the qualities of those that they consider to be angels.

Special Event: Blues Brothers Party

Host a "Blues Brothers" party for the men in honor of this birthday of blues musician John Lee Hooker. Encourage the men to dress in The Blues Brothers attire, with white shirts, black suits, black ties, and black hats. At the party, play music from the classic movie using your karaoke machine for a fun Blues Brothers karaoke contest. (Another option, is to rent the movie from your local library or stream it from your movie subscription service for the men to watch.)

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Tactile: Newspaper Boats

Assist the men with making newspaper boats on this birthday of American naval hero Oliver Hazard Perry. For the project, use newspaper, wallpaper scraps for the sails, bamboo skewers, glue, string, and Washi tape for the flags. Display the finished boats in your Activity Room.

One-on-One: The Most Popular Sponge Cake Ever

For this National Sponge Cake Day, recruit your resident to assist you with making the most popular sponge cake ever – the Twinkie. If you do not have a canoe pan to give the Twinkies their shape, then follow the site's quick tip that shows you how to use aluminum foil for each of the Twinkies.

Discussion: Slavery Practices

In recognition of this International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Its Abolition, start a discussion with the men about whether they are aware of slave practices today in some countries. Share a list of countries that enslave the most people, and then ask the men whether other countries should engage in business with those who still enslave others.

Special Event: Newspaper Search

On this birthday of artist Ernie Bushmiller, whose comic strip was featured in national newspapers, play a fun game of Newspaper Search with the men. To play, divide the men into teams, and seat each team at a different table. Then provide all the teams with the same newspaper. (The local free papers work best for this activity.) Then announce a headline or describe a picture that the men must find in their paper and circle before raising their hand. Award points to the first team who finds what you have asked for.

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Tactile: Hawaiian Shirt Decorating Contest

Provide the men with shirt-shaped cookies to see who can decorate the best Hawaiian shirt on this birthday of Hawaiian surfer Duke Kahanamoku. (Beforehand, recruit your facility's Baking Club to bake the shirt cookies for the activity.)

One-on-One: Science That Has Changed

Chit chat with your resident about science facts that have changed since being in school on this day that Pluto was demoted to dwarf planet status.

Discussion: Dangerous Sports

On this birthday of the "Father of International Surfing" Duke Kahanamoku, start a discussion with the men about whether they consider surfing a dangerous sport. Afterwards, share a list of sports that are considered dangerous before asking the men to share their stories and experiences with those sports.

Special Event: Waffle Breakfast

Host a fun waffle breakfast for the men in your Activity Room to celebrate this National Waffle Day. Coordinate with Dining Services to serve a variety of syrups for the men to enjoy with their waffles.

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Tactile: Clay Animals

On this birthday of American artist Walt Kelly, who was known for his comic strip "Pogo," invite the men to assemble clay animals using air-dry modeling clay.

One-on-One: The Wizard of Oz Peg Dolls

Provide wooden peg dolls, paint, and a pencil to your artistic resident to try to replicate The Wizard of Oz characters using peg dolls on this day that the iconic movie was released. First, use the pencil to draw the features on each of the pegs before filling in the sections with paint.

Discussion: Sharing Stories

Invite the men to share their experiences of others being kind to them on this first day of Be Kind to Humankind Week. Afterwards, share a few stories of kindness with the men.

Special Event: Nature Tic-Tac-Toe Tournament

In recognition of this day that the U.S. National Park Service was founded, make several Tic-Tac-Toe boards using twigs and stones so that the men can compete in a fun nature Tic-Tac-Toe tournament on the back patio. For the tournament, group the men into pairs to play a game, and then have the winners of those games play each other until one winner is left.

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Tactile: Marble Tubes

Recruit the men to assist you with assembling marble tube games for the upcoming Marble Tubes Contest. Provide the men with toilet paper tubes, box lids, colored paper, glue, and double-sided tape to assemble the games.

One-on-One: Paw-Print Flowers

Assist your resident with getting your facility's house dog to make paw-print flowers to use as artwork in your Activity Room on this National Dog Day. For the project, use safe paint for the dog, a canvas, paint, and paintbrushes.

Discussion: Attendance Based on Vaccines

Host a debate among the men about vaccines on this birthday of Albert Sabin, the American medical researcher who is credited for his oral vaccine for polio. Ask the men whether vaccines should be required for school attendance.

Special Event: Marble Tubes Contest

Celebrate this National Toilet Paper Day by encouraging the men to compete in a marbles rolling game using toilet paper tubes. Use the games that were created during the Tactile activity earlier. Set up the games at the end of tables, and provide each of the men with marbles to try to roll them into the tubes. Once the men have finished rolling their marbles, tally up the scores based on the number above each tube. Then return the marbles to the men to begin again for the second round. Award a prize to the participant who scores the most points at the end of three rounds.

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Tactile: Bible Bookstore

Set up shop in your Activity Room for the men to make no-sew Bible covers on this birthday of Catholic nun Mother Teresa. Invite residents to bring their Bibles (or other books that they want covers for) to your Activity Room for the men to cover using pretty fabric, and iron, and adhesive tape.

One-on-One: Where Is Moldova?

Use a tablet to see if your resident can find Moldova and other European countries on a map on this Independence Day in Moldova.

Discussion: Do We Need More Oil?

On this day that the first commercial oil well was established, start a debate with the men about oil. Share a list of energy sources before asking the men whether America should stop pumping oil and look elsewhere for energy resources.

Special Event: How Well Did You Pay Attention in Sunday School?

See how much the men remember about the characters and stories of the Bible by playing a fun Biblical game on this birthday of nun Mother Teresa. To play, divide the men into two teams, and provide each team with a die, a pencil, paper, and playdough. Then have one member from each team come up to you to receive the name of a Biblical character or Bible story before returning to their team's table. Once back with their team, the person must roll the die. If the die lands on a one or a two, then they must draw the Biblical character or Biblical story for their team to guess. If it lands on a three or four, then they must act out the character or story. If the die lands on a five or six, then they must use the playdough to sculpt out the Biblical character or story. Once a team correctly guesses the character or story, then they must send another player to you to get a different Bible character's name or Bible story. Have the teams continue until time runs out (15 minutes). When time is up, the team with the most correctly guessed Biblical characters or stories wins.

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Tactile: Bow Tie Practice

Encourage the men to practice tying bow ties on this National Bow Tie Day. For the activity, supply the men with bow ties cut from felt. (Beforehand, use a real bow tie as a template to cut pieces from the felt.)

One-on-One: Senior Gamer

In recognition of this Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day, turn your resident into an online gamer as you show him all the fun games he can access on the AARP site.

Discussion: Artistic Expression

On this first day of Burning Man 2022, an annual event in which people are encouraged to express themselves artistically, chit chat with the men about what they think about art. Ask the men whether they view art as a waste of time or whether they view art as necessary. Afterwards, share a list of the pros and cons of being an artist.

Special Event: Birdwatching Party

Invite the men to participate in a birdwatching party on this birthday of naturalist Roger Tory Peterson. To attract the birds for birdwatching, first have the men make simple Cheerios birdfeeders to place on the trees in your facility's backyard. For the feeders, just string Cheerios cereal onto pipe cleaners and then hang the pipe cleaners on the trees.

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Tactile: Shuffle Tricks

Pass out packs of playing cards to the men as you teach them different types of card shuffling on this According to Hoyle Day, a day promoting games to be played according to the rules.

One-on-One: Go Fetch!

Encourage your resident to play fetch using a tennis ball with your facility's house dog on this first day of the U.S. Open in Flushing Meadows, New York.

Discussion: The Problems of Famous People

Chit chat with the men about famous celebrities on this birthday of pop star Michael Jackson. Share a list of the top problems encountered by the rich and famous, and ask the men whether they view the lives of celebrities as realistic.

Special Event: Men's Spa

Invite the men to the Activity Room to receive a lemon sugar scrub hand massage in recognition of this National Lemon Juice Day.

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Tactile: Baseball Pennants

Assist the men with crafting baseball pennants in the colors of their favorite baseball team on this birthday of MLB hitter Ted Williams. Use felt, wooden dowels, tacky glue, and the pennant template for the project.

One-on-One: Guess the Country Singer

On this birthday of country singer Kitty Wells, play country songs for your resident to hear to try to identify the singer.

Discussion: Like Mother, Like Daughter

In recognition of this birthday of English novelist Mary Shelley, who followed in her mother's footsteps as a writer, chit chat with the men about whether they have followed in their parents' footsteps, or whether they have encouraged their kids to follow in theirs. Share a list of famous children who have followed in the careers of their parents.

Special Event: Who's the Baby?

For this day that the first White House presidential baby was born to President Grover Cleveland, see if the men can correctly identify the baby pictures of your staff members. Before the activity, ask staff members to bring in their baby photos that the men can look through to identify the staff member.

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Tactile: Trail Mix Bar

Set up a trail mix bar in your Activity Room on this National Trail Mix Day that features a variety of ingredients for the men to mix their own trail mix.

One-on-One: Blind Tasting

In recognition of this day of the La Tomatina, the world's biggest food fight (tomatoes) in Spain, create a platter of different foods for your resident to taste during a blind tasting to identify the foods.

Discussion: Lawyer Jokes

Share a few lawyer jokes with the men on this Love Litigating Lawyers Day. Afterwards, ask the men whether they think that there are too many lawyers in America and whether that is why there are so many lawsuits.

Special Event: Can You Guess the Actor?

Pass around photos of western actors for the men to identify on this birthday of western actor James Coburn.

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