Sample Men's Activity Calendar

February 2017 Men's Activity Calendar

Find fun activity ideas in the calendar below for the senior men in your nursing facility that you can easily add to your facility's activity calendar.

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Fun Men's Activity Ideas for February
Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
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TIP: Use the following monthly themes as inspiration for activity ideas.

February is ...

  • AMD/Low Vision Awareness Month
  • American Heart Month
  • Bake for Family Fun Month
  • Creative Romance Month
  • Fabulous Florida Strawberry Month
  • Great American Pie Month
  • International Boost Self-Esteem Month
  • Jobs in Golf Month
  • Library Lovers' Month
  • National Bird-Feeding Month
  • National Black History Month
  • National Cherry Month
  • National Grapefruit Month
  • National Hot Breakfast Month
  • National Mend a Broken Heart Month
  • National Parent Leadership Month
  • National Senior Independence Month
  • National Time Management Month
  • National Wedding Month
  • Plant the Seeds of Greatness Month
  • Spunky Old Broads Month
  • Wise Health Care Consumer Month
  • Worldwide Renaissance of the Heart Month
  • Youth Leadership Month

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TIP: Find activities that are classified to help you easily find the types of activity ideas that you need for your calendar.

Each day contains four types of activities:

  • Tactile: fun, hands-on projects that allow the men to increase their hand and finger mobility
  • One-on-One: specialized activities that work well with one resident
  • Discussion: interesting group discussions that help male residents reminisce and bond with one another
  • Special Event: enjoyable, interactive large-group activities

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  • First session of the U.S. Supreme Court took place (1790)
  • Late night talk show Late Night With David Letterman premiered on television (1982)
  • National Candy-Making Day (some sources say Decorating With Candy Day)
  • National Signing Day (College Football)

Tactile: Candy Art

Get the men involved with helping you decorate for Valentine's Day by assisting you with making candy art on this National Candy-Making Day. Supply the men with canvases, candy, and hot glue. Hang the finished canvases as art for the upcoming holiday.

One-on-One: Is It a Conspiracy?

Show a documentary to your resident about college education on this National Signing Day, which showcases high school football players signing with college football programs. Ask your college-educated resident for his ideas on how to make college more affordable today.

Discussion: Judges for a Day

Invite the men to become "judges for a day" on this anniversary of the first session of the U.S. Supreme Court. Read real life criminal cases for the men to decide how they would rule. (Other cases: peeping photographer, jilted bride, and grandmother's rights).

Special Event: Late Night Owl Club

In honor of this day that the late night talk show Late Night With David Letterman premiered on television, invite the men who like to watch television after dinner to congregate in your Activity Room. Set up the television and provide evening snacks, like popcorn and pretzels. Pick a different television show or sporting event for the men to watch each evening.

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  • Groundhog Day
  • Television game show What's My Line? premiered (1950)
  • World Wetlands Day

Tactile: Mini Terrariums

Provide the men with Mason jars to make terrariums on this World Wetlands Day. Use the Mason jars, moss, pebbles, soil, and large rocks for the terrariums.

One-on-One: What Day Would You Want to Relive?

In honor of this Groundhog Day and the 1993 movie Groundhog Day about a television reporter repeating the same day over and over, chit chat with your resident about which holiday he wouldn't mind repeating. Ask your resident to rank his top 10 holidays of the year.

Discussion: Getting to Know You

Invite the men to get to know one another by playing a fun game of What's My Line on this day that the television game show premiered. Pick one of your facility's newest residents to be the contestant, and have the other men ask "yes or no" questions to guess his occupation.

Special Event: Punxsutawney Tavern

On this Groundhog Day, turn your Activity Room into a small town pub and invite the men to play a few dice games like Beat That or Three or More.

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  • Birthday: Norman Rockwell, American artist and illustrator (1894)
  • National Wear Red Day, a day to raise awareness about heart disease
  • Working Naked Day, a day to promote working outside of traditional corporate norms

Tactile: Artistic Like Rockwell

Provide the men with Norman Rockwell coloring pages for the men to fill in on this birthday of the American illustrator. Supply the men with the coloring pages, colored pencils, and pictures of the real portraits to use as inspiration. Frame the finished coloring pages and display them in your Activity Room for a fun, Norman Rockwell-inspired exhibition.

One-on-One: Wear Red Day Tea

On this National Wear Red Day, host a red-themed tea party for you and your resident featuring red velvet chocolate chip cookies and red tea. Chit chat with your resident about how he has kept his heart healthy.

Discussion: Working Against the Norm

Begin a discussion among the men about their past working experiences on this Working Naked Day, a day to recognize those who work outside of traditional corporate norms. Ask the men whether their former employers participated in nontraditional workplace arrangements like allowing employees to bring their dogs to work or allowing employees to set their own schedules.

Special Event: Red Dress & Red Tie Fashion Show

Organize a fun fashion show fundraiser in your facility to raise money for the American Heart Association on this National Wear Red Day. Recruit female staff members, family members, and a few of your female residents to wear red dresses in the show. Encourage the men to participate by wearing collared shirts, jackets, and red bow ties (that can be made beforehand by volunteers using red fabric). Sell tickets to this Friday evening event and donate the proceeds.

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  • National Barber Day
  • Take Your Child to the Library Day
  • United Service Organizations (USO) was founded (1941)

Tactile: Bookmark Tassels

In recognition of this Take Your Child to the Library Day, invite the men to assist you with making bookmarks. Simply use printable bookmarks and have the men make tassels to attach to the bookmarks using a hole puncher. Set the finished bookmarks at your facility's front desk for visitors to grab one on their way out.

One-on-One: Today's Jobs

For this National Barber Day, chit chat with your resident about today's job market for those without traditional four-year degrees. Share a list of the highest paid jobs for those who attend fewer than two years of vocational school.

Discussion: Vocations In Demand

On this National Barber Day, begin a discussion with the men about the popular vocations of today. Share a list of the top vocational skills that are in demand now. Ask the men whether any of them had careers in those fields, and if any of those fields surprise them.

Special Event: USO Club

In honor of this anniversary that the United Service Organizations (USO) was founded, turn your Activity Room into a USO Club as you invite residents to dress up for a fun 1940s-style dance. Set up tables and a dance floor and encourage residents to socialize and get to know one another.

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  • Family-Leave Bill, providing up to 12 weeks unpaid leave to care for family members, was signed (1993)
  • Super Bowl Sunday (Super Bowl LI) in Houston, Texas
  • Weatherperson's Day

Tactile: Pinpoint Accuracy

Invite the men to test their football throwing skills on this Super Bowl Sunday with a fun tossing game. To play, set up a piece of black poster board on a wall and use masking tape to create a goal post on the poster board. Next, provide the men with foam footballs and place chalk on one end of the football so that you can easily see where each participant strikes the poster board. Award points based on how far away the men are when they hit the target.

One-on-One: D.I.Y. Thermometer

Encourage your science-buff resident to assist you with putting on a quick science show for the visiting kids on this Weatherperson's Day. Use a glass bottle, rubbing alcohol, modeling clay, food coloring, a clear straw, a marker, and water to demonstrate how to create a homemade thermometer. If your resident enjoys demonstrating the science project, consider starting a Science Corner Club each Sunday where you assist your resident with showcasing a different science experiment to the kids.

Discussion: Caring for Family

In honor of this anniversary that the Family-Leave Bill was signed, start a discussion with the men about how they were able to leave work to care for family members. Ask the men what their boss would have said if they had asked for a couple of months off from work to care for a spouse or a child.

Special Event: Pass the Cup

Play a fun game of Pass the Cup with the men while watching the Super Bowl this evening. To play, pass out 10 bingo chips (instead of using money) to each person and hand an empty cup to one of the men. At the beginning of a football play on television, have the person with the empty cup put a bingo chip in it and name what he wants to have happen in a play (e.g., touchdown, sack, field goal, etc.). At the end of the play, if the event that he named has not happened, he passes the cup to the player next to him who then adds a bingo chip and holds onto the cup for the play. Again, if the event has not happened, he will pass the cup to the next player and so forth until the event happens and then the person holding the cup gets all the bingo chips in the cup.

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  • Birthday: Babe Ruth, baseball legend (1895)
  • Birthday: Ronald Reagan, American president (1911)
  • International Networking Week (February 6-10)
  • Queen Elizabeth of England succeeded the British throne after her father's death (1952)

Tactile: British Models

In recognition of this day that Queen Elizabeth of England succeeded the British throne, divide the men into groups to assemble different English paper models. Provide several different models, like Big Ben, the Tower of London, and the Tower Bridge.

One-on-One: Presidential Western

On this birthday of President Ronald Reagan, invite your resident to watch the 1951 western Calvary Charge starring the former president and Rhonda Fleming.

Discussion: Three Items Only

For this first day of International Networking Week, invite the men to participate in a fun icebreaker discussion to get to know one another. Go around the room and ask each participant to name three items that they would want to have if they were stranded on a deserted island. Encourage the men to discuss why they chose their three items.

Special Event: Batting Practice

Set up a batting cage (an empty area where things cannot get broken) in your Activity Room for the men to practice their batting skills on this birthday of baseball legend Babe Ruth. Pass out pool noodles to the men to see how well they can hit the inflated balloons that you toss to them. Award points for each balloon that the men hit.

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  • African-American Coaches Day
  • Ballet was introduced to America (1827)
  • Birthday: Laura Ingalls Wilder, best-selling children's author (1867)

Tactile: Valentine Paintings

Assist the men with creating Valentine watercolor paintings that can be displayed for the upcoming holiday. Use watercolor paper, watercolors, and Washi tape for the project.

One-on-One: Reading Online

Set up a Skype call with your resident and his grandchild for him to read a story to the child on this birthday of best-selling children's author Laura Ingalls Wilder.

Discussion: Diversity in America

Start a discussion with the men about diversity among sports on this African-American Coaches Day. Share an article about the NFL controversy surrounding the lack of diversity among head coaching positions. Ask the men for their thoughts on how to increase the diversity among NFL coaches.

Special Event: Ballerina Visit

In honor of this day that ballet was introduced to America, contact a local children's ballet class (or even a local university's ballet students) to perform for your residents at your facility.

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  • Birthday: Jules Verne, French writer known as the "Father of Science Fiction" (1828)
  • National Boy Scouts Day

Tactile: Valentine Marbled Salt Dough

Assist the men with making marbled salt dough ornaments to create a heart garland that can be hung in your Activity Room for Valentine's Day. For the project, mix flour, salt, and water before adding powdered paint to different balls of dough. After molding the different colors together, supply the men with heart cookie cutters and wooden dowels to cut out the hearts, place holes in the top, and then bake the hearts. Once the hearts are done, provide the men with twine to string the hearts to create a garland.

One-on-One: Reading Science Fiction

Read a chapter of the 1898 classic science fiction novel Wars of the World by H. G. Wells to your resident on this birthday of the "Father of Science Fiction" Jules Verne.

Discussion: Science Fiction as Literature

On this birthday of the science fiction writer Jules Verne, start a discussion with the men about their thoughts on science fiction. Ask the men whether they view science fiction as serious literature.

Special Event: Merit Badges

In honor of this National Boy Scouts Day, coordinate an activity with your facility's local Boy Scouts troop for the boys to work with the men on a project that allows the boys to earn their "merit badges." For instance, schedule a chemistry experiment activity for the boys to earn their chemistry badge or plan a pottery class for the boys to earn their pottery badge.

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  • Berlin International Film Festival in Germany (February 9-19)
  • National Pizza Pie Day
  • Read in the Bathtub Day

Tactile: Valentine Science Project

Assist the men with making Valentine borax decorations as a fun science project using borax, Mason jars, yarn, craft sticks, pipe cleaners, and food coloring. Provide each participant with their own jar and pipe cleaner so that each person can create a unique Valentine decoration.

One-on-One: Bath Toys

In recognition of this Read in the Bathtub Day, invite your resident to make a few bath toys for a grandchild. Simply use colorful sponges, scissors, and rubber bands for the toys.

Discussion: Movies or Books?

Start a debate among the men about movies and books on this first day of the Berlin International Film Festival in Germany. Ask the men which they prefer: movies or books. Share a list of movies that are known to be better than the books.

Special Event: Pizza Pie Bakers

Pass out aprons to the men as you encourage them to make their own mini pizzas on this National Pizza Pie Day. Once the dough is done (allow two hours to rise), supply the men with different toppings to add to their pizzas.

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  • First computer chess victory over a human occurred (1996)
  • First World War II Medal of Honor was awarded (1942)
  • Gold Rush Days in Wickenburg, Arizona (February 10-12)
  • Notable phrase "All the News That's Fit to Print" first appeared on the front page of the New York Times (1897)

Tactile: Newspaper Gift Bags

Recruit the men to assemble newspaper gift bags in honor of the phrase "All the News That's Fit to Print" first appearing on the front page of the New York Times.

One-on-One: Chess Match

Challenge your resident to a chess match on this anniversary of the first computer chess victory over a human.

Discussion: Should We Do More?

In recognition of this day that the first World War II Medal of Honor was awarded, start a debate among the men about whether more should be done to honor award recipients. Ask the men whether they believe that recipients receive enough attention. See if the men worry that Americans will or have forgotten the brave sacrifices that were made during World War II by those who served.

Special Event: Gold Rush Stories

Entertain the men with interesting stories about the Gold Rush on this first day of the Gold Rush Days in Wickenburg, Arizona.

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  • Birthday: Josiah Willard Gibbs, notable chemist and physics professor at Yale University (1839)
  • First woman Episcopal bishop was consecrated (1989)
  • National Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day

Tactile: Valentine Mailboxes

Encourage the men to assemble Valentine mailboxes to place throughout your facility for the upcoming holiday as decoration. To make the mailboxes, use gable boxes (or use cereal box cardboard to add a roof to a regular box), glue, a craft knife, and the Valentine's templates.

One-on-One: Idiom Art

In recognition of this National Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day, provide your artistic resident with colored pencils and paper to draw a few of the idioms on different pieces of paper. Frame each of the pictures to hang on your resident's wall.

Discussion: Women in the Clergy

Start a discussion with the men about having women in clergy positions on this anniversary that the first woman Episcopal bishop was consecrated. Ask men for their thoughts about women being members of the clergy.

Special Event: How Cool

Invite the grandkids over to conduct fun science experiments with the men on this birthday of Josiah Willard Gibbs, a notable chemist and physics professor at Yale University. Beforehand, recruit volunteers to try out the experiments first.

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  • Birthday: Abraham Lincoln, American president (1809)
  • Birthday: Anna Pavlova, Russian ballerina (1881)
  • Man Day

Tactile: Pavlova Treats

For this birthday of Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, invite the men to make a dessert in her honor, the Pavlova – a meringue and fruit dessert.

One-on-One: Valentine Heart Puzzle

Assist your resident with creating a fun Valentine heart puzzle to give as a gift to a grandchild. Use wooden blocks, paint, Mod Podge, different colored glitter, and a heart template.

Discussion: Greatest of All Time?

On this birthday of President Abraham Lincoln, start a debate among the men about whether Abraham Lincoln was the greatest president of all time. Invite dissenters to argue for their candidates of choice.

Special Event: Man Day

Honor the men on this Man Day by hosting a western movie marathon in your Activity for the whole day, featuring the men's favorite westerns. Serve popcorn, peanuts, and pretzels for the men to enjoy throughout the afternoon. (Consider swapping out westerns to replace your facility's favorite types of movies or shows, like animal documentaries, sporting events, or murder mysteries.)

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  • National Wingman's Day

Tactile: Valentine Place Settings

Invite the men to make peppermint candy place cards for your Valentine's Day festivities by using cardstock, a hole puncher, ribbon, and pens.

One-on-One: Wingman for the Day

In honor of this National Wingman's Day, become your resident's wingman as you assist him with introducing himself to another resident. (Consider arranging a Coffee and Chocolates afternoon social for residents to socialize and get to know one another on Valentine's Day.)

Discussion: Getting Ready for the Big Day

Educate the men about flowers and their meanings on this day before Valentine's Day. Ask the men whether they ever made a mistake by giving the wrong type of flower.

Special Event: Valentine Lovesicles

Encourage the men to assist you with making lovesicles to place out in the snow for Valentine's Day. To make the frozen ice hearts, simply create different sized heart molds using aluminum foil. Then pour in colored water (using food dye). Set the hearts out overnight to freeze, and then place them in the snow in your facility'sfront yard for decoration for Valentine's Day.

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  • Extraterrestrial Culture Day in New Mexico
  • Ferris Wheel Day, a day to honor the inventor of the amusement park ride, George Ferris
  • Saint Valentine's Day

Tactile: Colorful Ferris Wheels

Assist the men with assembling Ferris wheels on this Ferris Wheel Day. To make the wheels, first print out the templates onto colored cardstock for the men to cut out. Use glue sticks and chipboard to complete the project. Encourage the men to give the finished Ferris wheels as gifts to their grandkids.

One-on-One: Valentine's Scrabble

Play your resident in a game of Valentine's Scrabble on this Valentine's Day. To play, use the Scrabble cards and Cheez-It Scrabble Crackers.

Discussion: Are Aliens Real?

In recognition of this Extraterrestrial Culture Day in New Mexico, begin a discussion with the men about whether they believe in aliens. Ask the men how they can explain the sightings of the Loch Ness Monster and Big Foot.

Special Event: Love Song Karaoke

Dust off your Karaoke machine and invite the men to play a karaoke game singing 1950s love songs on this Valentine's Day.

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  • Birthday: Charles Lewis Tiffany, American jeweler (1812)
  • Birthday: Galileo Galilei, Italian physicist and astronomer (1564)
  • National Gumdrop Day

Tactile: Galaxy Chalk Art

Provide black construction paper and colorful chalk to the men to make their own galaxy chalk art on this birthday of astronomer Galileo.

One-on-One: Winter Gumdrop Diorama

Assist your resident with creating a wintertime diorama featuring cake, doughnuts, and gum drops on this National Gumdrop Day. Display the finished diorama for the season.

Discussion: Is Jewelry Still the #1 Gift?

Chit chat with the men about giving jewelry as gifts on this birthday of American jeweler Charles Lewis Tiffany. Ask the men whether they think that jewelry is the best gift for women.

Special Event: Starry Night Bingo

In honor of this birthday of astronomer Galileo Galilei, host a fun nighttime bingo party for the men. If they enjoy the nighttime bingo game, then recruit a few evening volunteers to call the game each week.

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  • American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts (February 16-20)
  • Simplot Games, the nation's largest indoor track and field competition in Pocatello, Idaho (February 16-18)

Tactile: Snowflake Wall

Recruit the men to assist you with making a snowflake wall in your Activity Room using giant paper snowflakes. Use large pieces of white butcher paper and fold the paper similar to regular-sized snowflakes. Tape the finished snowflakes on the wall for winter.

One-on-One: Snow Investigators

If snow is falling outdoors, take your bundled-up resident outdoors briefly to catch a few snowflakes on pieces of black construction paper. Use a magnifying glass to quickly examine the different snowflakes before returning indoors.

Discussion: Science or Art?

Start a debate with the men about the usefulness of science and art on this first day of the American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. Ask the men whether they view science subjects more useful than art subjects for students. Tally the men to see which subject they preferred in school: science or art.

Special Event: Track and Field Events

On this first day of the Simplot Games, the nation's largest indoor track and field competition in Pocatello, Idaho, host your own track meet for the men. Set up several field event games, like a javelin throw using pool noodles and a target, a discus throw using a soft pliable Frisbee, and a ring toss game using bean bags and a target. Award special chocolate medals to all the participants.

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  • My Way Day, a day to celebrate our own identities

Tactile: Ski Bunnies

Invite the men to make their own ski bunnies this winter using wooden balls for the head, markers for the facial features, toothpicks for the ski poles, craft sticks for the skis, clothespins - without the wire - for the body, and pipe cleaners for the coat and boots. Distribute the finished ski bunnies as gifts to your facility's administrators.

One-on-One: Igloo Cake

Recruit your resident to assist you with designing an igloo cake that can be used for an afternoon winter-themed happy hour for your residents. Ask members of your facility's Baking Club to bake the cake for the igloo before the two of you begin the project.

Discussion: How to Cope

Chit chat with the men about their thoughts of getting their own way on this My Way Day. Ask the men for tips to handle life when it doesn't go our way.

Special Event: Snow Ice Cream Vendors

If it's snowing in your neck of the woods, set up an "ice cream truck" (activity cart) in one of your facility's common areas for the men to deliver snow ice cream to passersby. In addition to the snow, add in sugar, milk, salt, vanilla extract, and sprinkles for the snow ice cream.

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  • National Drink Wine Day
  • Planet Pluto was discovered by astronomer Clyde Tombaugh (1930)
  • World Whale Day

Tactile: Drawing Class

Teach the men how to draw humpback whales on this World Whale Day. Use colored pencils for the artwork.

One-on-One: Cocktail Trivia

In recognition of this National Drink Wine Day, test your resident's knowledge of cocktails by quizzing him with a bit of cocktail trivia.

Discussion: Planet Pluto

Chit chat with the men about the dwarf planet Pluto on this day that it was discovered by astronomer Clyde Tombaugh. Ask the men whether they still view Pluto as one of the nine planets in our solar system.

Special Event: Wine & Chocolate Break

Treat the men to sweet wine and chocolates in the afternoon on this National Drink Wine Day.

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  • National Engineers Week (February 19-25)
  • NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans, Louisiana

Tactile: Balloon-Powered Juice Box Cars

Invite the grandkids to assist the men with making balloon-powered juice box cars on this first day of National Engineers Week. Use juice boxes, balloons, straws, bottle caps, duct tape, modeling clay, small skewers, felt, and glue for the cars. After the cars have been made, encourage the men and their grandkids to race them in your Activity Room.

One-on-One: Straw Roller Coaster

On this first day of National Engineers Week, ask your former engineer-resident to assist you with constructing a straw roller coaster using straws, a ping pong ball, scissors, hot glue, a bowl, and cardboard.

Discussion: Name the Mascot

Quiz the men about their knowledge of NBA teams on this day of the NBA All-Star Game in New Orleans, Louisiana. To play, name the city and encourage the men to identify the mascot. Afterwards, pass around photos of the best NBA players as you ask the men to name their favorites. (On the website, click on the player's name to print out their photo.)

Special Event: Basketball Trick Shots

Have fun as you join in with the men and use soft Nerf balls to "throw up the ball" towards a basket to try to make a few trick shots (i.e., circus shots, like bouncing the ball off the wall and into the basket) on this day of the NBA All-Star Game.

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  • Presidents' Day
  • World Day for Social Justice

Tactile: Presidential Origami

Teach the men how to create origami using the presidents on this Presidents' Day by folding dollar bills into shirts, hearts, or sailboats.

One-on-One: Campaign Buttons

Reminisce with your resident on this Presidents' Day about past presidential campaign buttons. Ask your resident to name other presidential slogans that he remembers.

Discussion: Do We Have Social Justice?

On this World Day for Social Justice, start a debate among the men about whether there is social justice in America, where there is a fair allocation of resources no matter the economics or demographics of citizens. Ask the men to think of ways that people can improve social justice.

Special Event: President Card Game

Invite the men for a fun afternoon of playing cards as you teach them how to play President on this Presidents' Day.

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  • Birthday: Nina Simone, American jazz singer who also recorded in Europe (1933)
  • International Mother Language Day, a day to promote multilingualism
  • Travel Africa Day

Tactile: Melted Snowmen

Invite the men to assist you with your winter decor by making melted snowmen throughout your facility. To make the snowmen, use Styrofoam balls and cotton batting. Add circles of black felt for the eyes and buttons, and a circle of orange felt for the nose. Dress up the snowmen with scarves and hats.

One-on-One: Winter in Paris

On this birthday of American jazz singer Nina Simone, who also performed in Paris, treat your resident to a cup of French hot chocolate using a French chocolate bar. While sipping the hot cocoa, play a few jazz songs.

Discussion: Learning Foreign Languages

Start a debate among the men about foreign language studies in elementary school on this International Mother Language Day, a day to promote multilingualism. Ask the men whether they support students learning multiples languages in elementary school like their European counterparts.

Special Event: Deal Me In

For this Travel Africa Day, teach the men how to play the card game South Africa Kaluki, a rummy game, using a regular deck of playing cards.

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  • Birthday: George Washington, first American president (1732)
  • Florida was acquired by the United States from Spain (1819)
  • National Margarita Day

Tactile: Stuck Indoors

While the men are stuck indoors on this winter day, invite them to make Sharpie winter mugs that can be sold to raise money for activity supplies. To make the wintertime mugs, use plain white mugs, oil-based Sharpie black markers, artist charcoal, alcohol swabs, and hand-drawn winter images to use as inspiration.

One-on-One: Setting the Record Straight

Help set the record straight with your resident about George Washington and several myths about his life, like chopping down the cherry tree, on this birthday of the first American president.

Discussion: Best Warm-Weather Cities

Chit chat with the men about living in warm-weathered cities on this day that Florida was acquired by the United States from Spain. Ask the men to try to guess the top 5 cities with the best weather in the United States.

Special Event: Margarita Night

Host a fun margarita-themed happy hour for the men before dinner on this National Margarita Day. Serve nonalcoholic margaritas for the men to sample.

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  • National Banana Bread Day
  • Scientists cloned the first animal: a sheep named Dolly (1997)
  • Single-Tasking Day

Tactile: Snowball Pong

On this cold winter day, invite the men to play snowball pong. To play, divide the men into teams and set up one bucket on a table for each team. Have one member of each team use ping pong balls (snowballs) and try to bounce them into their bucket. Give each member of the teams one minute to try to bounce as many ping pong balls into their bucket. Award a prize to the winning team.

One-on-One: Banana Bread in a Mug

Treat your resident to a quick banana bread on this National Banana Bread Day.

Discussion: Is Cloning Humans Next?

Start a discussion with the men about cloning on this day that scientists cloned a sheep. Ask the men for their thoughts of human cloning as you explain a few of the pros and cons.

Special Event: Shoveling Snow

For this Single-Tasking Day, get the men to focus on the task of shoving snow (cotton balls). Place a pile of snowballs in front of each participant, and when you say "go" encourage the men to scoop as many cotton balls as they can into their cup, using only the spoon and not their hands. Award a prize to the participant who scoops the most cotton balls into his cup after one minute. (If you have a large number of participants, consider making it a relay game in which one member of the team does the shoveling at a time.

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  • Birthday: Steve Jobs, iconic visionary and leader of Apple, Inc. (1955)

Tactile: Ice Canvases

Invite the men to assist you with making ice canvases this winter for painting. To make the canvases, use aluminum foil containers, water, baking soda, and ribbon. Once the canvases freeze, provide the men with food coloring to mix with water to create the paint. Hang the finished canvases on a tree in your facility's backyard.

One-on-One: Winter Solitaire

Show your resident how to play winter solitaire on your facility's resident computer.

Discussion: Technology in the Classroom

In recognition of this birthday of tech innovator Steve Jobs, start a discussion with the men about having technology in the classrooms. Ask the men whether technology should be used in schools or whether that would make kids too dependent on technology.

Special Event: Road Trip

In honor of this birthday of tech innovator Steve Jobs, take the men on a trip to a local Best Buy store to check out the newest tech items of the year.

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  • Birthday: Millicent Fenwick, American fashion model, author, congresswomen, and inspiration for a comic strip character in "Doonesbury" (1910)
  • Birthday: Pierre-Auguste Renoir, French Impressionist painter (1841)
  • Open That Bottle Night, to encourage wine drinkers to open wine that has been saved for a special occasion
  • World Sword Swallowers Day

Tactile: Bottle Vases

For this Open That Bottle Night, invite the men to help you turn plain glass bottles into beautiful vases by pouring paint into the bottles and coating the inside of the bottles before turning them upside down to dry as the excess paint drains.

One-on-One: By the Seashore

On this birthday of French Impressionist painter Pierre-Auguste Renoir, invite your resident to create a replica of his famous 1883 By the Seashore painting using a coloring page as a guide.

Discussion: Best Comic Strips

Begin a debate among the men about the best comic strips on this birthday of American model and congresswoman Millicent Fenwick, who was the inspiration for a comic strip character in "Doonesbury." Ask the men about the comic strips that they used to read as kids.

Special Event: What Tricks Can You Do?

In honor of this World Sword Swallowers Day, recruit the men to share their talents with your residents during a fun variety show in your facility. Encourage the men to showcase any talent, including whistling, telling jokes, or juggling.

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  • Birthday: Levi Strauss, Bavarian immigrant who invented blue jeans (1829)
  • Birthday: Tony Randall, American television actor of the The Odd Couple (1920)
  • Daytona 500 in Daytona Beach, Florida
  • National Pistachio Day

Tactile: Poppin' Pistachios

Provide the men with pistachios to shell and pop in their mouth on this National Pistachio Day.

One-on-One: Under the Hood

Assist your resident with constructing a rubber band car in honor of this day of the Daytona 500 in Florida. For the project, use CDs, wooden dowels, craft spools, buttons, rubber bands, a paper clip, straws, glue, paint, and a cardboard paper towel roll.

Discussion: Opposites Attract

Chit chat with the men about whether they agree that opposites attract on this birthday of actor Tony Randall, who starred in the classic television show The Odd Couple. Afterwards, quiz the men to see if they are more like Oscar (easy-going but messy) or more like Felix (neat but uptight).

Special Event: Gambling Hall

Turn your Activity Room into an Old West gambling hall and invite the men to wear their blue jeans on this birthday of the blue jeans inventor Levi Strauss. Set up several gaming tables to teach the men how to play poker, the High-Low dice game, and Blackjack.

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  • Birthday: Elizabeth Taylor, American actress (1932)
  • Birthday: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, American poet (1807)
  • International Polar Bear Day
  • Twenty-Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution (limiting presidential tenure to two terms) was ratified (1951)

Tactile: Polar Bear Family

Encourage the men to use aluminum foil and modeling clay to make a family of polar bears on this International Polar Bear Day. Display the finished bears for the winter season.

One-on-One: Guessing Game

Invite your resident to try to guess Old Hollywood actresses by looking at their photos on this birthday of actress Elizabeth Taylor.

Discussion: Term Limits

In recognition of this anniversary that the Twenty-Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, limiting presidential tenure to two terms, was ratified, start a debate among the men about term limits for Congress. Ask the men whether they agree with term limits for Congress.

Special Event: Do You Know Who This Is?

In honor of this birthday of American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, reminisce with the men about other famous people who use three names. In fact, read the first and last names of these people to see if the men know who you are referring to. For example, ask the men if they know who Alexander Bell is. (On the website, scroll to the second page to view the list of names.)

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  • Mardi Gras
  • National Tooth Fairy Day

Tactile: Wooden Peg Fairies

Assist the men with making wooden peg fairies on this National Tooth Fairy Day. Use wooden pegs, paint, felt, glue, and buttons for the dolls. Collect the finished dolls to set on your facility's front desk for visiting kids to stop by and take one home with them.

One-on-One: Doubloon Scavenger Hunt

Recruit your resident to assist you with hiding doubloons (gold coins) throughout your facility for residents to find throughout the day on this Mardi Gras. At the end of the day, award a prize to the person who collects the most coins.

Discussion: Let the Good Times Roll!

In recognition of this Mardi Gras, get the men talking and bonding with one another while teaching them how to play the Louisiana game of Bourré. Supply the men with poker chips to play the game.

Special Event: Carnival Ball

Host a fun carnival-themed ball for the men on this Mardi Gras. Decorate your Activity Room in green, purple, and gold and set up fun carnival-style games (like Blindfold Bowling or Putt Putt for a Prize) for the men to play. Beforehand, recruit volunteers to assemble masks that the men can wear during the ball.

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