Sample Men's Activity Calendar

August 2020 Men's Activity Calendar

Find fun activity ideas in the calendar below for the senior men in your nursing facility that you can easily add to your facility's activity calendar.

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Fun Men's Activity Ideas for August
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Each day contains four types of activities:

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Tactile: Clown-Inspired Vases

Invite the men to help you add a bit more fun throughout your facility by making polka dot Mason jar vases that resemble a clown's outfit on this first day of International Clown Week. Simply paint the Mason jars white, and then once the paint dries, add colorful polka dots all over the jars. Next add a ruffled piece of ribbon or lace around the top and add flowers to the vases.

One-on-One: Constellation Dish

Provide your resident with air-dry clay and a rolling pin to assemble a constellation dish on this birthday of the first female professional astronomer Maria Mitchell. Use blue paint for the background and a metallic paint pen to draw the constellation.

Discussion: Does Your Bottled Water Really Come From a Colorado Stream?

Start a discussion among the men about bottled water and whether the water comes from natural sources on this day that Colorado, known for its fresh rivers and lakes, became the 38th state. Share a few facts about the sources of the bottled water.

Special Event: Steel Drum Break

Transport the men to the beautiful islands of Trinidad and Tobago on this Emancipation Day of the country as you play steel drum music and pass out virgin strawberry daiquiris.

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Tactile: D.I.Y. Wall Art

Pass out colored pencils to the men to color scenic landscapes that can be framed for their walls on this National Coloring Book Day. (To print out the pictures, simply click on each image.)

One-on-One: Guess the Celebrity

On this day that Myrna Williams was born (i.e., Myrna Loy), read the real names of Old Hollywood celebrities to see if your resident can identify them. If needed, share the photo of the celebrity to help your resident guess.

Discussion: Should We Have a Census More Often?

Begin a discussion among the men about the census on this day that the first U.S. census began. Ask the men whether the census should occur every five years instead of every ten years.

Special Event: Political Trivia

Quiz the men with political trivia questions to see who knows the most about politics in honor of this birthday of Washington, D.C. city planner Pierre Charles L'Enfant.

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Tactile: Fish Windsocks

Show the men how to make fish windsocks on this day of the Full Sturgeon Moon. Use paper, watercolor resist, watercolor paint, scissors, tape, string, cotton swabs, and a fish template for the project.

One-on-One: Aussie Dots

Assist your resident with making Aussie-inspired dot art on rocks on this Picnic Day in Australia using paint, cotton swabs, pencils, and rocks.

Discussion: School Uniforms

On this birthday of schoolteacher John T. Scopes who was convicted of teaching evolution in schools, start a debate among the men about school uniforms and whether they should be required. Ask the men to list the pros and cons of having students wear uniforms.

Special Event: Newspaper Editors

Help the men become newspaper editors for the day on this birthday of American Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ernie Pyle, as you provide them with short articles from your local newspaper without the headline so that they can come up with their own headlines. Then go around the room and have the men summarize their article and share the headline that they wrote for the article.

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Tactile: Best Ways to Clean Pennies

On this first day of the World's Fair of Money in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, assign each of the men a different way to clean pennies to see which way is best. (On the website, scroll down to view the 7 different ways to clean pennies.)

One-on-One: Blackout Poetry

Provide your resident with a newspaper and a black marker to create his own poetry on this birthday of Romantic era poet Percy Bysshe Shelley by doing the blackout poetry technique, in which your resident uses the marker to black out all the words that he doesn't want included in his "poetry."

Discussion: Military Training

For this Coast Guard Day, invite the men to discuss their past military training and whether they believe that everyone would benefit by having to go through the training.

Special Event: Clinton, Bush or Obama?

In recognition of this birthday of President Barack Obama, read a description about Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, or Barack Obama for the men to try to identify which president you are describing.

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Tactile: Colonial Girl Yarn Dolls

Invite the men to assemble Colonial girl yarn dolls to give to their grandchildren on this day that the first English colony in North America was established in Newfoundland. Use yarn, scissors, and a piece of cardboard for the craft.

One-on-One: Number Brain Teasers

In recognition of this birthday of world-famous astrologer Sydney Omarr, test your resident's number skills by sharing a few math brain teasers.

Discussion: Benefits of the 6-Hour Workday

On this birthday of Swedish architect Raoul Wallenberg, encourage the men to debate the benefits of Sweden's six-hour workday. Ask the men whether they would have felt more productive with just six hours to get their work done.

Special Event: Balloon Towers

Divide the men into teams to see which team can build the tallest balloon tower in half an hour on this birthday of Swedish architect Raoul Wallenberg. Supply the men with a bag of balloons and masking tape. If needed, provide each team with a staff member or volunteer to assist with inflating the balloons. For the activity, simply have the men use tape to connect balloons to build the tallest freestanding tower they can. Award a prize to the winning team.

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Tactile: Owl Pop Art

Show the men how to make their own owl pop art on this birthday of pop artist Andy Warhol by filling in owl templates with brightly colored markers.

One-on-One: Who Was the Real Alexander Hamilton?

Educate your resident about the real Alexander Hamilton by sharing a few little known facts about the statesman on this day that the Broadway play about his life opened.

Discussion: Costs of the Death Penalty

Start a discussion with the men about the death penalty on this day that electrocution was first used to carry out the death penalty. Ask the men whether the higher cost of the death penalty justifies life imprisonment for offenders.

Special Event: Blue Mountain Coffee

Set up a comfortable coffee bar in your Activity Room and invite the men to stop by to socialize as you serve Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee on this Independence Day in Jamaica. During the activity, share a few fun facts about the mountains in the Caribbean country.

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Tactile: Drawing a Looney Tunes Character

Teach the men how to draw their favorite Looney Tunes character on this birthday "Looney Tunes" co-creator Rudolf Ising.

One-on-One: Tell Me a Story

Invite your resident to practice his speaking skills as you play a fun game with him on this Professional Speakers Day. To play, have the two of you cut out pictures from old magazines. Then alternate taking a minute to tell a story based on the image that was cut out of the magazine.

Discussion: Players That Should Be in the Hall of Fame

On this day that Major League Baseball player Barry Bonds broke Hank Aaron's career home run record, encourage the men to discuss the players in the MLB Hall of Fame. Ask the men to name some of their favorite MLB players who they think should be in the Hall of Fame.

Special Event: Beer Rankings

For this International Beer Day, pass out nonalcoholic beer for the men to sample as they rank the beer in different categories such as taste (e.g., least bitter to most bitter), color (e.g., lightest to darkest), and frothiness (least carbonated to most carbonated).

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Tactile: Rope Baskets

In recognition of this first day of Cowes Week, a weeklong sailing regatta featuring daily sailing races in England, provide the men with nautical or clothesline ropes to make rope baskets for their rooms.

One-on-One: Dollar Bill Origami

Teach your resident how to fold dollar bill origami on this National Dollar Day.

Discussion: Family Farmers

On this Farmers' Day in Tanzania, start a discussion with the men about family farms and whether any of them ever lived on a farm. Afterwards, ask the men to share ideas on how people can help small family farms.

Special Event: Bowling Bingo

Host a bowling bingo game for the men on this National Bowling Day by providing them with bingo cards to mark after each time they bowl.

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Tactile: Duct Tape Book Covers

Recruit the men to help you makeover the books in your facility's library on this National Book Lovers Day by creating duct tape book covers. First, show the men how to make paper bag book covers that they can then cover with colorful duct tape.

One-on-One: Where Were You?

Chit chat with your resident about what he remembers about President Richard Nixon's resignation on this day that it occurred. Ask your resident whether he ever thought that the Watergate Scandal would lead to the resignation of a sitting president.

Discussion: Catching the Big One

Invite the men to chit chat about the fish they've caught and the bait that they've used in recognition of this birthday of Izaak Walton, the English author of fishing treatises. Afterwards, share a few funny fishing stories with the men.

Special Event: Where on Earth?

Pass around photos of world landmarks for the men to try to guess the location in honor of this birthday of Robert Gray, the first American to circumvent Earth.

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Tactile: Washi Tape Mountains

Supply the men with Washi tape to create mountains on the wall in your Activity Room on this Mountain Day in Japan.

One-on-One: Touring the Smithsonian

Take your resident on a few virtual tours of the Smithsonian museums, including the National Gallery of Art and the National Museum of Natural History, on this day that the Smithsonian Institution was founded.

Discussion: Lions, Tigers or Bears?

For this World Lion Day, start a discussion with the men about having wild animals as pets. Afterwards, play a fun animal guessing game with the men as you describe a characteristic of a lion, tiger, or bear to see whether the men can correctly guess the wild animal you are describing.

Special Event: Jumbo S'mores

On this National S'mores Day, invite the men to assemble their own s'mores in the microwave using graham crackers, chocolate, and jumbo marshmallows.

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Tactile: Hobby Horse Ranchers

Recruit the men to help you assemble no-sew hobby horses for their grandchildren on this first day of the Wyoming State Fair and Rodeo in Douglas, Wyoming. For the project, use oven mitts, wooden dowels, large googly eyes, paper cups, hot glue, ribbon, and yarn.

One-on-One: Newspaper Coin Toss

Take a newspaper sheet from your local paper and open it up and lay it on the floor to play a fun newspaper coin toss game with your resident on this birthday of newspaper columnist Carl Rowan. To play, alternate tossing coins onto the sheet of newspaper to see whose coin stays on the paper without rolling off.

Discussion: Reading Habits

In recognition of this birthday of novelist Alex Haley, start a discussion with the men about their reading habits and whether they enjoy reading in their spare time. Afterwards, ask the men whether reading fiction is a waste of time.

Special Event: Newspaper Crossword Competition

Host a fun crossword puzzle competition among the men in recognition of this birthday of newspaper columnist Carl Rowan. (On the website, after clicking on the desired puzzle, click "Print" to print out the puzzle and click "Solution" to view the solution.)

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Tactile: Composition Jars

On this birthday of Zerna Sharp, the American educator who created the "Dick and Jane" readers, supply the men with Mason jars and paint to create unique composition jars to fill with pencils and give to their grandchildren during this National Back-to-School Month.

One-on-One: Famous Middle Children

Chit chat with your resident about famous middle children on this Middle Child Day. Afterwards, share a few character traits of middle children.

Discussion: Old Hollywood Rules

Encourage the men to discuss their favorite Old Hollywood actors and actresses on this birthday of Hollywood producer Cecil B. DeMille. Afterwards, share a few Old Hollywood rules of their favorite stars.

Special Event: Learning the Cowboy Boogie

In honor of this birthday of country-western star Buck Owens, teach the men how to do the country line dance, the Cowboy Boogie.

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Tactile: Cat Baskets

For this first day of the Great River Tug Fest across the Mississippi River in Port Byron, Illinois and LeClaire, Iowa, show the men how to create cat baskets by using hot glue to wrap rope to make the baskets. Then use black embroidery floss, pink buttons, and wooden ovals to create the faces using tacky glue.

One-on-One: Watching Hitchcock

Borrow a tablet to show your resident a 1955 episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents on this birthday of the Hollywood director.

Discussion: Do We Use Televisions as Babysitters?

Begin a debate among the men about television on this birthday of John Logie Baird, the Scottish inventor who was the first to demonstrate a working television. Ask the men whether they think that parents use too much television as entertainment for their kids, and ask the men to share their pros and cons of kids watching television.

Special Event: Clothespin Drop

See how well the men are at hitting the mark as you show them how to drop clothespins into a target (a bottle) on this birthday of popular markswoman Annie Oakley. To play, set up a target to see how many of the men can drop their clothespins inside the bottle.

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Tactile: Pom-Pom Dream Catchers

Supply the men with colorful yarn, pom-poms, feathers, and craft wire to assemble pom-pom dream catchers in recognition of this Navajo Code Talkers Day, recognizing the achievements of the Code Talkers who translated military messages in the Navajo language during World War II.

One-on-One: Gothic Cathedral

On this day that the largest Gothic church in northern Europe, the Cologne Cathedral in Germany, was completed, invite your resident to assist you with assembling a paper model of the famous cathedral.

Discussion: Increasing Benefits

Start a discussion with the men about Social Security benefits on this day that President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act. Ask the men whether the federal government should increase social security benefits.

Special Event: Deer Button Game

Teach the men how to play the Deer Button Native American game using 7 lima beans (the dice) and kernels of corn on this Navajo Code Talkers Day. Before the game begins, use a black marker to color one side of each lima bean. Then gather 24 kernels of corn for each player. To play, have one person throw all 7 lima beans (the dice) and give away his kernels of corn depending on how many lima beans land with the black side up. The game ends when one person has collected all the corn kernels. (Video screenshot of rules for how many kernels of corn to give away)

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Tactile: Watercolor Animal Cards

Fold pieces of white cardstock in half to create a card and have the men create watercolor animal prints on the front of the cards using animal stencils on this International Homeless Animals Day and Candlelight Vigils. (To create an animal stencil, simply print out the animal stencil from your browser – the stencil may appear all black on your screen, but you will see the animals in your browser's print preview. Then cut out the inner part of each animal for the men to tape to the front of their cards using painter's tape before applying watercolors.)

One-on-One: Train Ride

Take your resident on a relaxing virtual train ride in recognition of this day that the Transcontinental U.S. Railway was completed.

Discussion: Do You Favor the Slow-Paced Life?

On this National Relaxation Day, chit chat with the men about slowing things down during retirement. Ask the men whether they prefer a slower pace of life.

Special Event: French Language Pictionary

For this birthday of French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, invite the men to play a fun game of French Pictionary. To play, hand the drawer a French word that he must say before he draws the object to see if others can guess what it is. (Pictionary words for food and occupations)

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Tactile: Rum Bottle Vases

On this National Rum Day, gather a few rum and liquor bottles for the men to create rum bottle vases by wrapping colorful Washi tape around the bottles.

One-on-One: Tour of Graceland

Take your resident on a tour of Graceland, Elvis Presley's home in Memphis, Tennessee, on this day that the singer died.

Discussion: The New Focus of Unions

For this birthday of labor leader George Meany, invite the men to discuss labor unions. Ask the men what the unions should now focus on since some of the past issues like job security and employee safety have been improved.

Special Event: Wine Bingo

Play a fun game of wine bingo with the men on this birthday of actor and vintner Fess Parker. To play, provide each of the men with a wine bingo card by creating a bingo card with different types of wine in each of the spaces (e.g., Chardonnay, Riesling, etc.). Then during the game, pass out small samples of different types of wine for the men to sip and mark off on their card. (When creating the bingo cards, you can alter the size, like creating a 5 by 1 card instead of a 5 by 5 card. And by altering the card, you can also alter how someone wins bingo, like only having to mark off two adjoining spaces.)

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Tactile: Hot Air Balloon Ride

Recruit the men to help you assemble a hot-air balloon prop that residents can take their pictures with on this day that the first transatlantic trip in a balloon was completed. For the project, use a cardboard box, markers, a craft knife, wooden dowels, ribbon, balloons, and burlap bags.

One-on-One: Confetti Balloon Dog

In recognition of this day that the first transatlantic trip in a balloon was completed, use balloons to assemble a fun giant confetti balloon dog with your resident. Use skinny clear balloons, homemade confetti, and a hand pump for the project.

Discussion: Is Expensive Clothing Worth the Price?

Host a fun discussion among the men about value shopping on this National Thrift Shop Day. Ask the men whether having expensive clothes is worth the price.

Special Event: Which Hollywood Legend Said That?

On this birthday of actress Mae West, read off a few notable quotes from classic Hollywood stars to see if the men can correctly identify the person who said them.

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Tactile: Magazine Collages

In recognition of this day that the first mail-order catalog was published by Montgomery Ward, supply the men with old magazines to cut out words that inspire them to create magazine collages. Supply the men with Mod Podge and sponge brushes to paste the words onto small canvases.

One-on-One: Poetry Prompts

Share a few tips with your resident on how to avoid writing bad poetry on this Bad Poetry Day as the two of you use poetry prompts to create fun poetry.

Discussion: Biggest Sports Controversies

Chit chat with the men about the biggest sports controversies in history on this birthday of Buck Weaver, the Major League Baseball player banned from the league for conspiring to fix the 1919 World Series.

Special Event: Ice Cream Feast

Play a fun ice cream game with the men on this National Ice Cream Pie Day. To play, divide the men into teams of two and provide each participant with a bowl of ice cream to try to feed their partner while blindfolded. The person who feeds their partner with the least amount of mess wins.

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Tactile: Washi Tape Frames

On this World Photo Day, recruit the men to assist you with creating Washi tape frames to showcase photos on your Activity Room wall.

One-on-One: What Do You Meme?

Share a few retro beach photos with your resident to try to come up with fun captions for the photos on this World Photo Day. (To print out the photos, click the enlarge icon that is in the bottom-left of the photo to make the photo bigger. Then hover your mouse over the photo and right-click your mouse and click on "Open image in new tab." Then print out the photo from your browser.)

Discussion: Baby-Free Flights

Begin a debate among the men about airlines on this National Aviation Day. Ask the men whether airlines should offer baby-free flights for their passengers.

Special Event: Jumbo Paper Plane Contest

Host a fun jumbo paper plane contest with the men on this National Aviation Day. Supply the men with large sheets of paper or poster board to fold into paper airplanes.

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Tactile: Index Card Tower

Invite the men to participate in an index card tower challenge on this birthday of Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen.

One-on-One: Stained Glass Drawing

In recognition of this birthday of H. P. Lovecraft, the American writer known for Gothic literature, show your resident how to create Gothic-inspired art by drawing stained glass artwork using oil pastels.

Discussion: Should Mosquitoes Be Eradicated?

On this World Mosquito Day, chit chat with the men about whether mosquitoes should be eradicated. Then ask the men to list reasons not to kill them.

Special Event: Name That Furniture Style

See how well the men do at identifying furniture styles on this birthday of furniture designer Eero Saarinen. For the activity, provide the men with photos of different furniture styles to identify. (To print out the photos, hover your mouse over the image and right-click your mouse. Then click "Open image in new tab to print from browser.")

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Tactile: Hawaiian Shirt Banner

Recruit the men to assist you with assembling Hawaiian shirt garland for your Hawaiian festivities on this day of Hawaii's statehood. Use tropical print scrapbook paper, mini buttons, twine, and mini clothespins for the project.

One-on-One: Drawing Faces

Supply your resident with a pencil and sketch pad as you show him how to draw faces on this birthday of English artist and illustrator Aubrey Beardsley.

Discussion: War on Terror

On this International Day of Remembrance and Tribute to the Victims of Terrorism, start a discussion with the men about terrorism. Ask the men whether the American War on Terror has increased terrorism.

Special Event: Debate Hour

Divide the men into groups of two and provide each group with a topic to debate on this first day of the Lincoln-Douglas Debates, a series of debates throughout Illinois between Abraham Lincoln and Stephen A. Douglas.

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Tactile: Comics in Sequence

Encourage the men to play a fun comics strip game on this birthday of comic strip creator George Herriman. To play, cut out the comic strips from your local newspaper to give to each of the men. However, before giving the men the comic strip, cut out each scene for the men to put into order. Award a prize for the first person to put their comic strip in the correct order.

One-on-One: Christmas Angels

Assist your resident with crafting Christmas angels on this Be an Angel Day to save as Christmas gifts to his family this year. Use safety pins and the various beads outlined on the website. (If your resident wants to deliver the beaded angels to family members before Christmas, then use autumn colored beads to create harvest-themed angels.)

Discussion: Limits on a Person's Wealth?

Start a discussion with the men about wealth on this day that the International Yacht Race became the oldest trophy in sports. Ask the men whether there should be a maximum wealth limit for people. Afterwards, ask the men to share their opinions on instituting a wealth tax.

Special Event: Comics and Coffee

On this birthday of George Herriman, American comic strip creator of "Krazy Kat", turn your Activity Room into a fun comics reading area where you serve the men coffee and pass out "Krazy Kat" comic strips to read. (On the website, click on one of the comic strips to enlarge, and then print from your browser.)

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Tactile: Scribble Drawings

For this birthday of comic strip artist Ernie Bushmiller, provide the men with pencils and paper to begin making scribbles on paper. After thirty seconds, provide the men with black markers to outline an object that can be found in their scribbles.

One-on-One: Quick, Draw! Challenge

In recognition of this birthday of artist Ernie Bushmiller, challenge your resident to the fun online drawing game Quick, Draw! For the activity, use a tablet to try to draw the six objects within the time constraints.

Discussion: Is Slavery Still an Issue?

Host a discussion among the men about slavery on this International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Its Abolition. Ask the men whether slavery is still an issue in the world today.

Special Event: Guess the Cake Filling

On this National Sponge Cake Day, blindfold the men and provide them with samples of different cake cream fillings to see if they can identify them by taste.

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Tactile: Surfboard Contest

Host a fun surfboard design contest among the men on this birthday of the "Father of International Surfing" Duke Kahanamoku. For the activity, supply the men with a surfboard made from craft foam to decorate. (Ahead of time, recruit a volunteer to cut out the craft foam surfboards using the template.) Provide the men with colorful markers to decorate the surfboards. Afterwards, invite other residents to judge their favorites.

One-on-One: Solar System Necklace

Assist your resident with creating a solar system necklace on this day that Pluto was demoted to dwarf planet status. For the fun activity, simply paint the wooden beads to look like the planets. Once the beads have dried, supply your resident with jewelry cording to string the beads and make the necklace.

Discussion: Should Politicians Be Paid?

Start a debate among the men about politics on this birthday of British politician William Wilberforce. Ask the men whether politicians should be paid.

Special Event: Tennis Ball Catapult

On this first day of the U.S. Open (tennis) Championship in Flushing Meadows, New York, divide the men into teams of two to see which team can use a towel to catapult their tennis ball the farthest in the backyard. For the activity, have the two men hold one side of the towel to catapult their tennis ball as far as they can in the yard. Award a prize to the team who gets their tennis ball the farthest.

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Tactile: Valentine Pizzas

Recruit the men to make their own valentine pizzas on this day of the Double Seven Festival in China (Chinese Valentine's Day) using just bread, pizza sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and a large heart cookie cutter.

One-on-One: Ceramic Heart Mug

Assist your resident with making a ceramic heart mug on this day of the Double Seven Festival in China (Chinese Valentine's Day) using an oven-safe ceramic mug, paint, and rubbing alcohol.

Discussion: Wine Expert

For this Independence Day in Uruguay, a country known for their wines, recruit a wine expert in your facility to give the men a basic primer on wines and wine tasting. Encourage the men to discuss their experiences with wine.

Special Event: Can You Rank the Best?

On this day that the movie The Wizard of Oz was released, invite the men to try to rank the best movies of the 1930s and 1940s. Pass around the scene photos from the website to help the men recall the movies.

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Tactile: Ping Pong Ball Run

Invite the men to create ping pong ball runs on the wall by cutting toilet paper rolls on this National Toilet Paper Day. Use tape to adhere the toilet paper rolls to the wall.

One-on-One: Pet Cookies

Assist your resident with making cat and dog cookies on this National Dog Day.

Discussion: Biting Dogs

Begin a discussion among the men about dogs on this National Dog Day. Ask the men whether dogs or other pets should be put down if they bite. Go around the room and encourage the men to share their experiences as dog owners.

Special Event: Marble Challenge

Use toilet paper rolls on this National Toilet Paper Day to create a marble rolling game in your Activity Room. Encourage the men to tally their point totals for each round. Beforehand, recruit a volunteer to paint and cut the toilet paper tubes for the game.

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Tactile: Paper Boat Scenery

Encourage the men to rip paper as they create sailboat art on this day of the Sunset Bonfires in Stearns Park Beach, Michigan.

One-on-One: Learning About LBJ

Share a documentary with your resident about LBJ and his accomplishments on this day that the president was born.

Discussion: Oil Fracking

Host a debate among the men about digging for oil in the states on this day that the first commercial oil well was established. Ask the men whether they agree with oil fracking (drilling for oil at deep depths in the earth).

Special Event: Do You Know Your British Nobility Titles?

On this The Duchess Who Wasn't Day, honoring the writer who took The Duchess as her pen name when writing her novels, invite the men to play a British nobility sequencing game. To play, divide the men into teams and provide each team with the titles of British nobility to see which team can put them in ranking order the quickest.

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Tactile: Drawing the Hulk

Supply the men with sketch pads and pencils as you teach them how to draw the Incredible Hulk on this birthday of its comic strip writer, Jack Kirby.

One-on-One: German Solitaire

In recognition of this birthday of German author and poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, teach your resident how to play the German solitaire game Auf Wiedersehen.

Discussion: Dry Counties

On this birthday of Lucy Hayes, the American First Lady to President Rutherford B. Hayes who was nicknamed "Lemonade Lucy" because they did not serve alcohol at White House receptions, start a discussion among the men about counties who do not sell alcohol, also known as dry counties. Ask the men whether they think the practice of having dry counties will still continue.

Special Event: Wine Tasting

Provide the men with different red wines to taste on this National Red Wine Day to see if any of them can correctly rank the wines by taste from cheapest to most expensive.

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Tactile: Lemon Juice Experiment

Show the men how to write notes to their grandchildren using invisible ink that is made with lemon juice on this National Lemon Juice Day.

One-on-One: Card Shuffling Tricks

Teach your resident a few card shuffling tricks on this According to Hoyle Day, a day promoting games to be played according to the rules.

Discussion: Nuclear Power Plants

Host a discussion among the men about nuclear power on this International Day Against Nuclear Tests. Ask the men whether America should stop using nuclear power plants.

Special Event: Do You Remember These 1940s Sports Cars?

Pass around photos of 1940s sports cars for the men to identify on this first day of the Corvette Crossroads Auto Show in Mackinaw City, Michigan.

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Tactile: Marshmallow Catapults

Assist the men with making marshmallow catapults on this National Toasted Marshmallow Day using large and small marshmallows, wooden skewers, masking tape, and plastic spoons. Once the catapults have been made, use the masking tape to create targets on the table to see who can hit their target.

One-on-One: Who Was Chester Arthur?

Help your resident find out more about President Chester Arthur on this day that his wife, Ellen Arthur, was born.

Discussion: Do Presidents Need Experience in Politics?

Begin a debate among the men about presidential qualifications on this birthday of First Lady Ellen Arthur who was married to President Chester Arthur. Ask the men whether political experience should be a prerequisite to office.

Special Event: Dice Baseball

Invite the men to play a fun game of dice baseball using a pair of dice (and the website to keep score) on this birthday of Major League Baseball player Ted Williams.

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Tactile: Garden Loom

In recognition of this National Trail Mix Day, invite the men to go outdoors and enjoy the weather as they assist you with building a garden loom in the backyard.

One-on-One: You Be the Judge

Celebrate this Love Litigating Lawyers Day with your resident by reading an interesting judicial case to see how your resident would decide.

Discussion: Can You Guess the Most Common Occupations?

For this Love Litigating Lawyers Day, start a discussion with the men about their former occupations. Afterwards, ask the men to try to name the most common jobs in America.

Special Event: Tin Can Target

On this birthday of western actor James Coburn, invite the men to play a tin can target game to try to knock down tin cans using water guns.

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