S&S Worldwide Activity Guide for Spring

Find games, arts and crafts, and therapy ideas to add to your senior activity calendars from our friends at S&S Worldwide.

Create fun activity ideas for your residents that relate to fun observances and holidays this season.


Easter Activity Ideas

  • Host a Chocolate Bunny Nightcap and pass out chocolate bunnies during a fun evening party for residents on the eve of Easter.
  • Plan an Egg Dyeing Party for residents to dye Easter eggs.
  • Make beaded cross necklaces as a Crafting With the Grandkids intergenerational activity.
  • Organize an Easter Egg Hunt, in which you hide plastic eggs throughout your facility for residents to find.
  • Assist residents with making Easter Table Centerpieces for each of the tables in your Dining Room, using Easter baskets, eggs, and grass.

Earth Day Activity Ideas

  • Invite residents to help you decorate for an Earth Day Party in your facility with Earth balloons.
  • Start an Herb Garden Club to have residents begin growing herbs.
  • Use wheelchair gardening tools for an annual Garden Groundbreaking Ceremony that officially starts the gardening season at your facility.
  • Recruit a resident to be the Butterfly Whisperer for your facility as you set up a giant butterfly garden in your Activity Room.
  • Host an En Plein Air Painting Class on the back patio for residents to use canvases to paint the backyard landscape.

Cinco de Mayo Activity Ideas


Mother's Day Activity Ideas

  • Host a Mother's Day Tea and pass out rose pins to honor all the moms.
  • Decorate your Dining Room for a Mother's Day Brunch and place a silk rose at the place settings of all the ladies.
  • Invite residents for an afternoon of Sharing Trinkets as you assist them with painting trinket boxes that can be passed down to their children.
  • Set up a Card-Making Station in your Activity Room for residents to create their own Mother's Day cards to send to their daughters.
  • Invite the grandkids for a Painting With Grandma activity to paint frames that the Grandmas can keep.

Armed Forces Day Activity Ideas

  • Organize a morning of Letter Writing for residents to write their letters of thanks in note cards that can be delivered to troops overseas.
  • Plan a Nature Hike to tie yellow ribbons around your facility's trees.
  • Start a Patriotic Decorating Club for residents to help you decorate the exterior of your facility for the upcoming patriotic holidays.
  • Put residents on Cookie Duty to make enough freshly baked cookies to wrap as a gift and deliver to a neighboring military post.
  • Host a Craft Fair for residents to sell their crafts to raise money to purchase care package supplies to send to troops.

Memorial Day Activity Ideas

  • Schedule a Beading Class for residents to make patriotic bracelets.
  • Plan a Remembrance Ceremony for residents to listen to military songs and reminisce about past military days.
  • Invite residents to become Poppy Makers to help you decorate by assembling poppies for each of the doors in your facility.
  • Host a Memorial Day Cookout for a fun afternoon of hamburgers, root beer floats, and homemade ice cream.
  • Plan a Memorial Day Air Show for residents and their grandkids to fly patriotic gliders in the backyard.

Flag Day Activity Ideas

  • Host a Flag Decorating Contest for residents to use paint and markers to decorate large flags.
  • Pass out patriotic beads during a Red, White & Blue Fashion Show as residents show-off their patriotic attire.
  • Schedule an American Trivia Challenge and pass out flag keychains to the winners of the trivia contest.
  • Recruit residents for Driveway Duty to assist you with sticking American flags along the driveway of your facility.
  • Host a Balloon Walk to place patriotic balloons throughout your facility.
chess board

Father's Day Activity Ideas

  • Set out several chess sets to host a fun Chess Tournament for the men of your facility.
  • Organize a Birdhouse Assembly Line as you get the men to help assemble and decorate wooden birdhouses for your facility's garden.
  • Turn your Activity Room into the 19th hole as you pass out beers to the men after they make putts during a fun Putting Contest.
  • Host a Pub Party for the men as you invite them to play a game of darts.
  • Schedule a fun Poker Night for the men in your facility and award a prize to the player who accumulates the most poker chips.

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