S&S Worldwide Activity Guide for Summer

Find games, arts and crafts, and therapy ideas to add to your senior activity calendars from our friends at S&S Worldwide.

Create fun activity ideas for your residents that relate to fun observances and holidays this season.


Independence Day Supplies (July 4)

  • Patriotic Gliders to use for a fun plane-throwing contest in the backyard to see which resident can toss their glider the farthest.
  • Patriotic Paintings in which residents use watercolors to color bald eagle pictures that can be hung as decoration in your common areas throughout the holidays.
  • Patriotic Bracelets for residents to wear after assembling them using rubber bands.
  • Patriotic Paddles to use for a fun competition to see who can hit their ball the longest on the paddle continuously.
American trivia

Labor Day Supplies (September 5)

  • American Trivia to quiz residents about their knowledge of the U.S.
  • Patriotic Beads to pass out for residents to wear as Labor Day necklaces for the day.
  • Patriotic Pinwheels for residents to hold and wave during your facility's Labor Day parade, in which you recognize the past occupations of your residents.
  • Patriotic Hanging Stars to hang in your facility as decoration.
  • USA Fans for residents to decorate to use during your facility's Labor Day parade.

Patriot Day Supplies (September 11)

  • Patriotic Windsocks for residents to decorate and hang on your facility's patio for the day.
  • Americana Jigsaw Puzzles for residents to complete during jigsaw puzzle competitions among single players and teams.
  • Patriotic Catch-It Cones to use for a patriotic competition to see how many times residents can toss the attached ball into their cone in a minute.
  • Patriotic Yo-Yos to teach residents how to use the Chinese yo-yos in the backyard.
frames for grandparents

National Grandparents Day Supplies (September 11)

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