S&S Worldwide Activity Guide for Summer

Find games, arts and crafts, and therapy ideas to add to your senior activity calendars from our friends at S&S Worldwide.

Create fun activity ideas for your residents that relate to fun observances and holidays this season.

chess board

Father's Day Supplies (June 20)

  • Chess Sets for the men of your facility to use to play against one another.
  • Wooden Birdhouses for the men to assemble and decorate for your facility's garden.
  • Putting Game for the men to practice their putting skills during a friendly putting competition.
  • Darts Game for the men to compete against one another by tossing fabric balls onto a dartboard.
  • Poker Chips to use for a fun poker game for the men of your facility.

Independence Day Supplies (July 4)

  • Patriotic Parachutes for residents to make by using red and blue markers to decorate plain parachutes for your Exercise Class.
  • Patriotic Gliders to use for a fun plane-throwing contest in the backyard to see which resident can toss their glider the farthest.
  • Patriotic Kites for residents to decorate with red and blue markers before flying them.
  • Patriotic Bracelets for residents to assemble using rubber bands.
  • Patriotic Paddles to use for a fun competition to see who can hit their ball the longest on the paddle continuously.
American trivia

Labor Day Supplies (September 6)

  • American Trivia to quiz residents about their knowledge of the U.S.
  • Patriotic Beads to pass out for residents to wear as Labor Day necklaces for the day.
  • Tabletopics Card Games for residents to play as they discuss their lives, including their past careers.
  • Patriotic Hanging Stars to hang in your facility as decoration.
  • USA Fans for residents to decorate to use during your facility's Labor Day parade, in which you recognize the past occupations of your residents.
songs of remembrance DVD

Patriot Day Supplies (September 11)

frames for grandparents

National Grandparents Day Supplies (September 12)

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