S&S Worldwide Activity Guide for Summer

Find games, arts and crafts, and therapy ideas to add to your senior activity calendars from our friends at S&S Worldwide.

Create fun activity ideas for your residents that relate to fun observances and holidays this season.


Independence Day Activity Ideas

  • Get your residents' arms moving up and down as you play a fun game of Parachute using a patriotic parachute.
  • Organize a Latch Hook Club using flag latch hook kits.
  • Instead of having fireworks, host a Patriotic Kite-Flying Contest in the backyard, and have residents decorate patriotic kites before flying them.
  • Invite the grandkids for an intergenerational Patriotic Jewelry-Making Session to make patriotic bracelets using colorful rubber bands.
  • Challenge your bedridden residents to a game of Patriotic Paddle Ball using patriotic paddles.
photo cards

Labor Day Activity Ideas

  • Play a fun game of Name That Occupation as you pass around occupation cards for residents to try to guess the occupation.
  • Pass out patriotic beads for residents to wear with their most creative red, white, and blue outfits for a Patriotic Fashion Show.
  • Host a Job Story Circle to encourage residents to swap stories about their past careers before discussing some of the coolest jobs.
  • Appoint a resident to be Labor Day Decorator and assist you with adhering patriotic window clings to your Activity Room windows.
  • Organize a Reminiscing Tea and pass around patriotic photos.
reminiscing game

Grandparents Day Activity Ideas

  • Invite residents for a fun Walk Down Memory Lane as you play the Grandparent Talk game.
  • Play Family Feud with family members, just like the television game.
  • Get residents to exercise their arms during Exercise Class as you toss around a Toss 'n Talk-About Family History ball.
  • Host a Family Reunion at your facility and invite the younger generations to play a game of Family Talk with your residents.
  • Encourage residents to participate in a Coffee Klatch and pass around family photos for residents to chat about over coffee.

Patriot Day Activity Ideas

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