S&S Worldwide Activity Guide for Winter

Find games, arts and crafts, and therapy ideas to add to your senior activity calendars from our friends at S&S Worldwide.

Create fun activity ideas for your residents that relate to fun observances and holidays this season.


Holiday Activity Ideas

  • Host a Battle of the Sexes Trivia Challenge to see who knows more Christmas trivia: the men or the women.
  • Plan a Christmas Stocking Party for residents to make their own Christmas stockings.
  • Set up a Sewing Session and invite residents to sew tree ornaments.
  • Invite residents to make Christmas tree note holders to give as Christmas gifts to loved ones during a Gift-Making Party.
  • Organize a special New Year's Eve Dinner in your facility's Dining Room for residents to ring in the new year with a fun balloon drop. Decorate with festive balloons and pass out noisemakers.
  • Pass out party bubbles for residents to blow bubbles during a fun New Year's Eve Bubble Party.

Winter-Themed Activity Ideas

  • Pair residents with their grandkids during a Winter Art Project to make snow globes for the season.
  • Host a Winter Art Contest to see which artistic resident can draw the best winter scene on their apartment windows using chalk markers.
  • Schedule an intergenerational Winter Science Experiment activity with residents and their grandkids to make homemade snow.
  • Set up a Hot Cocoa Bar for residents to enjoy on Friday afternoons.
  • If you have former hunters in your facility, set up inflatable targets and pass out mini crossbows for residents to demonstrate their skills during a Winter Hunting Competition.
  • Organize a Snowflake Decorating Party for residents to decorate snowflakes to hang in your Activity Room for the season.

Super Bowl Activity Ideas

  • Decorate football helmets with residents before the big game during a Tailgate Party.
  • Host a Super Bowl Party on Super Bowl Sunday (Sunday, February 4) for your residents to watch the game and eat popcorn in your Activity Room.
  • Make Sports Sand Art, using sand kits, to decorate your Activity Room for the sporting event.
  • Purchase a variety of salsa for a Salsa Taste Test, and encourage residents to vote for their favorite.
  • Use football beads for residents to make football bracelets during your Super Bowl Beading Party. Encourage residents to wear their bracelets for the game.

Mardi Gras Activity Ideas

  • Turn one of your facility's hallways into Bourbon Street for Mardi Gras (Tuesday, February 13) as you host a Bourbon Street Party. Play New Orleans-style blues music and hand out Mardi Gras beads and non-alcoholic drinks to passersby.
  • Host a Silly String Party as residents and staff have fun spraying silly string on one another.
  • Pass out sequined masks for residents to wear at a Mardi Gras Happy Hour.
  • Assist residents with making handheld drums for a Drum Circle activity.
  • Hand out Mardi Gras derbies to participants during a Mardi Gras Parade for residents and staff to show-off their Mardi Gras attire.

Valentine's Day Activity Ideas

  • Recruit residents to join a Sewing Club to make stuffed bears to donate to a local children's hospital on Valentine's Day.
  • Assist residents in a Mosaic Art Class by making stained glass hearts to give as gifts to family members.
  • Set up a Kissing Booth and pass out Hershey's Kisses to passersby.
  • Invite your facility's Beading Club to use heart beads to make jewelry to pass out to your facility's visitors as gifts on Valentine's Day.
  • Schedule a Conversation Heart Candy Break in which you pass out conversation heart candies for residents to sample.
  • Assemble a chocolate fondue fountain to host a Chocolate Tasting for residents. Provide participants with wooden skewers and tasty treats to dip into the melted chocolate, like fruit and marshmallows.

Chinese New Year Activity Ideas

  • Celebrate the Chinese New Year (Friday, February 16) by teaching residents how to write Chinese characters during a Chinese New Year Break.
  • Pass out red construction paper for residents to make paper lanterns for a Chinese Lantern Festival.
  • Host a special "Year of the Dog" Happy Hour honoring those who were born in the Chinese zodiac year (1921, 1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017).
  • Schedule a Chinese New Year Exercise Class with the grandkids so that residents can teach them how to use a Chinese yo-yo.
  • Plan a Chinese Checkers Tournament and provide residents with Chinese checker boards to play against one another.

St. Patrick's Day Activity Ideas

  • Recruit residents to assist you with decorating for the holiday by placing St. Patrick's Day balloons throughout the hallways and common areas of your facility. In addition, add weights to a few balloons to turn them into table centerpieces for your Dining Room tables as decoration for a special St. Paddy's Day Dinner of corned beef and sauerkraut.
  • Hide gold coins throughout your facility for a fun St. Patrick's Day Treasure Hunt. Award a special prize to the resident who collects the most gold coins.
  • Host a St. Patrick's Day Fashion Show for residents to show-off their green attire, and pass out shamrock necklaces for residents to wear during the fashion show.

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