Learn how to CROSS OFF ITEMS from your to-do list in 30 days

How to Take the Not Just Bingo
30-Day Challenge

Need help crossing things off your to-do list in your activity program? It's time to get focused by taking the Not Just Bingo 30 Day Challenge. Here's how:

  • Step One. Pick one area of your Activity Department that needs improving (e.g., need more volunteers) and make this your goal for the next 30 days. By making this goal your #1 focus for the month, you'll build momentum as you see yourself quickly checking things off your to-do list that relate to that area.
  • Step Two. Create a list of three to four projects that will help you achieve your goal (e.g., recruit family volunteers, recruit student volunteers, recruit community volunteers), and then write out three to four tasks to do for each project (e.g., "recruit student volunteers" project: make volunteer flyers, contact two local school guidance counselors for referrals, contact three other nursing homes to learn their volunteer process, create a volunteer log-in book, train week-end staff on how to work with volunteers). Try to make each task small enough so that it would not take more than 30 minutes to complete.
  • Step Three. Plug each task into your daily work schedule and complete one task per day! After about a week of doing a task each day, you'll begin to build momentum and quickly start crossing things off your to-do list.
Learn how to CROSS OFF ITEMS from your to-do list in 30 days