Find out how to use the Internet in your nursing home activities

How to Use the Internet
for Your Activities

With more and more activity director resources available on the Internet, it is becoming easier to use the Internet as part of a nursing facility's activity program. If your facility does not have a resident computer in your Activity Room, solicit donations of old or unused computers from family members. Here are a few suggestions for Internet-based activities:

One-on-One Activities

  • Connect with family members and share photos using Facebook.
  • Research a resident's genealogy and family origins.
  • Improve a resident's hand-eye coordination with online games.

Reminiscing Activities

  • Show photos of a resident's family home using Google Maps.
  • Look up past companies where the resident worked or photos of his old high school.

Physical Activities

  • Pull up fun and unique exercise routines on YouTube.
  • Play background music during Exercise Class.

Educational Activities

  • Locate interesting seminars and how-to videos.
  • Learn about a particular country or local city each week.