Learn 4 ways to get your senior residents to plan their own activities in your nursing facility's activity program

4 Ways to Get Residents Involved in Planning
Their Own Activities

Wouldn't you just love to have more helpful feedback from your residents about the types of activities that they want to see in your Activity Program? Well, here are four suggestions on how to get their valuable input:

  1. Resident Council. During your monthly Resident Council meeting, start a "What Worked and What Didn't Work" activity session. Invite residents to first talk about all of the things that worked during the past month, and then talk about all of the things that did not.
  2. Suggestion Box. Place a colorful suggestion box near your Activity Room where residents can leave their suggestions. Consider creating slips of paper that start with: "If I could add or change one thing with the Activity Program, I would add or change..."
  3. Resident-Choice Activity. Each month, schedule a time slot in your activity calendar for an activity that is chosen directly by the residents. The day before, give residents a list of suggestions and have them vote.
  4. Facility Poll. Get to know your residents better by recruiting volunteers to poll your residents and ask them questions about the things that they like. Take the answers that you receive and use them as inspiration for developing new activity ideas.