How to Use Your Local Library's Resources
for Activity Programming

Your local library provides great resources to assist you with your activity programming. Best of all, it's free. Here are a few ideas for using your local library's resources for scheduled activities:


  • Facility Library. Stock your facility's library with borrowed books from your local library. Coordinate with your library to borrow a box of books for about a month (see if they can send them to your facility) for residents to use.
  • Library Cart. Pass out the borrowed books to your residents who enjoy the independent activity of reading.


  • Musical-themed Meals. If your Dining Room has speakers, borrow CDs from your local library featuring music of interest to your residents. Pipe the music through the speaker during a weekly meal, e.g., Perry Como Luncheon or Nat King Cole Luncheon.
  • Music History. Borrow CDs of a particular singer and play their music for your residents while sharing interesting tidbits about the entertainer's life.
  • Musical Afternoon Socials. Host fun afternoon socials featuring the music of some of your residents' favorite singers.


  • Classic Movie Night. Show classic movies that can be borrowed from the library.
  • Animal Pictures. Borrow animal documentaries for your residents who love to watch animal pictures.
  • Art History. Find DVDs featuring the works of famous artists for an educational art history program.
  • Latest Releases. Borrow current movies of interest for residents to view, especially if you were unable to take them to the movie theaters to see the movie.
  • Armchair Travel. Show DVDs featuring interesting places and landmarks.

Books on Tape

  • Educational Series. Borrow books on tape and schedule a weekly educational series in which residents learn something new about a famous person or event.
  • Independent Activities. Play the library's books-on-tape for residents who are bedridden or for book lovers with low-vision.

Trip to Library

  • Computer Classes. Take residents for a free trip to the library to learn how to use computers.
  • Educational Events. Research programs and lectures at your library for your residents to attend and enjoy.

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