Learn how to create fun intergenerational activities for your senior residents in your nursing facility

How to Create Successful Intergenerational Activities for Your Residents

What senior doesn't love to see a smiling child's face? Here are a few intergenerational activity ideas to incorporate into your
monthly activity program:

  • Cartoons with Grandpa (or Grandma). Serve breakfast muffins and juice for residents in your Activity Room as kids stop by on a Saturday morning to watch cartoons.
  • Reading Buddies. Coordinate with a local elementary school to have one of their classes bring their students once per month to read books to your residents. Pair the students with your residents.
  • High School Choir. Invite a local high school choir to stop by to perform for your residents.
  • Garden Helpers. Coordinate with a local school or summer day camp to stop by once per month to assist residents in your facility's garden.
  • Mommy & Me Groups. Invite local "Mommy & Me" groups to bring their little ones around the holidays for a visit. For example, invite the kids to dress up in their costumes on Halloween and go "trick or treating" in your facility.
  • Easter Egg Fun. Invite the grandkids of residents to stop by and dye Easter eggs with their grandma and grandpa.
  • Gingerbread Kits. Have gingerbread kits on hand for little visitors to assemble with residents around the holidays.
  • Teddy Bear Tea Party. Host a fun tea party for residents with their grandkids. Invite the grandkids to bring their favorite stuffed teddy bear.
  • Science Fair. Invite a local science class to demonstrate some of their science projects for your residents.
  • Holiday Carnival. Host a fun carnival with games and cotton candy for residents and family members on a designated holiday.
  • Volunteer Opportunities. Talk with guidance counselors at area high schools to recruit students to volunteer with your residents.
  • Chess Club. Coordinate with your local high school's chess club to stop by for a fun chess tournament with your facility's chess players.
  • Computer Class. Recruit some of your student volunteers to teach "classes" to the residents on how to surf the Internet.
  • Adopt a Boys and Girls Club. Have your facility adopt a local Boys and Girls Club in which you coordinate a trip to take residents to the Boys and Girls Club to do fun activities like arts and crafts or play games.
  • Art Gallery. Coordinate with a local art teacher to get their class to create artwork that can be displayed at your facility. Host a fun reception for the kids at your facility to unveil their artwork.
  • Under the Hood. Coordinate with your local vocational school to allow a visit from your interested male residents to stop by and check in on their auto shop classes.
  • Going to the Theater. Find out about dress rehearsals of plays at the local high schools so that your residents can go for FREE.
  • Holiday Sing-Along. Invite a local school to stop by to sing Christmas carols for residents around the holidays.
Learn how to create fun intergenerational activities for your senior residents in your nursing facility