Discover 3 tips for starting a red hat ladies club in your nursing facility

How to Start an Unofficial Red Hat Ladies Club
for Your Female Residents

Looking for a way to get your female residents to bond and enjoy one another's company? Get inspiration from the official Red Hat Society by starting your own unofficial Red Hat Ladies Club in your facility. Here's how:

  1. Organize a fun monthly event just for your ladies. Create an enjoyable event that you can host each month so that your ladies can attend and socialize with one another. For instance, host a tea party or luncheon with a different theme each month (e.g., an Easter Red Hat Ladies Tea Party in April).
  2. Have the ladies make their own red hats. Create an activity in which the ladies can make their own red hats or embellish inexpensive red hats that your Activity Department purchases. If possible, purchase or make more hats than you need so that when a new female resident moves into your facility, you can welcome her with a red hat that she can wear to the monthly event.
  3. Finally, at each meeting encourage the ladies to develop a plan to give back to your community through a volunteer project. Use the meeting as a chance for the ladies to stop thinking about their own problems and instead focus on the needs within your community. Invite the ladies to suggest ideas for how your new Red Hat Ladies Club can be of service to others, like having bake sales to raise money for a good cause or making stuffed animals for the local boys and girls club.