Find out how to involve student volunteers in your nursing facility activity program

How to Involve Student Volunteers
in Your Activity Program

In order to run efficiently, most nursing homes and assisted living facilities require the use of student volunteers to help out with activities. There are plenty of activities with which these student volunteers can assist.
Here are a few:

  • Table Games. Students can play table games with residents like Checkers or Scrabble, or teach residents how to play new card games like King's Corner or Tonk.
  • Reading. Depending on the age of the student, he or she can read books or a newspaper to residents.
  • House Pets. Invite your animal-loving student volunteers to help with taking care of your facility's house pets, like walking the dog, feeding the birds, or playing with the cat. Additionally, encourage them to take your facility's dog on pet therapy visits by going room-to-room.
  • Surfing the Internet. If your facility has a resident computer, volunteers can surf the Internet with residents showing them how to locate their home on Google Maps or look up their grandkids on Facebook.
  • Seasonal Decorating. With the changing of holidays and observances each month, student volunteers can definitely pitch in to help decorate your facility with appropriate decorations.
  • Easy Arts & Crafts Projects. Volunteers can browse the Internet looking for simple crafts projects that they can do with residents, using materials that are already in your activity closet.
  • Afternoon Socials. During the weekdays, volunteers can be responsible for leading the afternoon social activity.
  • Personal Invites. Student volunteers can personally invite residents to your upcoming activities.
  • Game Prep. Volunteers can help set up for upcoming activities. In addition, if a computer is available, they can look online for activity ideas for upcoming months.