Find out about 4 ways to use technology in your nursing home activities

How to Use Today's Technology in
Your Nursing Home Activities

With the abundance of mobile phones, tablets, and laptops, consider using these technological devices in your day-to-day nursing home activities.
Here are a few ways to do just that:

Physical Activities

  • Wii Sports. Invite residents to play tennis, bowling, or golf using Wii on your television.
  • Interactive Dancing Video Games. Play a fun dancing video game for residents, like Dance Dance Revolution, for abled residents to get exercise.
  • Cameras. Blow bubbles and take a picture of your resident as she catches them. Email the picture to loved ones.
  • Pedometers. Consider purchasing a few plastic pedometers for your facility's serious walkers to use during a Walking Club activity to tabulate the number of steps that they take.

Educational Activities

  • Laptops. Take advantage of the portability of a laptop by carrying it with you for your room visits when you want your resident to use the computer.
  • Projectors. Connect an attachable projector to your smartphone or laptop to display slides for an interesting history lecture.
  • Smart Phones. Use your smartphone to find fun, online trivia games that you can do with your residents during a gaming activity.

One-on-One Activities

  • Desktop Computers. Use your facility's resident-computer to take your resident on fun virtual tours of famous landmarks, or to just view his house on Google Maps.
  • Smart Watches. With your smart watch, stream in a radio station for you and your resident to listen to.
  • DVD Players. Take your portable DVD player with you to show your resident a movie or old television show.

Reminiscing Activities

  • Tablets. Use tablets during your reminiscing activities to show pictures of the people, objects, or places you are discussing.
  • MP3 Players. Download music from your residents' era to play back for them. Consider playing a fun game of Name That Tune.
  • Wireless Microphones and Speakers. Keep a wireless microphone and/or speakers handy for residents to hear you during your activities. They also come in handy when you need to make announcements in your Dining Room or Activity Room.

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Find out about 4 ways to use technology in your nursing home activities