Short on Help?

Are you flying solo or do you find yourself overwhelmed
with tons of paperwork?

If you're spending more time inviting residents to activities than actually doing the activities, then allow us to share a few tips with you to help you in your activity program – even if you have just a few resources.
Just follow these 4 steps:


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"The 3 Best Ways to Provide Successful Activities
With Only a Few Resources."


How-To Articles

Learn how to use your nursing home activity volunteers more effectively

Browse through our FREE how-to articles for fun ideas on how to access free help for your residents – from family and volunteers! For example, read our article on How to Use Your Nursing Home Volunteers Effectively to make sure that you're using your facility's volunteers in the best way that helps your activity program. In addition, if you have family members who come to your facility a lot, then read our article about How to Involve Family Members in Your Activities to take advantage of their frequent visits!


Observance Calendars

Check out our Observance Calendars to find observances and holidays throughout the month that you can use as inspiration for fun senior activities, like inviting a wine expert to teach a Wine Tasting Class on International Merlot Day (November 7), or scheduling a kitchen staff member to host a Cupcake Decorating Class on National Vanilla Cupcake Day (November 10).


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Finally, try-out the Not Just Bingo membership to access hundreds of fun activities each month that your residents will love! Find fun small and large group activity ideas, including activities for your residents with dementia, your male residents, as well as fun weekly-themed activities.