How to Become a Not Just Bingo Member

Join thousands of other activity directors who use Not Just Bingo
for fun activity ideas for their senior residents!

Here's what you get with a Not Just Bingo membership:

Access to specialized activity ideas that feature

  • assisted living activities
  • dementia activities
  • men's activities
  • weekly-themed activities

The activity ideas are provided in a calendar format for you to easily view them and
find the ideas that you need for a particular day.

Assisted Living Activity Calendar

Each calendar includes 4 activities for each day of the month:

  • Includes a fun afternoon social idea for each day of the month
  • Includes an arts and crafts idea for every Sunday and Thursday of the month

Men's Activity Calendar

Each calendar includes 4 activities for each day of the month:

  • One-on-one activities, for those who dislike group activities
  • Special event activities, including fun contests and competitions
  • Discussion activities, including topics for your higher-functioning male residents
  • Tactile activities, for your residents who like to use their hands to fix or build things

Dementia Activity Calendar

Each calendar includes 6 activities for each day of the month:

  • Reminiscing activities, for higher-functioning residents
  • Craft activities, to spark creativity and group interaction
  • Bedside activities, for residents who are limited to their rooms
  • Exercise activities, to keep your residents moving and having fun
  • One-on-one activities, for residents who prefer limited group interaction
  • Sensory stimulation activities, which contain fun, large-group activities that appeal
    to your residents' senses

Weekly-Themed Activity Calendar

Each of the five weeks contains 10 activity ideas related to a
single theme:

  • Men's activities, to support bonding among the men
  • Physical activities, to promote movement and exercise
  • Bedside activities, for residents confined to their rooms
  • Craft activities, to encourage creative outlets for residents
  • Special event activities, which are entertaining for large groups
  • Reminiscing activities, to aid in recollection and group discussion
  • Sensory stimulation activities, for engaging the residents' senses
  • One-on-one activities, for individuals who shy away from group activities
  • Outing activities, to provide interest and stimulation outside of the facility
  • Lower-functioning activities, for residents preferring less cognitive, but more
    tactile, hands-on activities

We now offer two types of memberships:

Monthly Membership: $24/month


Allows you to try Not Just Bingo without a long-term commitment


Provides easy cancellation at any time without paying for unused months


Offers more flexibility by letting you cancel your membership whenever your needs change and allowing you to re-subscribe later for access when you need it


Allows you to easily upgrade to a new annual membership term by simply cancelling your monthly membership and re-subscribing for an annual membership


Is a recurring payment, which means that your membership automatically renews each month, unless you cancel before then

Annual Membership: $192/year


Allows two ways to pay: via PayPal online or via an invoice, where your business can mail us a check


Makes billing easier for your facility's billing department because there is only one charge for the whole year


Gives you access to three months of activity calendars (the current month and the following two months), instead of two months as in the monthly membership


Is a better bargain than the monthly membership because the annual membership is equivalent to $16/month


Is a recurring payment via the PayPal option, which means that your membership automatically renews each year, unless you cancel before then

**Maryland customers will have a 6% sales tax added to the total.

There are now 2 ways you can become a member:

Via PayPal:

Step #1: Go to the Not Just Bingo members page to sign up for the membership that you  
want (monthly or annual).

Step #2: After clicking the "Subscribe" button on the members page, you will be redirected
automatically to the PayPal site where you will enter your or your facility's billing
information. (You can pay with credit card, debit card, or PayPal card.)

Step #3: Wait a few seconds after hitting the "Agree and Pay" button on PayPal's site and 
you'll be directed automatically back to the Not Just Bingo members site to
register a username and password to immediately gain access.

Via Invoice:

Step #1: Go to our members page, scroll down the page, and fill in the "Request an Invoice"
form. We will create an invoice and send it to you, with our W-9 form and address.

Step #2: Keep the W-9 form for your records, and write your invoice number on your check  
for $192 before mailing it to our address.

Step #3: Once we receive your payment in the mail, we will then set up your Not Just Bingo
account and send you an email for you to begin using the membership.

Still thinking about it?

Here's what others are saying about the Not Just Bingo membership:


Thank you for your fabulous service...I will always recommend others to use your site for great ideas and inspiration! Couldn't have done it without you!

- Joan M., Massachusetts activity professional


I love this website. I am having such a great time creating calendars for our residents and my bosses are impressed with the creativity. Thank you so much!

- Kim L., Illinois activity professional


I love not just bingo. I'm new to the activities department and needed help creating a fun activity schedule for my residents. When I discovered your site I was in heaven. I can't wait to check out the next month's calendar...We are having so much fun with this site. I thank you so much.

- JoDee H., Alaska activity professional


NOT JUST BINGO is one resource I depend on for ideas on what to incorporate on each month's activity calendar...I have an Activity Consultant who visits occasionally. She is very impressed with my calendars and asked where I get ideas from. "I get a lot from NOT JUST BINGO.COM" is what I said and she said that she hears good things about it from the other 52 facilities she consults with.

- Caroline C., California activity professional


I refer people to your site often and truly think that it is one of the best I have come across...Thank you for your time and dedication to improving the lives of our seniors and giving them a quality of life. You provide a great deal of joy!

- Kimberly O., New Mexico activity professional

Don't waste another month listening to resident complaints of
another "slow and boring weekend."

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