We offer both free access and paid access to resources that can help you provide quality activity ideas for your senior residents.
Just follow these 3 steps:


Step 1. How-To Articles

Check out the how-to articles to find free activity ideas now. First, start reading just a few articles at a time, and then incorporate the general ideas from those articles into your activity program. Afterwards, come on back to read other articles for more general ideas.


Step 2. Monthly Observances

Now it's time to plan your monthly activity calendar. Use our free-access observance calendars to find a variety of monthly, weekly, and daily observances and holidays for you to use to gather inspiration as you plan senior activities for your monthly activity calendar.


Step 3. Not Just Bingo Membership

Still need help creating fun activities? Join the Not Just Bingo Membership to access our activity ideas to add to your existing monthly activity calendar.


With the membership, you'll receive access to tailored activities (Dementia, Men's, and Weekly-Themed Activity Calendars), and if you join now, you'll have access to our Assisted Living Activity Calendar too! See our sample calendars.