Tired of Bingo, Word Searches and Trivia?

Believe it or not, your residents may be too – well maybe not bingo.

But if you're usually struggling to think of new activities, then let us show you how to ALWAYS have new and exciting activity ideas for your senior activity calendars – each and every month! Just follow these 4 steps:


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"The 3 Best Ways to Create Fun, Fresh Activities
for Your Senior Residents."


How-To Articles

Learn how to create fun scenic rides for your nursing home residents

Browse through our FREE how-to articles for fun ideas that can help you create new and fun activities for your residents. For instance, if your residents love game shows, then be sure to read our how-to article on how to Play 8 T.V. Game Shows With Your Residents to help you play these fun games in your Activity Room. In addition, if your residents enjoy going on outings, then learn a few tips from reading our article on How to Create Fun Scenic Rides for Your Nursing Home Residents to ensure that your bus is full for your scenic rides.


Observance Calendars

Check out our Observance Calendars to find observances and holidays throughout the month that you can use as inspiration for fun senior activities, like organizing a Star-Gazing Party for residents on the evening of the first day of winter (December 21), or hosting a Nonalcoholic Paint and Sip on National Champagne Day (December 31).


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Finally, try-out the Not Just Bingo membership to access hundreds of fun activities each month that your residents will love! Find fresh activity ideas that are specifically tailored to your residents' needs, like one-on-one activities, bedside activities, or even discussion and reminiscing activities.